Monday, August 29, 2011


What's that snarling noise coming from over by the Liberal Birther Movement? Why, it's the sound of angry Liberals trying desperately to repress their desire to rip into Deb Hutton, wife of Tim Hudak.

Those students of recent electoral history will recall that the male jocks running the Liberal War Room wanted to devote lots of energy and ad space to attacking a woman who was not running against them. Sanity temporarily prevailed and the Liberals shelved this incredibly stupid plan for a few months until people stopped noticing.

Now that Tim Hudak has unveiled a campaign bus with a picture of his family on it, apparently that makes Deb Hutton part of the campaign, so let's get right down to business bashing Deb Hutton. Um, yeah. Well, considering that they're already running separate campaigns against Harper, Ford, Horwath, Harris, the entire Tea Party, the right-wing media conspiracy, the Koch Brothers, and a whole host of others that share the distinction of not being Tim Hudak, it was only a matter of time before Deb Hutton got her own campaign. When do we get ads attacking Tavish Hudak, Tim's dog? As I type this, are Liberal staffers organizing a presser where Tim Hudak's vet admits that Tavish is part pit bull?

But none of this gets to the real heart of the problem, and that is that Liberals, especially the claw-baring bloggers that the Liberal War Room Boss has hooked up with, don't like the idea of Deb Hutton, Conservative Woman. It just doesn't fit their model of how women should behave. "Ooooh, she was an advisor to Mike Harris! Somehow, that's horrible!" And it's not just Deb Hutton. Think about Lisa Macleod, who is known for being forward. How do Liberals feel about her? Oh yeah.

Christine Elliott gets a lot of disingenuous praise from Liberals for being modest and chaste and demure, but on the rare occasions where she lets the partisan flag fly, the same people are less enamoured of her. Hey, wasn't there also a post attacking Conservative campaign chair Jenni Byrne during the federal election for supposedly being immoderate? That she couldn't hang with the big boys? Yeah, that's the one. Well, she sure proved them wrong. You go girl!

Hmmm. I'm beginning to detect a trend.

I'm no fan of Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, and of course my opinion doesn't count because I'm a man, but the hatred these women engender (pun intended) among women on the left is unmistakable, and so is the reason for the hatred: It is okey dokey for these protectors of women's rights to attack a woman, IF she is a Conservative. 

And in this, we have finally found the perfect countermeasure for TIM HUDAK HATEZ TEH WIMMENZ scaremongering, and that is that the bloggers handpicked by the Liberal War Room to try and make sure that young women don't vote en masse for the Tories like they did in the federal election do not speak for all women. Brilliant. Absolute genius. Whatever other mistakes the PC Party makes between now and Oct. 6th, I'll always give them credit for this.


  1. Hahaha. 'Liberal Birther'. What does that even mean?

    Thanks for the link, but if you'd read a tad bit more at DAMMIT JANET! you'd have realized that while we are feminists, we are non-partisan snark mistresses. Definitely NOT Liberals.

    In fact, I am proud to say that I am the blogger who caused Hudork a little discomfort over the 'I may have signed a petition to defund abortion' debacle. And women are still waiting to hear him man up and say whether he was lying back then during the leadership campaign or he is weaseling now.

    Here, fill your boots.

  2. Dear lady, if you knew what I know about the Liberal War Room Boss and his Nasty Past....WELL....let's hope you and your non partisan snark mistresses would be much more non partisan. But we'll save that for another day. :)

    You know what your insistence on knowing exactly what Tim Hudak's position may be or might have been reminds me of? The controversy over whether Obama was born in the US. You want to know Hudak's position on....well, hence, the Liberal Birthers. Oh wait, I forgot. You're supposedly non-partisan. I could believe that you were non partisan, if not for the fact that, as pointed out above, the Liberals are the ones who cooked up a strategy to bash Hutton, and then along you come with a post bashing Hutton.

    Have you ever said anything nice about a Conservative woman, or is that concept just an oxymoron for you?

  3. Ah. My bad. See, for feminists, abortion is about NON-forced birth. Nothing to do with birth. Wouldn't have occurred to me without explanation.

    I did not bash Hutton. I asked a question. How much does she have to do with what Timmie has planned for us?

    I think I once said something nice about what's his name, the Con Minister of Culture when he corrected a Fox News North presenter when she called the CBC the 'state broadcaster'. He said, 'No, the CBC is a public broadcaster'.

    I think many Con women have good hair. But then that's what they are for. To serve as attractive props.

  4. Non forced *birth* has nothing to do with *birth*. Gotcha.

    If Hutton has any impact on the PC Party's legislative agenda after Oct. 6th, or previously as Harris' advisor, then she wouldn't be just an "attractive prop", would she now? How can she be both? Is this like your version of that Madonna-whore dichotomy I keep hearing about?

    It is those on the left who object to Conservative women in positions of power.

  5. It is at this point, that I usually refer people to Feminism 101.

    I do not object to women in positions of power. I despise conservatism in general as being very bad for women (and children and men and the environment and social services, you get the idea). Conservative women are working against their own interests, as well as other women's and everyone else's. Except for the corporate masters.

    It's inscrutable to feminists. But then so are middle-class people in the Tea Party working against their own interests and promoting those of the uber-rich.

    Get ready to screech. Marx called it 'false consciousness'. The amazing ability of capitalism to convince people to identify with the forces that want to grind them down.

    Again, inscrutable to rational people.

    And just to finish here, because I am finished here: Some con women are smart. Deb Hutton is obviously one of them. Her picture on the bus is a prop. I doubt she is. Many con women are merely props. But not all.

  6. Ma'am, you may be finished here, but I'm not.

    I'm a clown, and clowns don't screech. We poke fun. We poke fun at people who think they can decide what is best for women, what their interests are or should be. We poke fun at people who offer Marxist explanations for things in this day and age. But mostly, we poke fun at people who claim that capitalism excludes the poor, yet can't see that feminism excludes women on the right, people who have a problem with the NDP condescending to women in the comments on that post you linked to, yet have no problem labelling "most" conservative women as "props".

    Do you want to know what I find inscrutable? Why those on the left are continually shocked when their attempts to fix people's lives- like how feminists try to fix the lot of women, for example- don't turn out the way they planned. Maybe people want things to be this way and they don't want to change for the better. Maybe the entire progressive enterprise is a bad joke that goes over the head of the audience. But progressives can never understand this, so they twist themselve into all sorts of contradictions and compromises trying to get something accomplished. Kind of like Dalton does, now that I think about it.