Thursday, May 10, 2012

Help Me Out Here, Liberals.....

I've been trying to figure out at what point this becomes as bad as Walkerton. Got any suggestions?

You are the people who told us that more government oversight would prevent stuff like this from happening, aren't you?


  1. It's already worse. The Walkerton tragedy occurred because workers were 'grandfathered' without any attempt to ensure they realized the magnitude of their jobs or the risks to the community if they didn't perform the required tests properly. The men were doing the best they could, as far as they could comprehend. Sadly, their negligence cost lives.

    On the other hand, the ORNGE issue has arisen because the executive - in full knowledge of what they were doing - chose to enrich themselves at the expense of actually putting choppers on the ground and making crews available. Nooone knows yet how many have died because of that negligence; suspicion is that the current Ontario government will try to minimize the number. One can only ask why.

  2. It is only an outrage to Liberals when too many bodybags are ordered.It is an outrage when wafers are allegedly not eaten. Deaths do not bother them so much.

  3.'s like Harper promising to never run a deficit. Stuff happens beyond the control of the government.

  4. What a fascinating attempt at a derail. Why would you compare McGuinty's government to Harper's? Is that really the standard you set for a Liberal government, relative to a Conservative one? How very telling.

    To address your point: I don't think people expected Harper to anticipate the financial crisis. I do think that people expected that, after McGuinty campaigned on Walkerton, he'd work extra hard to keep something similar from happening. Guess not.