Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ignorance Is Strength

Get a load of this Liberal chump tweeting at me yesterday that I was (temporarily) wrong about Ontario's credit rating getting a downgrade. It was actually the credit *outlook* that was downgraded at the time, a difference which was of course was supposed to make us feel better. Really. Dwight Duncan said so, and this goof believed him, only to find scant hours later that a different credit agency had, in actual fact, downgraded Ontario's credit rating.

No doubt Mr. Leblanc, intrepid fact finding guy that he is (who, if what I've heard is correct, does what he does on Twitter without being paid by Dalton) will now admit the credit rating has gone down. Facts are really important to Bryan Leblanc, as you can clearly see from his above tweet. Oh, wait a second, no he isn't going to admit that Duncan wrote a check his considerable ass couldn't cash- instead, he's tweeting about the wait for the College Street streetcar. Ontario's going to hell under his guy Dalton, as per a non-partisan credit agency, and he's mad about the wait for a chronically late Toronto streetcar!

Well, of course he is. He's a Liberal who supports a Liberal government, and the purpose of a Liberal government is to keep the other bastards out of government by any means necessary, because nobody else has the right to govern. For Liberals, facts and evidence exist if they serve the purpose of keeping themselves in and everyone else out; if they don't serve that purpose, they don't exist. They talk about "social progress" and "moving Ontario forward" and all the rest of that high-flown nonsense, but that's just the excuse they use to keep themselves from admitting to themselves what the real story is. Because if they admit that to themselves, they might admit it to someone else, and then, well....

Hey did you hear about CPC MP Stephen Woodworth's motion to make an unborn child a person? But wait a second; isn't Stephen Harper supposed to be a controlling dictator who bullies all dissent into submission? How could this be happening? Well, I guess the only way you can square this circle is that Stephen Harper, dissent-squasher, is comfortable enough with the notion that there are people in the country who think an unborn child is a person to allow some random backbencher to put forward a motion that has little if any chance of passing, because unlike Liberals, Conservatives are not cult members and do not live in bubbles where every thought and opinion has to be pre-approved!!!

Would any of the pro-life Liberals (and there are lots) ever dare to voice support for Woodworth's motion? Of course not. Because they know that, to quote that link, "Liberal Leader Bob Rae has stressed the party remains pro-choice and he expects all Liberal MPs to fall in line." And despite Dalton being the son of the only Liberal in Canada to have resigned from his position over Pierre Elliott Trudeau's position on gay rights, nobody (except me) thinks to ask themselves if Dalton or his MPP's really do believe in the stuff their handlers force them to say on the subject, or any subject! But somehow, Harper is the controlling bully here!

I tweet and blog regularly, saying a bunch of stuff I know Liberals don't like to hear, and they usually ignore me. But when I make a mistake, I'm suddenly noticeable! And when Tim Hudak makes a mistake, only then do people pay attention to him! But when Dalton makes a mistake, you have to come here to read about it!

And why are people so willing to forgive Dalton for his mistakes? Not because, as Robin Sears says in today's Star, that they are interested in peace, order, and good government. You could be forgiven for not noticing, but Dalton is currently in a struggle with the very people who elected him- namely, teachers, doctors, and unions- and his government is mired in scandal, while the province continues to sink under the weight of debt. This isn't peace, it isn't order, and it damn sure isn't good government. And people would rather believe that Tim Hudak could have averted the tax on high earners by negotiating with this government.

No, Liberals, and Canadians, by and large, do what they do and ignore what they ignore because they have a hard on for authoritarianism. They cry about how awful governments are, but they do nothing to throw them out. They get misty eyed about the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party, but the Canadian versions of those things usually don't go too far.

Not even so-called principled conservatives who are dissatisfied with Hudak will form the really principled conservative alternative they constantly pine for, and if they did so, they probably wouldn't even end up voting for that party, as was the case with the Wild Rose short days ago.

The Ontario NDP, who made a huge show of rallying against the budget, then failed to even try to stop it, are no better. But nobody is going to notice this, because the NDP propped up the government and are now everyone's darlings, even as Liberal MPP's lay into them.

We're not as quick to point out the mistakes Dalton makes as we are to criticize Hudak for his, because we have already accepted that Dalton, and governments in general, have us over a barrel. Because centrist governments have the most powerful weapon of all- the right to determine what is, and what is not, appropriate to think and say.

And when a Canadian federal or provincial government finally decides that they are not even going to pretend to care about the limits of government in people's lives- when the government actively tries to control everything, instead of just passively- then I have no doubt that they will become the most popular government in Canadian history.

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