Monday, April 7, 2014

Devil And The Deep Blue "C"

It is true what they say; sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils. And it takes a whole hell of a lot for me to cheer for corrupt and weak-willed Liberals. But tonight, after Pauline Marois got her derriere kicked, she can console herself with the notion that she is the only person thus far to make Liberals, Quebec Liberals, who don't deserve to have been returned to office but still were, look like the better option as far as I'm concerned.

I want all of the self-professed oppression fighters to take a good hard look at what happened in Quebec. Claiming oppression from the rest of Canada, the PQ used a bunch of wide-eyed na├»ve students and public anger over corrupt dealings (dealings which should have never happened in the first place) to ride into office. They then proceeded to backstab the students by taking away a tax break that was keeping tuition down and then turned to focus on their real objective, the objective that is the greater goal of this talk of separatism, which is the creation of a racially pure Quebeckistan where Quebec "values" are protected but where the benefits of Canada are still available.

Having been oppressed, they quickly moved to try and oppress others. Which was, of course, the raison d'etre for separatism in the first place.

Assuming they were to be reelected for saying what they assumed everyone else believed to be true, they proceeded to split their voting base by reaching across the aisles and seizing the hand of Sun News boss Pierre Karl Peladeau, the same guy who directed his employees to wave the flag so that he could get mandatory carriage for his network. And so we must now ask tough questions about whether a bunch of tough minded conservatives got taken for a ride as well. Myself included, who, one year ago, directed many eyeballs towards a petition for SNN to obtain this mandatory carriage.

But I must remind myself, and you, that since Sun News was, and is, the only group of people who will speak out against the far worse problem; the growing epidemic of social justice warriors who believe that they must take by force the rights they feel they have been denied.

For this is where the left is going. For so long we in Ontario had to deal with the slow grind of McGuinty. We didn't realize that McGuinty, for all the disaster that he caused, was keeping back an even bigger threat- the kind of accountable-to-no-one-and-nothing governance espoused by Marois, Andrea Horwath and her union legion of doom, and Justin Trudeau.

Concern over the lack of principles held by Liberal governments is about to become a thing of the past. It is now all of us, any of us who claim some form of sanity, ethical lapses notwithstanding, against the horde. Pauline Marois may have been defeated, but she is not the last of her kind.

Have a taste of what's yet to come:

Did you like watching that video? Did you like being told that if you dislike what these people are saying, you hate women? Did you like her assumption that she understands and knows your mental processes without knowing you? Did you like the suggestion of a future where "if the tables turned, they couldn't hack it if we started doing to them what they've been doing to us"?

You can laugh it off, but this stuff is coming soon to a political issue near you, and you had best be prepared. The same thought process drives every one of these mass protest movements, from Tamil Tigers blocking highways to the occupation at Caledonia to the Idle No More outbreak of violence in New Brunswick last year. It is all of a piece. The players change but the rules remain the same. And when they set their sights on government, like they did in Quebec and like they are doing here in Ontario, it is time to stop asking stupid questions like, "Duhhhh, where are they going to pick up seats?" and start fighting back effectively. By pointing out what is obvious: that they want power, with which they will oppress others whom they don't like.

You can see it in how everything, no matter how benign or well intentioned, is perceived as an act of aggression against them. They have a word for it: "Microaggression." And when you commit a microaggression, you will, and you must, be made to answer for it. You will suffer. You will not win them over or talk them down, because you're an oppressor and they will refuse to meet you on your terms, or anyone's terms but theirs. You will not question their lived experience. It is correct, because they say it is.

If they win, debacles like what took place in Quebec will become the norm.