Friday, July 15, 2011

One Sentence.....

.....about the Liberals deciding that the federal issue of Canada's abortion laws are now applicable to a provincial election. Here is that one sentence:

The Ontario Liberals do not, have not, have never, and will never actually care about any Conservative's stand on abortion, or same sex marriage, or human rights commissions, or whether there will be soldiers with guns in our streets, or faith based schools, or any of the other issues they suddenly rediscover interest in during the pre-election season, because they only care about these things insofar as they are a means to an end, and that end is getting themselves re-elected. 

Thank you for your attention.


  1. The reason the Libs are concerned about abortion access is perhaps that the white, middle aged, wealthy, male, and angry Liberal backroom boys that run the party don't want to deal with any child support lawsuits down the road.

    The Lib. "progressives" are arguing that gov't should not encourage women to "carry their babies to term." They would therefore argue that the gov't should ancourage women to terminate their pregnancies.

    It would be refreshing if just once these imbiciles would talk about the need for prenatal care; but they want abortions.

    Should the taxpayer fund gender selective abortions? Or even promote it? Seemingly they say yes.

    What the Libs have not learned is that they will drive a few votes away from their party and into the NDP camp. There are always a few within their ranks who do not support full funding abortion that hurt the credibility of there claim.

    As you pointed out this is about winning an elction. They know that talking about the real issues like unemployment, taxes, waste and jobs are losing propositions for them and are therefore forced to discuss red herrings.

  2. Thanks, where did they say this, link please


    And that guy who runs the Liberal war room, too.