Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Revolution?

2012 was an amazingly crap year for conservatives, the crappiest I can remember in a long time.

We saw the Wild Rose blow their brains out. We saw Rob Ford get sacked time and time again. We saw the Red Squares take control of the Quebec government and relatively conservative premier Jean Charest get tossed. We saw McGuinty quit halfway through a half-hearted attempt to cut spending and break ties with unions. We saw Mitt Romney try to prove to principled conservatives that he was a principled conservative, and try to prove to everyone else that he was just a regular guy who understood the plight of the common American, and fail on both counts.

As I was writing this blogpost, I clicked on the Sun News website and I was greeted by a Ontario teacher's union-funded ad that told me, "There's only one thing keeping kids from their extracurriculars: Bill 115."

But we're not going to see, say, ads for the Fraser Institute on the Toronto Star website, oh no. Because "those people don't listen to us."

The latest attempt to embarass Ford didn't work, so I guess we can all relax now. These politically motivated bozos must be so overcome with shame, just like we would be whenever another conservative does something silly. They won't be trying again in a week or two when everyone will have conveniently forgotten. We wouldn't try again, so why should they?

Aboriginal Chief Theresa Spence is currently engaged in a hunger strike. She wants Prime Minister Stephen Harper to meet her face to face. She won't meet with Patrick Brazeau or Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan. She did tip her hand kind of early and meet with Justin Trudeau, however. Justin Trudeau isn't even Liberal leader yet, and he technically isn't Prime Minister yet, but I guess if Harper won't meet with you, meeting with the guy who everyone has basically picked to be the next PM is the next best thing. And if it improves Liberal poll numbers, what a happy coincidence that would be.

The Toronto Star reports the following about Ms. Spence's community:

According to the De Beers website, the company gave contracts worth more than $40 million to the community in 2012. It also says it employs more than 60 full-time employees from the reserve, and another 100 from other First Nations communities.

Money has flowed into the reserve. Where it went is a mystery.

Few people want to talk about that because they fear repercussions.

There are houses on the reserve with 50-inch TVs, big computers; youngsters walk around with iPods. Shiny new trucks and snowmobiles whiz along the icy roads. Clearly, not everyone is poor.

I'm sure that Mr. Trudeau noticed this odd disparity when he met with Chief Spence, and that the whole thing isn't a transparent attempt by the LPC to embarass Harper and to distract people from stuff they shouldn't be looking into.

And if it was an attempt to embarass Harper, and there was evidence that could be dug up to show that it was an attempt to embarass Harper, well, we're certainly not going to get involved in that. We are confident that the truth is obvious to all rational, thinking Canadians, just like it was all the times that the left got away with their deviousness. Um.

It seems rather obvious to me that if the intention is to win here- that is to say, to actually beat the left and not just show up and hope for a consolation prize- that we should be figuring out how to outsmart these people. And that is kind of really not happening.

Not only is it not happening, but when I suggest to people that it should be happening, I get weird stares. Don't I see how amazing things are going? Don't I realize that in the second week of the next provincial campaign, people are going to flock en masse to Tim Hudak? Don't I know that Romney lost because he didn't attack Obama hard enough and didn't put forward policies that were conservative enough?

Maybe, when I see conservatives grinding their teeth about this or that outrage, I should stop mistaking that for a desire to change anything.

So, my New Year's Resolution for 2013 is to do all I can to match the left blow-for-blow, and hope other conservatives follow my lead. I've done all I can to try and get my message across to them. Either I am right, or they are right.

The result of the next election will determine who is and who isn't. And if I'm right and they don't acknowledge it, well, maybe it'll take five, six, seven, or however many Liberal victories it takes until they acknowledge it.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Every Time A Liberal Spins, An Angel Gets His Wings

So, this video is basically the Ontario Liberals.

Poor bastard worked for Duguid for years and gets tossed like this to save Minister Dingbat's hide.

Why am I reminded of that scene in "It's A Wonderful Life" where George gets screwed by Mr. Potter and almost ends up going to jail?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here We Come A Wassailing

Hey guys, I haven't been blogging for a while.....trying to do real life stuff, so maybe someone could tell me....I heard there was some kind of strike yesterday, or something?

I must have been distracted by the noise of everyone trying their absolute best to tell themselves, "At least it's not as bad as Mike Harris.....At least it's not as bad as Mike Harris...."

It's totally true, though. We should be thanking the teachers for not going all out and only striking for the one day. That's what we poor suckers are reduced to in this province.

While the Liberals faff around with their silly leadership race, going "Psssh, whatever" as negotiations teeter on the brink, and the unions keep one foot firmly planted on the line they're toeing while pretending as if they can walk anytime, we are reduced to praying it doesn't get worse.

It will get worse.