Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bread And Circuses

Maybe it's just me, but when a bunch of unionists mess up the Queen's Park lawn and basically demand an election, it should follow that the party (parties?) affiliated with those unions should be blamed for that election, if it happens.

Of course, another explanation for yesterday's disgraceful display is that the NDP is going to roll over and support the Liberals, just like I've been saying all along, but they just had to go through the motions of saying they didn't like the budget so the rubes in their ranks could be fooled into thinking they did something important.

Martin Regg Cohn thinks that the NDP should be blamed for this probably-not-going-to-happen election, anyway. He does, however, say that the media has been ignoring Tim Hudak. That's certainly true, but then again, Mr. Regg Cohn is part of the media, after all. I hope he realizes that.

Best of luck to those politicos in Quebec, Alberta, and B.C., where politics isn't a complete joke and actual stuff is happening.


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  2. We have a group demanding a new election in Ont, and another group trying to overturn the results of May 2011. I hope voters in AB pay attention to what a minority with ndp holding balance of power will bring. Redford has said she will not work with the Wildrose, thus telling those voters she could care less about them. Thought she said she was for all Albertans, just another lie.

  3. Here's hoping that the PC is swept in the grandest terms from office. Nothing makes my blood boil like a lecture from a lefty elitist.