Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Revolution?

2012 was an amazingly crap year for conservatives, the crappiest I can remember in a long time.

We saw the Wild Rose blow their brains out. We saw Rob Ford get sacked time and time again. We saw the Red Squares take control of the Quebec government and relatively conservative premier Jean Charest get tossed. We saw McGuinty quit halfway through a half-hearted attempt to cut spending and break ties with unions. We saw Mitt Romney try to prove to principled conservatives that he was a principled conservative, and try to prove to everyone else that he was just a regular guy who understood the plight of the common American, and fail on both counts.

As I was writing this blogpost, I clicked on the Sun News website and I was greeted by a Ontario teacher's union-funded ad that told me, "There's only one thing keeping kids from their extracurriculars: Bill 115."

But we're not going to see, say, ads for the Fraser Institute on the Toronto Star website, oh no. Because "those people don't listen to us."

The latest attempt to embarass Ford didn't work, so I guess we can all relax now. These politically motivated bozos must be so overcome with shame, just like we would be whenever another conservative does something silly. They won't be trying again in a week or two when everyone will have conveniently forgotten. We wouldn't try again, so why should they?

Aboriginal Chief Theresa Spence is currently engaged in a hunger strike. She wants Prime Minister Stephen Harper to meet her face to face. She won't meet with Patrick Brazeau or Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan. She did tip her hand kind of early and meet with Justin Trudeau, however. Justin Trudeau isn't even Liberal leader yet, and he technically isn't Prime Minister yet, but I guess if Harper won't meet with you, meeting with the guy who everyone has basically picked to be the next PM is the next best thing. And if it improves Liberal poll numbers, what a happy coincidence that would be.

The Toronto Star reports the following about Ms. Spence's community:

According to the De Beers website, the company gave contracts worth more than $40 million to the community in 2012. It also says it employs more than 60 full-time employees from the reserve, and another 100 from other First Nations communities.

Money has flowed into the reserve. Where it went is a mystery.

Few people want to talk about that because they fear repercussions.

There are houses on the reserve with 50-inch TVs, big computers; youngsters walk around with iPods. Shiny new trucks and snowmobiles whiz along the icy roads. Clearly, not everyone is poor.

I'm sure that Mr. Trudeau noticed this odd disparity when he met with Chief Spence, and that the whole thing isn't a transparent attempt by the LPC to embarass Harper and to distract people from stuff they shouldn't be looking into.

And if it was an attempt to embarass Harper, and there was evidence that could be dug up to show that it was an attempt to embarass Harper, well, we're certainly not going to get involved in that. We are confident that the truth is obvious to all rational, thinking Canadians, just like it was all the times that the left got away with their deviousness. Um.

It seems rather obvious to me that if the intention is to win here- that is to say, to actually beat the left and not just show up and hope for a consolation prize- that we should be figuring out how to outsmart these people. And that is kind of really not happening.

Not only is it not happening, but when I suggest to people that it should be happening, I get weird stares. Don't I see how amazing things are going? Don't I realize that in the second week of the next provincial campaign, people are going to flock en masse to Tim Hudak? Don't I know that Romney lost because he didn't attack Obama hard enough and didn't put forward policies that were conservative enough?

Maybe, when I see conservatives grinding their teeth about this or that outrage, I should stop mistaking that for a desire to change anything.

So, my New Year's Resolution for 2013 is to do all I can to match the left blow-for-blow, and hope other conservatives follow my lead. I've done all I can to try and get my message across to them. Either I am right, or they are right.

The result of the next election will determine who is and who isn't. And if I'm right and they don't acknowledge it, well, maybe it'll take five, six, seven, or however many Liberal victories it takes until they acknowledge it.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Every Time A Liberal Spins, An Angel Gets His Wings

So, this video is basically the Ontario Liberals.

Poor bastard worked for Duguid for years and gets tossed like this to save Minister Dingbat's hide.

Why am I reminded of that scene in "It's A Wonderful Life" where George gets screwed by Mr. Potter and almost ends up going to jail?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here We Come A Wassailing

Hey guys, I haven't been blogging for a while.....trying to do real life stuff, so maybe someone could tell me....I heard there was some kind of strike yesterday, or something?

I must have been distracted by the noise of everyone trying their absolute best to tell themselves, "At least it's not as bad as Mike Harris.....At least it's not as bad as Mike Harris...."

It's totally true, though. We should be thanking the teachers for not going all out and only striking for the one day. That's what we poor suckers are reduced to in this province.

While the Liberals faff around with their silly leadership race, going "Psssh, whatever" as negotiations teeter on the brink, and the unions keep one foot firmly planted on the line they're toeing while pretending as if they can walk anytime, we are reduced to praying it doesn't get worse.

It will get worse.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Break Comes Early?

Oh goody gumdrops. A possible teacher's strike on the horizon. Good thing Dalton and his government prorogued the Legislature, though. That won't come back to bite them at all. What's that? Recall the Legislature, you say? But.....Sandra Pupatello said we'd all have to wait for her to win her byelection first. Don't worry, though. I'm sure it'll all work itself out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Robbed Ford

The law is the law. That's for sure.

But what's also for sure is that a group of people who don't like Ford politically got together and said, "We're going to get this guy, and we're going to get him at the first possible opportunity." They could have said, "Yeah, the guy screwed up, so we'll let the voters punish him." But they weren't going to take any chances with the electorate. No, those people had proved they couldn't be trusted.

It couldn't be like it was in Ottawa a few years ago where they took Larry O'Brien down in an election and installed Jim Watson. Ford's mayoralty had to be erased, aborted from history. It was a mistake, and the voters weren't going to be given an opportunity to correct that mistake.

The difference between this campaign to erase Ford and the ongoing campaign to get Harper out of office by any means necessary is that Harper and his people know and understand that the left are shooting to kill, and they shoot back. The rest of us are stuck thinking that all we have to do is win the election. We think that a contempt motion, or a petition, or Sun News, or a private member's bill is going to do the trick. We waste time trying to explain conservative principles to each other and to an electorate that has been programmed not to listen.

We are not winning, and we can't rely on the people to help us win, and when the people do finally say, "Enough!", then they take it out of the people's hands.  

For years- years, now- I've watched the Canadian electorate get oh-so-close to that point where they just lose it and turn against their government. And every time, they dip a toe in the water, and then pull it back. And for years now, I've watched the conservative movement in this country fail to grasp this elementary point; that if we aren't prepared to go to the lengths that the left will to win every single day, then we're not going to win. We're waiting for them to give us power.

But as we saw yesterday with Ford, power is not given.

It is taken.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dog-Pile On David McGuinty!!! (And Trudeau!!)

How do we know that Dalton's mumblings from months past about Flaherty sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, insofar as the Finance Minister pointing out that Ontario is a financial basket case, are a load of crap? Well, just ask Dalton's brother David, who just recently told the entire province of Alberta to go crawl back into their holes.

The McGuinty Bros., and their good friend Justin Trudeau, who also thinks we need to redistribute power back East (but, in his case, to Quebec of course) no doubt spend a lot of time in private chuckling about the ignorance of those who aren't privileged enough to be them. That's why nobody buys their phony apologies.

Say it, you bastards. Say it loud and say it often. Don't apologize. Do what the War Room Boss says in his new book (and in his recent talk at U of T, which I'm listening to right now :P) and get back to your values. The chief value among them being the subjugation of all those who disagree with you.

If only we Conservatives could stop being so troubled about what people think, and do what is necessary.   

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Against All

So Adam Radwanski informs us that Harinder Takhar may be running for Liberal leader at the insistence of Sikh organizers who have been "leaning heavily" on Takhar to "publicly give voice to policy issues they want to put on the radar."

Nobody, least of all Takhar himself (who doesn't appear to have any opinion on the matter), thinks he will win, but clearly that's not the point. These organizers want to be heard, and Takhar is their go-to-guy. It's not enough for him to already be a cabinet minister- that's not enough influence. If there is the tiniest sliver of hope that he could win, that justifies the whole exercise, and even if he doesn't, he will deliver enough delegates to whoever does win so that that person will owe these organizers a debt of gratitude. Or not.

I have to wonder, what does this say about the political culture of our province? When groups are reduced to running obvious stalking horses for leader of the marquee Canadian Liberal provincial power on the off chance that they might get a few inches ahead of everyone else?

Why not just have everyone run their own candidate for leader? Where are the Chinese Canadians badgering Soo Wong or Michael Chan to run? Why aren't Hindu Canadians getting on Bas Balkissoon's case? I mean, it's not like the Liberals view these people as having any function other than being ethnic powerbrokers, right?

Luckily, there's one thing that binds Liberals of every gender, nationality, religion, and orientation together, and that is the shared belief that all power is derived from the state.

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Party.....

Something about Gerard Kennedy's "game-changing" call for a spending limit on the OLP leadership race didn't sit well with me. And after pondering it for a few days, I finally figured out what that was. You see, the federal Liberals have been down a similar road before....and it didn't end well for them.....

As he prepared to step down as prime minister in 2003, Jean Chr├ętien was preoccupied with polishing his place in history. However, figures released yesterday suggest one of his legacy initiatives -- political financing reform -- haunts his party.

The Liberal government had drafted one bill that set tighter limits on political donations and another that included donation limits and a ban on corporate and union contributions.

There was heated debate on the merits of both, but, at the end of the day, Mr. Himmelfarb's position prevailed, largely because the bolder course was seen as a way to bolster Mr. Chr├ętien's flagging reputation, tainted at the time by the sponsorship scandal.

The ban on corporate donations has been "very, very difficult for the Liberal party to digest," says Leslie Seidle, a senior research associate at the Institute for Research on Public Policy in Montreal.

Not only had the Liberals relied heavily on corporate donations, but the party's decentralized structure has also made it difficult to compete with the Conservatives in the new world order, where money must be raised from individuals limited to giving $1,100 a year.

And what happened a few years later? The beginning of the federal Liberal decade of darkness, that's what.

Now, Gerard.....I get that you're a micromanaging, no-seat-having, Stephane-Dion-kingmaking opportunist who flips back and forth between the federal and provincial Liberal parties like a broken windshield wiper......and I know you think you're the smartest guy in the room.....but do you actually think your own party is dumb enough to even consider finance reform of any sort when it contributed to their humiliating defeats in 2006, 2008, and 2011?

Oh got elected in '08, so I guess it doesn't bother you too much, huh?

This is the biggest ego orgy (egorgy????) ever! EVER!!! Even for Liberals, this is insane!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pass Interference

So Robert Benzie, Queen's Park person for the reliably Liberal Toronto Star, is annoyed by NFL refs who ignore the infractions committed by one of the teams on the field.

You know what, I'm just going to leave this one here. You guys have fun with it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ha Ha Hoskins

"Ontario’s legislature was getting so ill-tempered before Premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued it, it was beginning to remind Dr. Eric Hoskins of his charity work in war-torn countries.

“I can tell you as someone who has worked in war zones around the world it was getting to be a very uncomfortable place, the legislature,” Hoskins said Tuesday, defending McGuinty’s decision to prorogue as he launched his campaign to replace the outgoing premier."

No, really. The Ontario Legislature was, in some way, comparable to a war zone.

A war zone, just to remind you all, is a place where people kill each other on a regular basis. There are war zones, and then, way the hell over in the other direction about as far as you can go, right in the middle of (thankfully) nice safe Canada, is the Ontario Legislature.

Remembrance Day was how long ago? Two days? OK then.

This is what happens when you represent a riding where, no matter what you do, people will still vote for you.

It wouldn't happen even if I did, but if there was the faintest chance that it could happen, I'd give two of my teeth to make this man leader of the OLP.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Early Projections

Now, if there's one group of people I understand, it's Toronto Liberals. And let me tell you; if you weren't born there and you think your local species of Liberal are a group of arrogant, spiteful human beings who think the world begins and ends with them, you may be right, but as bad as they are, they cannot hold a candle to Toronto Liberals.

The reason why there are four- count 'em, four-  Toronto Liberals in this leadership race is not only because each of them, individually, thinks that Toronto should control the affairs of the rest of the province. No.

The reason why all four of them- Kennedy, Hoskins, Wynne, and Murray (who isn't even really a Toronto Liberal himself, but never mind)- are in this race, despite their ridings and bases of support being mere kilometres from one another, is because they each, individually, think their own little section of Toronto should control the affairs of the rest of the province. Rosedale has a claim. Forest Hill has a claim. The Bridle Path has a claim. Whatever the hell section of Parkdale-High Park it is that claims to be Liberal, given that the NDP rule it at all 3 levels, has a claim. One wonders why people like Mario Sergio and Mike Colle and Laura Albanese didn't throw their hats into the ring.

Let's say Yasir Naqvi had decided to run. He didn't because he's a complete lapdog, but let's say he or another Ottawa Liberal had decided to run. Because I know the other Ottawa Liberals are notorious for climbing over one another to demonstrate how eager they are to please, it's safe to assume no other Ottawa Liberal would have declared. Out in Windsor, Dwight Duncan (so we're being told, anyway), stepped aside so Pupatello could run in his old riding. It makes sense for there to be only one person from one city running to represent the local interests so they don't get divided up amongst each other.

But now we have all of Toronto's Liberal resources being divided up amongst four people. And it's because the concept of taking one for the team- for any reason- is unheard of amongst Toronto Liberals. Their egos will not allow it.

In 2011, just before they got plowed under, lots of Toronto Liberals assumed that their ridings would hold during the federal election. The reason they lost seats in 2008 was because they had some maladroit Frenchman as leader and now that Ignatieff, someone with halfway credible Toronto roots, was in charge, victory was assured. When it was clear that wasn't going to happen they assumed that they had such a tight hold on their own ridings that their local brand would carry them through. As it was, only the toughest survived. But even that hasn't convinced them, because they are sure- absolutely sure- that they will peel off enough ridings the next time around just because they are that awesome.

Toronto municipal elections are a joy to watch because every time, the Liberals carve themselves up into little factions and throw their weight behind centrist Tories or Liberals with a right of centre message. And it never works, because either the left or right is better organized and more united than they are. Smitherman was the closest I've seen to a full-on Liberal candidate for mayor. But he didn't win because there were too many downtowners stepping on each other's tremendous egos running his shop.  

Why is a guy like Eric Hoskins in this race? Because his riding of St. Paul's is one of the wealthiest and most educated in the entire country. Those people deserve the kind of (local) leadership that only he can provide. They deserve the prestige associated with having the leader of the party be their elected representative. Anyone else just can't be trusted.

So it's Sandra Pupatello from Windsor running against a bunch of Toronto aristocrats and some guy from Mississauga who thinks he's a Toronto aristocrat. (The real Toronto Liberals don't think much of him, by the way, because the government had to throw him a lifeline in the last election. If you can't be re-elected to your riding effortlessly like they can, you must be some kind of complete loser.) And even more funny is the fact that Pupatello is running as a right of centre candidate, and is widely considered to be the front runner!

Well! The nerve of her. How dare this outsider from some little town in SW Ontario presume to tell proper Toronto Liberals how to do anything! So you can bet that they will pull out all the stops to keep her from winning, and, more likely than not, fail. Because Pupatello actually knows how to win a fight, whereas these upper-class twits think they deserve medals for showing up. And will they fall in line behind Pupatello if she does win? Don't bet on it.

So Premier-designate Pupatello inherits a caucus of restive Toronto Liberals and has to face down the deficit and an NDP who will be motivated to beat her, and a PC Party of Ontario who won't take kindly to being shoved aside on the jobs and the economy front.

I don't care how tough Pupatello is. Her predecessor tried to fight the deficit and was driven from office as a result. Her party nurtured this beast until it could not be fed, and it will eat her alive.

A continuation of the OLP program as it has been running for the past year is not good enough. Unless she is willing to go to all-out war with the unions and drive them into the ground, forget it.

And at that point in time, it will be up to the PCPO to prove that they can do what the Liberals cannot do.

They must, or else we'll be back to 1990, and we'll stay there until someone decides to clean this mess up.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

OMG, It's Sandra P.

Someone pronounces it "Poop-a-tello" in this video. Tee-hee.

We've got two Toronto Liberals already declared for this thing and another Toronto Liberal (Kennedy) thinking about it. If Sandra here beats all three of them, that'll be hilarious. (Sousa is from Mississauga and out there, they need to cancel power plants to hold onto seats, so he doesn't count.)

And if Sandra thinks that just because she beat the NDP in Windsor a bunch of times, that prepares her to face the Toronto unions, she's got another thing coming.

UPDATE: Wow, and she's the change candidate too! She wants the OLP to change. Well, by all means, Sandra.....tell us, in as much detail as possible, everything about the OLP that needs to change.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh Bummer

Thank God it's over. Thank God that for at least the next few days, I don't have to listen to Canadian politicos derping on about an election taking place in the next country over, as opposed to what's going on up here.

Oh, and, uh, great job, Republicans! You were so, so closeYou really gave it your everythings.

It would be foolish, absolutely stupid, to change anything. When Obama finishes wrecking stuff in 2016, you guys can just coast to victory doing the same old crap. Don't do one single thing differently!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Spare Change

I haven't been posting lately because my real job is very busy, and the U.S. election coverage has gotten so overwhelming, so completely in-your-face, that it hardly seems worth talking about Ontario politics. (We will get to the OLP race, and soon.)

However, I will comment on one aspect of the race that has become increasingly clear, and that is the fact that the entirety of Obama's appeal rests on the fact that he promises people a bright future that he has no intention of delivering, and that people know he is not capable of delivering. Both parties in this mutual delusion prefer this fantasy world to the real one, and believe in it so completely that the real world has ceased to exist.

And, critically, crucially important to sustaining this fantasy world is the collection of monsters under the bed that Obama would protect people from. Things like unfettered capitalism and deepening social inequality and narrow self interest.

The trouble is that Obama, and by extension, the Ontario Liberals, and all liberals, need these problems to sustain their delusions and as a result they cannot do anything about them, and they don't WANT to do anything about them.

Here is an article that talks about how anti-black racism has risen during the first four years of Obama's presidency. In the article we read that "When Obama won in 2008, pundits proclaimed a new “post-racist” America." Silly pundits. If we had a post-racist America, then journalists wouldn't be able to write articles where they wring their hands about racism in America, and Canadians wouldn't be able to read those articles and feel shocked about how America is torn by hatred and feel smug about how there is no racism in their own country and how everyone gets along perfectly up here, and how our elections aren't bought with big money, and all the rest of it.

Except, if you read the Saturday edition of the Star, you will find Martin Regg Cohn's article about how the Ontario Liberal leadership race is at this moment being bought by big money. But pay this no heed, for everyone knows that it is conservatives that further the interests of big money. The Liberals, like their hero Obama from whom they take direction, fancy themselves grand redistributors of wealth and enforcers of equality, fighters of racism and devotees of Justin Trudeau, who will end cynicism in politics by himself without any help from his daddy.

They are brave soldiers fighting the demons on the right and on the slightly-to-the-left, and they are always victorious because their cause is just and noble, and if they have a few corporations give a billion or two to their leadership race, well, it all balances out in the end.

If you ask a Liberal to answer for the shortcomings of their regime in Ontario, or for their ideological allies in Washington, they have a ready-made answer for you: "There is still more to do." Yes, of course there is. There always is. We can't, for example, really do anything about racism in America. And not because hatred is an emotion that people feel. That's the honest answer. What we can do, however, is "donate" $5 million of Ontario dollars towards a human rights museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that, not entirely coincidentally, may also never get built. And the principle is the same. There can be no questions asked about the money spent or whether things are getting a little excessive even though nobody doubts the intentions were good. $5 million is a small price to pay to sustain a delusion.

Because I just now wrote, "$5 million is a small price to pay to sustain a delusion," some Liberal somewhere will melt that down and make it into a quote that says I think human rights are "a delusion" should I ever choose to run for office, which I won't. They know that's not what I was saying. Doesn't matter. Obama attacks Romney for being out of touch with the common American, even though you would forgiven for thinking the common American had less of a problem with Romney being rich than with Obama being black if you believe the article I quoted at the top of this blogpost about racism in America. Obama is more out of touch with racist, racist Americans than Romney is! Uh uh. Nope. There I go thinking again. This doesn't require thought.

What if one day Obama got really pissed off about racism in America and decided to ban racism? No, really! Just straight up ban racism. Anyone who expresses racist sentiments should be forced to turn their property over to the government. That'll show 'em! That'll show those Tea Partiers who's boss! Ehhhh....nope. That's going too far. But why is it going too far? Why, if racism is such a problem that social scientists and journalists and Ontario Liberals and other useless people can make a living trying and failing to stop it, shouldn't we just ban it? We ban lots of stuff we don't like, like plastic bags for example. Why not racism? Why not jail terms and the death penalty for racism? Because if hate was banned then we couldn't fool people into thinking we're making progress in stopping people from feeling an emotion anymore, silly. It would be banned, and after you ban something and it continues to be a problem, what do you have left????

To truly understand how progressives really, really don't want to make any substantive progress fighting corporations and racism and all the stuff they complain about, you have to do what I do and talk to them and read what they write. You have to see the glee in their eyes when some ultramoron of a Republican goes and says that being raped is no excuse for having an abortion. Jackpot! Forget the wacko religious beliefs of Republicans who believe life is a miracle. A Republican, or Conservative, blowing it in public is a real miracle for a progressive! Hallelujah! And yea, at the second debate, verily, Mitt Romney said "Bring me binders full of women," and there was much rejoicing.

But aren't these Liberals supposed to be horrified by racism and sexism and the mixing of God and politics? Why is it so funny when these people say these awful things? Why the jokes? Is a woman wearing a giant binder for a Halloween costume supposed to be fighting sexism? Or is it supposed to be an ironic nod, a nod that says, "Yeah, we don't really care about this equality nonsense any more than you do, and this is just for lulz"?  Without Mitt Romney, what the hell would these people have worn for Halloween? Definitely not a sexy witch costume! We're fighting sexism here, not encouraging it!

I'm sure that those on the left would be shocked to learn that those on the right actually try to not say ridiculous stuff during campaigns, but it never seems to work! If they didn't say something crazy today, they said something crazy 20+ years ago, and that's just as bad and works just as well. And when they don't say anything ridiculous, there's always that old standby of the hidden agenda. If people on the right aren't saying something stupid, that's only because they're trying really hard not to, whereas people on the left don't have to try. And you can rest assured that the right-wing base really, really, wants them to say something stupid and lose the election. The more hardcore of a conservative you are, the bigger your death wish is. The choice is between "you lose", and "you lose".

Campaigns are not campaigns. They are rituals. Ritual smacking of the right for saying, doing, and thinking stuff that is not socially acceptable. The ritual is a substitute for actual social action. It's all most people are comfortable with, and that's the way it is and we like it. Don't try to change it. You'll spoil the lovely fantasy of a better world that the left keeps pushing towards and never arrives at.

The real world can never match the fantasy. And now you know why.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Cleanse

Chris Bentley follows Dalton and Dwight out the door. Good! Let them all quit, I say. I hope Matthews drops out next, or Sousa.

Not a whole lot of people seem to want Dalton's job!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laws For Liberals

Just a summary of what we've learned so far. I plan to keep adding to this.

1. The State Is God.
-The government represents the only absolute, perfect authority.
-All other authorities are to be subjugate to government. They can exist, but are subject to the whims of government.
-Only government can solve problems.
-Only government can protect people.
-Problems like bullying in schools exist because there is insufficient regulation. ORNGE and eHealth, for example, happened because there was insufficient government oversight and "private money" was allowed to taint the process in both cases. On the other hand, LHINs are public, so if they waste money, nobody cares.
-Once regulation is brought in to deal with a problem, people decide that the problem is solved, even if it isn't.
-Criticizing a regulation is the same as saying we were better off when the problem was not being regulated. Saying you cannot legislate homophobia out of existence is the same thing as saying that you are OK with homophobia.

2. A Liberal majority is the only legitimate form of government in Canada.
-A Conservative or NDP government that could pass for a Liberal government is good, and a Liberal minority is better still, but neither of these things are really government. If the voters reduce a Liberal government to a minority, it is a "major minority", and the attempts of other parties to get leverage in this minority situation are "partisan games."
-Opposition MPPs must be courted to cross the floor, and when that doesn't work they must be bought off in an attempt to byelection their way back to a majority, and when that doesn't work the Premier is entitled to quit and close down the Legislature, because not having a majority is exhausting, you guys. 
-Lip service to former PC leaders like Bill Davis must be paid, because it makes the more conservative PC MPP's look foolish, even though none of these Liberals would have ever voted for Bill Davis.
-Stephen Harper's majority is not a real government because he cheated, even though no evidence of cheating has been found yet. Accomplishments made by Conservative or NDP governments are not accomplishments. Better yet, these governments accomplished nothing and are the cause of the problems that the Liberal government must solve i.e. "Mike Harris did (insert terrible thing here)"

3. Liberals feel threatened by the expression of conservative ideas. 
-Because Liberals are supposedly much, much smarter than us, you would think they could easily debate our ideas into the ground without even trying, but instead they'd rather call us stupid, racist, and homophobic.
-Liberals will read this blog and post passive-agressive comments about how nobody cares what I am writing, even though they care enough to post passive-agressive comments.
-They will claim that the media in this country is reflexively and overwhelmingly pro-Conservative while Tim Hudak can't even get into one of the big four papers most days.
-If a Republican from the United States- that is to say, someone who doesn't even live in this country- says or does something stupid, that reflects poorly on Conservatives in Canada. When it comes to foreign threats, Liberals are more preoccupied with Republicans in the United States than they are with people who actually would cause harm to Canadians, given the chance.
-Even though Conservatives are widely mocked and despised, and are usually brought to their knees by Internet memes about binders full of women, the presence of their ideas still constitute a major threat to whatever it is Liberals are protecting. Entire books are written on this subject.

4. Evidence based policy is only useful insofar as it advances the Liberal agenda.
-Liberals will push for handgun banswill lower class sizes, refuse to create safe-injection sites and ignore the Drummond Report while insisting that they govern on the basis of evidence-based policy.
-Evidence that any Liberal initiative, such as the Green Energy Act or the 30% tuition cut, isn't working is to be dismissed out of hand.
-Things like Auditor General reports or Ombudsman reports are also to be ignored. Sometimes the Ombudsman is to be attacked personally, even though that's the sort of thing no Liberal would ever tolerate from Rob Ford.

5. Only a Liberal government can legitimize behaviours, opinions, and ideas. 
-Unions will only become a government target when Dalton says so and not before. When Tim Hudak complains about unions, he's compared to Chris Christie.
-The NDP can bleat about taxing the rich all they want. It's not a good idea until Dalton adopts it as part of his budget.
-Cancelling the power plants was "the right thing to do." Dalton said so, and people believed him.
-Paul Litt's "Elusive Destiny" tells the story of how, back in the Trudeau days, the country was basically agreed that homosexual acts should be decriminalized, and nobody could really think of a reason why they should stay criminalized except that Catholics wouldn't like it. When it was clear Trudeau was serious about this, everyone except for Dalton's dad dropped their opposition. Something similar happened with Gay-Straight Alliances this year. Everyone outside government can agree that something should happen, but until the Liberal government legitimizes it, it won't happen.

6. Other parties are to blame when Liberals do something wrong.
-Dalton prorogued the legislature because the opposition was opposing, not because his Energy Minister was about to be found in contempt.
-ORNGE was caused by Conservatives, not Liberals.
-The deficit was caused by Conservatives, federal (Harper) and provincial (Ernie Eves), not Liberals.
-The G20 debacle was Harper's fault. McGuinty had nothing to do with it.
-Caledonia was Harper's fault. McGuinty had nothing to do with it.
-Because the PC Party of Ontario was in power for most of the 20th century, everything can be blamed on them.

7. True Liberals maintain the status quo.
-Christy Clark isn't a true Liberal because she has current and former CPC people working for her.
-Jean Charest tried to crack down on student protesters and develop northern resources. Au revoir, Jean.
-Stephane Dion had too many big ideas. Paul Martin tried to make the Liberal Party less top-down and paid the ultimate price. Michael Ignatieff didn't have deep enough roots in the Liberal party. John Turner wasn't the true heir to the Trudeau legacy.
-Liberals talk about how inequality is awful, but don't do much to fix it.
-Liberals like Justin Trudeau promise an end to cynicism in politics, then cynically don't tell us how they'd do it.
-Justin Trudeau is to become Liberal leader because of his last name. Dalton McGuinty being Liberal royalty didn't hurt him either.

8. Liberals are aware of their own wrongdoing but will actively seek to avoid acknowledging it.
-Basically all of the above. Anyone who's tried to get a given Liberal to defend Dalton's lousy record will get some version of this.
-Dalton's caucus will complain about him behind his back but not to his face. Now that he's gone, Kathleen Wynne is suddenly actively distancing herself from Dalton's track record. I'm sure that'll get her real far.
-Lip service to progressive ideals is usually enough to quiet their own pangs of conscience.

9. Shame is the most powerful of all Liberal weapons.
-Nobody ever asks just how personally committed most Liberals are to ending sexism, racism, homophobia, inequality, etc. The fact that they say they are, and we don't say that we are, is enough. The NDP might be nuts enough to pass laws banning inequality, but the Liberals never would. If there is no inequality, there's nothing to pay lip service to. And because we are less likely to pay lip service to stopping inequality than the Liberals, that opens the door for the Liberals to say that we don't care about inequalities.
-When Rob Ford ran for mayor the Liberals thought that he could be shamed in this way. It didn't work. Because Ford didn't blink. When he didn't blink, the Liberals had nothing left.

10. Conservative errors make Liberals correct by default.
-If Tim Hudak gets something wrong, you'll read all about it in the papers. If Dalton gets something wrong, you have to come here to read about it.
-Someone used CIMS improperly in the last federal election and robocalls went out. We don't know who this was, but the CPC is guilty anyway. Frank Valeriote, a Liberal MP, got caught making robocalls himself, but nobody cares about this.
-There is more evidence linking Dalton to ORNGE than there is linking the CPC to the robocalls. Oh well.

11. The deficit is a small price to pay for social progress.
-Liberals actually do believe that test scores going up and the fact that hospitals aren't closing justifies the presence of the deficit. Even though the deficit is the fault of Conservatives as per #6.
-If you listen to the NDP, there actually hasn't been that much social progress in Ontario. The Liberals respond by saying there is "more to do", which justifies more spending and growth in the size and cost of government and which keeps the NDP quiet for a while.
-Any reports that the unemployment rate has gone down, hiring is up, the deficit is smaller, etc. is evidence that the Liberal approach is working and must continue. But of course, there is "more to do", so don't complain if you don't see any net benefit to yourself.
-More to the point, don't complain at all if things are lousy for you because "we're all in this together" and your complaining is just making it worse for everyone. Your complaining could jeopardize whatever social progress has been made.

12. Bad behaviour by Liberals can be justified because it's done in the name of making things better.
-Adscam. Just Adscam.
-Nobody likes having to outsource attack ads to the Working Families Coalition, but it's a necessary step to protect social progress.
-Ontario is Worth Fighting For. So don't trouble yourself about what you might hear about the OLP.
-Whenever possible, Liberals must distance themselves from disreputable behaviour, but they will never condemn it.

Anyone out there got any suggestions for rules I can add?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Night, Dwight

This leadership maneuvering is ever so delicious. Is this the OLP or an episode of Game of Thrones?

And what did Pupatello say to Duncan to get him to step aside, I wonder? What does she have on him? We may never know.

Well, this one goes out to all the Liberals engaged in picky-choosy this week. Heard it for the first time in a year whilst driving down to Durham to check on things there.

Monday, October 22, 2012

St. Paul's PC EDA Presents: Election Night Pub!

The debates are finally over and we're going to be hearing about nothing but horses and bayonets for the next two freaking weeks. Not to worry! The St. Paul's PC EDA has got you covered with their Election Night Pub Night!

$25 gets you in the door at the Fox on Yonge, located at 1535 Yonge Street. Pre-register at or email to save $5!

We start at 7 and end when the last swing state swings! Beer will be drunk! Food will be eaten! Prizes will be given out for correctly picking the results! The fate of the free world hangs in the balance! Exciting!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back To The Future

You know how we always have to hear about how Hudak was "at the cabinet table" when Harris did what he did?

Premier Dalton McGuinty’s successor as Ontario Liberal Party leader will be a current or former member of his cabinet.

On Sunday, Yasir Naqvi, the lone backbencher considering a bid, abandoned any leadership run.

Not very promising for those Liberals who talk of renewal, I think.

And what message does this send to minority groups?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

Take a shot if you heard someone blame the shuttering of the Ontario legislature on Stephen Harper this week.

Stephen Harper didn’t invent prorogation and omnibus legislation, but he has made two arcane polysyllabic political terms part of our everyday lexicon, improving our vocabulary but diminishing our democracy.

His shut-it-down and take-it-or-leave-it approach to procedure and legislation has gone viral, with the Ontario legislature now sitting dark, prorogued by Dalton McGuinty.

Poor Dalton. He had a lapse or something and found himself following "Stephen Harper's approach."

Not everyone is blaming the prorogation on Stephen Harper. Some people are blaming it on Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath!

If the opposition parties – and they likely would – were to combine in the legislature to defeat a government headed by a premier who is in the process of leaving office, as Mr. McGuinty now is, who would lead the Liberals in in the ensuing election?

Prorogation was the only means available to Mr. McGuinty to ensure an orderly transition of power in a minority government. He used it, and in so doing, he upheld democracy, he did not undermine it.

Is it bad that I'm still a little shocked when people do this? Or does it just mean I'm still human?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Am Dalton's Botched Cover-Up

Project Vapour, huh? Reminds me of Project Mayhem.

The first rule of Project Vapour is.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toronto-Danforth EDA Presents "2016: Obama's America!"

As always, TCAM is happy to promote your event to our network of hundreds-to-thousands (depending on whether the OLP is feeling particularly interested that day or not in what I have to say).

This time we've got the Toronto-Danforth Federal EDA's EXCLUSIVE screening of "2016- Obama's America"- to be held in the VIP room of Varsity Cinemas, located at 55 Bloor Street West on November the 1st at 6:15 PM. I say EXCLUSIVE in capital letters because this film has not yet been released in Canadian theatres!

Join fellow Tories for cocktails and exchange economic apocalypse scenarios for the low, low price of $100 per ticket!

For necessary (?) Canadian content, you can compare and contrast Obama's America with post-Dalton Ontario. Lots of commonalities there!

Monday, October 15, 2012

He Mocks Us Still now that Dalton has quit and people are breaking out the champagne, let's talk about how this means that Ontario is screwed even harder than it ever was.




Well. Isn't that a kick in the pants.

Now let us recall that Dalton, bless his pointy little head, was, in his half assed Liberal manner, TRYING to get the deficit under control by picking fights with people he'd coddled for years while handling a minority situation. When that didn't work, he tried to steal the formerly PC seat of Kitchener Waterloo. And that didn't happen either because he thought he was God and the teachers unions' had other ideas.

So he said "Screw you guys, I'm going home" and dumped the mess on the rest of his caucus who will murder each other in the upcoming leadership race because they've been waiting for decades to rule. And none of them will be able to fix the mess either. 

And therefore if  we want to win the next election, we will say to Ontarians that we will kill the deficit by any goddamned means necessary, and then DO SO, while all the while reminding those Ontarians that the Liberals utterly failed to do so. Because that is the only way out.

OK. Well, anyway, things are about to get a lot more interesting around here. Stay tuned!

Apres Dalton, Le Deluge

Unfortunately, this is as close to a confession of guilt as we're going to get.

I can't wait for the demolition derby that's going to be the leadership race against the backdrop of the power plant mess playing itself out. Grab your hazmat suits, because this is going to get U-G-L-Y.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yours truly was incognito at a launch last night. I won't tell you which launch it was. That would upset too many people.

Anywhoo, at one point during this launch I found myself face to face with a prominent Liberal cabinet minister!

And this prominent Liberal cabinet minister, when asked how she was finding things at Queen's Park, characterized this week as "unpleasant"!


Unpleasant is when you wake up and you see it is raining hard outside.

Unpleasant is when you are sick with the flu.

Unpleasant is stepping in some dog poop.

Unpleasant isn't when one of your cabinet buddies might very well be found in contempt of the legislature! I'd say that's a bit higher on the oh-noez scale than "unpleasant". Remember, the last time someone got found in contempt of something, we had to have an election!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Game Of Thrones

Let's stop underestimating Justin Trudeau for a minute and look hard at this so-called phenomenon. Because, as you well know, that's what I do.

There are a sizable number of Liberals and others in this country that believe this man to be the rightful King of Canada, based on his last name, and are currently falling over themselves to come up with reasons why he deserves to be Prime Minister. For them, a leadership race, an election, are merely formalities before we re-institute the Trudeau dynasty. This, as I've said before, is a completely unnecessary exercise on their part.

If they could be honest with themselves for one minute, they would say, "Canada is Justin Trudeau's birthright, as it has always has been. The Harper government is invalid, and all other pretenders are invalid, and all other parties are invalid, and the opinions of all dissenters are invalid, because they are not the rightful heir to Canada."

For these people, democracy is a pageant, something they do to reassure themselves that we are a civilized country, instead of a comfy sinecure for high-born Liberal families. They are peasants, crying out for a lord to rule over them.

When Peter Lougheed died some time ago, there was considerable lamentation about how he and people like Bill Davis represented some bygone era that is sadly lost to us. I was not alive during this time, when Premiers and Prime Ministers were living gods. For me and my generation, there is only darkness ahead.

Only I and a few others can accept that the golden days are over. Harper's Canada is the Canada of the future. But these Liberals, the ones who vote for Dalton, and will vote for Trudeau II- not because he represents the future, but because of his tie to the past-  will not hear of it. For them, happiness is just around the corner. Make Trudeau King and we will be back in Camelot again.

That is the Trudeau phenomenon. Not some sort of flowering amongst the youth. The youth are disposable idealists, trying to salvage something from their ruined lives. Their futures are to be mortgaged so that the Liberal lordly class can continue to live the lifestyles they are accustomed to.

The world is a scary place, and we must retreat back to the familiarity and comfort of the past to shut it out. Trudeau's derpy blue eyes and shiny hair are but a mask for that terrifying reality.

Have your King then, you bastards. Let him collapse under the weight of your hopes. Ignore his failings, as you do for Dalton, while we all suffer.

Can it be called progress, where we move from a supposed democracy to effectively a monarchy?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Go Fetch!

Well, I can't say I'm surprised that Dalton's lemmings gave him an overwhelming show of support.

Since they're so eager to take a bullet for the boss man, the PC's have obligingly put together

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Closed-Door Campaigning

When Daddy Dalton's away, the kids will play, it would seem:

As Premier Dalton McGuinty was in Oakville on Tuesday apologizing for “clearly not getting it right,” members of his Liberal caucus were in an impassioned argument over the handling of the political crisis.

Senior ministers used terms like “shameful” to describe a debacle that has derailed all legislative business, including a planned wage freeze for tens of thousands of public servants that Finance Minister Dwight Duncan will discuss Wednesday in a bid to change the channel.

Some MPPs insisted they would have been just as candid if McGuinty had been in the room while others said his absence made it easier to rage against decisions made by the premier and his senior advisers.

Pffft. Suuuuure you would have. What a bunch of losers. Good thing it wasn't a day when the topic of conversation is how CPC MP's are afraid to speak out against Harper, right? Oh.....

Anyway, what happens when the Tories try to speak to this issue in QP?

Government house leader John Milloy insisted all documents requested had been released and accused the opposition parties of turning the legislature into a “kangaroo court.”

Milloy said work in the house would be sidetracked for weeks or even months due to the contempt debate.

Quite right, John. Only Liberals are allowed to beat up on the leader.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mid-Term Review

If it were me, I would have changed the headline of this article to "Dalton McGuinty pleads with his party not to boot him as leader before his leadership review." It's not as if he's begging in public for the teachers' sakes.

What does "potential successor" Kathleen Wynne have to say about all this? Let's take a look:

“Believe me, there will be internal discussion about that,” Wynne told CBC. “We’ve got to take some lessons.”

“I’m very supportive of Kathleen’s comments,” McGuinty said, referring to Wynne’s decrying of the Liberals’ heavyhanded strategy with the teachers’ unions, which contributed to last Thursday’s by-election loss in Kitchener-Waterloo.

The minister, widely seen as a potential successor to McGuinty, made her statements as Liberals gear up for a leadership review vote in Ottawa on Sept. 29.

“I have no magic number in mind and I’ll leave it up to the good people of my party,” the premier said, joking that support of “50.0001 per cent would be fine with me.”

Yeah, it would be nice if 50% of the good people of Dalton's party even showed up to vote in this review, especially since the OLP exec tried as hard as they could to make sure nobody notices it's happening.

You might notice that McGuinty is asking for a way lower bar than Hudak had back in February. Remember: I said you might notice.   

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Right Fights Back

Ohhhhh Mr. War Room Boss.......look what I've got......

Purchased cash money at the local Chapters. See that receipt?

Wait a second.....wasn't this title due to be released on October 2, 2012? Why yes. Yes it was.

Hmmmm. There's going to be a lot of angry pre-order customers. Oh well.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bummed Out On Drummond

OK, I stand corrected. The media doesn't always fail to notice when Dalton screws something up. It just takes them a very, very long time to do so.

Seven months after the release of the former bank economist’s much-hyped report on how to fix Ontario’s finances, Premier Dalton McGuinty – who commissioned the report and once acted as though it would provide all the answers to the province’s woes – has clearly lost the faith.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Teacher-Preacher-Creature Feature

So from listening to people over the past few weeks, here's what I've been able to determine:

1) Teachers are the salt of the earth

2) There are no bad or lazy teachers

3) Teachers make way less than they should for the amount of work that they do

4) Teachers offered the government a wage freeze (even though, as per #3 above, they make way less than they should for the amount of work that they do) and they really, honestly, truly would have gone through with it, but the big bad mean government said no

5) We have far better working conditions today thanks to teachers unions and we are on the verge of losing 100 years of progress because Dalton decided to say no to the teachers unions

6) Teachers are highly skilled and are responsible for our kids' development, so don't go comparing them to auto workers, or horse breeders, or doctors, or other people who've had trouble with the government in the past

Now, for extra fun, reverse the above arguments.

Example: "Teachers are the salt of the earth" becomes "Dalton is the salt of the earth (who doesn't age, who married his high school sweetheart, etc)"

"We have far better working conditions thanks to teachers unions" becomes "The Ontario Liberals are Moving Ontario Forward"

"There are no bad or lazy teachers" becomes "Dwight Duncan, Deb Matthews, Chris Bentley, Laurel Broten, and the rest of Dalton's cabinet still deserve their jobs"

Oooooh boy. This isn't going to end well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Being Right Early

In light of recent developments with the election down south, I suggest we find out how many members of the "make the rich pay" contingent here in Ontario pay no taxes themselves.

Who's with me?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's All In How You Say It!

I wanted to put together a post that will make the Liberals feel a little sheepish over the bad news that's been coming their way this week, but that's close to impossible.

We've got the Liberals, and Chris Bentley, being found in contempt of the Legislature. Maybe that will do something? No, no it won't because Liberals only get mad when Conservatives have trouble with contempt motions.

Maybe the news that eHealth continues to show little to no results for all the time and effort that's been put into it will get the Liberals to blink. What am I saying? Everyone knows the Liberals expect you to wait forever for health records, and for green energy to become a worthwhile investment, and for tuition fees to go down, because they think the sketchy promise of a better future justifies lots of wasted time and money.

Aha! I've got it! The one thing that will bother the Liberals about these scandals! They will both make Chris Bentley and Deb Matthews less likely to become the next Leader of the OLP!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Worst Bait-And-Switch Ever

OK everybody, I'm going to click this link to a Toronto Star editorial that goes after a politician for "hiding behind the children" and really really really hope that it's going to be about McGuinty. It's definitely attacking McGuinty, isn't it? Gotta be McGuinty. He did tell the teachers' unions not to take it out on the kids, so who else could it be but McGuinty?

Surprise!!! It wasn't about McGuinty. :(

Statism Vs. More Statism

Given that the battle lines have clearly been drawn between Dalton and the teachers' unions recently, and we're on the sidelines watching, I figured it is time to shift gears a bit here at TCAM and discuss the implications of such a battle.

We have seen a similar fight play itself out in Quebec, as Charest took on the Red Squares. That little skirmish ended badly for M. Charest. Quebec being Quebec, however, there are differences. There, the students themselves rose up in revolt instead of a bunch of old fogey teachers unions claiming to speak in the students' best interest. The students had youthful energy and passion, misplaced as it was. And they focused their energy on taking Charest himself out, rather than a cross province all-out action like the one these union throwbacks are threatening.

So while it doesn't bode well for Dalton, keep in mind that teachers' unions can't fight a pitched battle with the government without seriously impacting the functioning of schools. Dalton's people don't have day jobs other than carrying forward his agenda. That's how he was able to squish the doctors, pharmacists, horse farmers, and everyone else. If Dalton's bill passes, they won't be able to strike. And if teachers pull extracurriculars, then it becomes up to them to defend their actions. Can they do it? It's up to them.

For now, the bigger implication is that whoever wins this fight, we lose. This is Statism vs. More Statism. Dalton wants to impose his Obama Lite womb to tomb statist project on everyone, and the unions' main problem with that is that they are tired of being foot soldiers in that project. The unions don't necessarily oppose the government ruling and subjugating everything. Their problem is that they want to drive the government's agenda and prevent the kind of flights into quasi-Conservatism that Dalton is currently engaging in.

The people who are being caught in the middle of this fight are either nowhere to be found because they don't have time for it, or don't care. Given what we've all seen over the past little while, I favour the second explanation. When your future, and your children's future, depends on who wins in a battle between unions and an unpopular Liberal government- which is fast becoming an endangered species in this country- you should take issue with both parties. But the people continue to be distracted by Liberal distractions and the media just keep on writing columns dumping all over whatever it is we put out there.

Lately I have begun to wonder; if the people do not act or vote against this union-government pas de deux, even though they may very well feel inclined to, is it really worth holding out hope that they will?

Is that the reason why we can't connect with the voters? Because we're expecting Ontarians to turn against their government when they aren't capable of doing so?

Are we asking them to make a choice that they cannot make?

Must we therefore make the choice for them?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Shouting In The Dark

So the people of Ontario have chosen Dalton McGuinty on the leash, as opposed to off the leash. That much is clear.

What is less clear is whether the NDP win in K-W means that the teachers unions have Dalton's number, or if this was merely a local protest vote that won't translate into bigger wins against the Liberal machine in a general election. We'll resolve that controversy soon enough.

For us, the PCPO, there is a bigger problem. As yesterday's results showed, either Dalton is the real power in Ontario, or the teachers unions are the real power. We don't seem to figure in that equation.

Right now, if you want to register your displeasure with Dalton, you vote NDP. Not PC. The NDP are quite simply doing a better job of tapping into the anger people feel towards Dalton.

Now as a party, we don't want to tap into that anger. We want to stay on message. We want to talk a lot about overspending and job creation. And the results are clear.

As always, the preferred avenue for people who are unhappy with the party's performance is to complain about the leader. But we've been changing leaders, logos, and slogans since 2003. It hasn't helped. And I will not be bashing Hudak, because it's pointless. We don't need another post bashing the leader when he isn't the problem.

A week or so ago, a few thousand teachers descended on Queen's Park and basically declared war on Dalton. It was a disgustingly partisan gongshow. It was loud and disorganized. They weren't too concerned about message discipline, and it showed. But, on Sept 6th, in KW, it worked.

We don't have anything like a few thousand teachers ready to march around on the Queen's Park lawn with flags. They don't have a reason to. Talking about overspending and job creation is not making that happen.

The difference between us and the NDP is one of attitude. They don't care if they look a little ridiculous along the way. And we are a little too concerned.

When we lose this hesitation, we will be back on the road to forming government. Not before.

For now, it is time to change the way we do things, starting from the ground up. With each of us.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Cigar

No majority for you, Mr. McGuinty. Bill Davis you ain't.

More commentary to follow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bon Voyage, Jean

Well, that's all she wrote for another Liberal government. Ontario's looking increasingly out of step with the national trend, don't you think?

The PQ's minority status won't be putting La Belle Province back on the road to la souverainete anytime soon, but I can't help but notice that those Red Squares that we were all making fun of months ago just stomped a three-term Premier.

Amazing what you can accomplish when you stop protesting and start getting things done, huh?

Let's keep that in mind for this Thursday.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Eliminating The Competition

You know, it just dawned on me: Liberal partisans think the government- not doctors and teachers- deliver education or health care.

Doctors and teachers are just the middlemen/women to the Liberals. And this past few weeks in Ontario have just been them cutting out the middlemen/women.

And when they go after the police in a few weeks, that's just because Liberals believe the government is responsible for justice- not law enforcement.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Civilization Is, An Altar Exists

Ha-ha! The federal Liberals got caught making illegal robocalls in Guelph and got fined. After they made such a huge fuss. Total credibility fail. They're never going to recover from this embarassment.


As we all saw, the reaction to the news that the Guelph Liberals got dinged for making robocalls was kind of....muted.

Just like it always is. For them, anyway.

I'm surprised that there are people left in Canada that think things would be any different. If a Liberal screws up, it's not news. We can shout about it until we're blue in the face. We can point it out until our fingers hurt.

It ain't working. And Frank Valeriote, the Liberal MP for Guelph, knows it ain't working. He's mostly satisfied with the work his people did.

And why is he mostly satisfied with the work his people did? Because he knows Canadians believe that the Liberals are the good guys, and we're the bad guys.

Everything flows from that belief.

That belief is not the result of a biased media. The biased media ITSELF is a result of that belief.

If the lie that Stephen Harper wasn't and isn't really Prime Minister (remember, only 40% of people voted for him! The same amount that voted for Liberal PM's too, but oh well!) didn't already fit with what Canadians believed, people would have paid this robocall story about as much attention as they did for the news that the Guelph Liberals misled people.

Think electing Ford will stop the gravy train? Uh-uh. As soon as Ford makes a move to eliminate the gravy, he becomes "just one vote on council." David Miller was also one vote on council, but, well.....

Think getting rid of Hudak will get Ontario back on track again? No way. No matter who we put in charge, they'll find a reason to have a problem with them, and to link them to Harris.

And whoever does succeed in knocking McGuinty off will have the same problem.

They will never accept us. Never. Because we're just not Liberals.

I started this blog because I thought there was a lack of pressure on the McGuinty Liberals. People weren't informed about all the awful stuff they were doing. That's why they kept getting elected. If I exposed the stuff they did, things would change. That's what I thought.

What I've learned is that people are all too familiar with McGuinty's lies and mismanagement. And they don't care. Too many of them think it's better than anything else they're going to get. They are active enablers of McGuinty. They are as guilty as he is. Maybe guiltier. Pointing stuff out to them will get you nowhere. They've got an excuse primed and ready.

And why are they so quick to enable McGuinty? Because McGuinty and his people are stone-cold convinced that whatever they do is right, and whatever anyone else does is wrong. Just like Valeriote. And when McGuinty and his people show that they have no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to win, the voters agree with them.

Those are the real Liberals we hear so much about. That's why they're elected, and people like Turner and Dion and Martin and Ignatieff aren't.

Who else is stone-cold convinced that whatever he does is right? Stephen Harper.

What convinced Harper that whatever he does is right? My guess is: Years of Liberals doing the same thing and getting away with it.

Harper has shown us the way to govern this country, and the people in it. With complete ruthlessness. Sticking To Conservative Principles will not help. Pretending To Be Liberals will not help (if there is a viable Liberal alternative).

Approaching everything we do with the idea that not only are our opponents wrong, but also guilty and deserving of the harshest punishment imaginable, is the only way to rule.

If we're not doing this, then we're not ruling. Ford may be Mayor, but he isn't ruling.

It's been proven time and time again, mostly by Liberals, even though Liberals have a huge problem when we do it. McGuinty can spit in the faces of doctors, but Jason Kenney can't. McGuinty can go after unions, but Lisa Raitt can't. McGuinty can muzzle the media and make decisions arbitrarily, but Stephen Harper can't.

Because Liberals will not acknowledge that it is also bad when Liberals do it, we are completely justified in doing it. If right and wrong, good and bad, depend on whether the person being bad or wrong is a Conservative or not, then those labels do not apply. Rules that only apply to some of the people playing the game are not rules.


We will never have the Canada, and the Ontario, that we want until we, as a movement, decide that we are serious about creating the Canada and Ontario that we want, and until every aspect of our behaviour reflects that orientation. If we're not serious, then we will lose every time.

Eventually, the PC Party of Ontario will get to this point. Maybe they are there now.

On September 6th, we'll find out.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wrong For The Right Reasons

As pointed out by Mark Bonokoski, Dalton McGuinty axed funding for a forensic science unit that helps track pedophiles.

Now, while this is heinous, it wasn't done because they're soft on crime.


They did it because they are hoping ever so hard that we would lose our marbles over it, just like the federal Tories did back in 2004 and accuse McGuinty of being personally soft on pedophiles. Which is happening in the comments section under Bonokoski's piece.

And we would lose votes as a result.

And we would potentially lose the by-elections as a result.

See, because, to them, everything- everything, even this- serves one purpose, and that is to make anyone who isn't them look bad.

Now if you'll all excuse me, I need to hold my head over the toilet bowl for a few minutes until my stomach settles.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top Design

Anybody know who's behind While I don't care for the, ah, colour scheme, the message is definitely something I agree with.

Oh, and this is exactly the sort of talent we're looking for.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What Qud Possibly Go Wrong?

Oh really? And just who is going to make sure that "members" at the Quds Day rally adhere to "values" we collectively respect in this province, tough guy? You? Your boss the Premier who thinks this is just a fantastic little Saturday afternoon gathering?

And just how do you reconcile a group of people getting together to chant "Death To Israel" with "adhering to the values we collectively respect in this province"? Is the belief that Israel shouldn't exist a "value" that "we collectively respect"? Is that what Steven Del Duca thinks?

For the record, and mostly for the derpy Liberals who are going to say, "Oh, so you don't support free speech? Some conservative you are!" - I think the people who will be gathering at QP tomorrow to protest the existence of a country are perfectly entitled to meet in some basement somewhere and spout whatever nonsense they like.

When the Premier of the province says, "Sure, go ahead, use my lawn" to these people, I start to wonder, however. I wonder what message that sends.

Oh, but, you know how it is....when a group of people, such as supporters of Israel, can't be trusted to vote for Dalton, then that group of people shouldn't expect to get what they want from the government, right?

For everyone's reference, the McGuinty Liberals had a big problem with people opposed to gay straight alliances holding a press conference at QP last winter. That, of course, was bigotry. This apparently isn't.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When You're In A Hole, Stop Digging

Here's a video showing what you can expect from us:

And here's a video showing what you can expect from the other guys:

Looking to Twitter today, we can see several examples of how Liberals don't even realize when they're shooting themselves in the foot.

For example, take this confused tweeter, who says she doesn't like the PC Party record on health care and education during the Harris years, but is all too quick to use that same record to justify McGuinty doling out bonuses to everyone with a functioning brainstem who works in the public service.

Or take this goofball who doesn't like Tracey Weiler's position against full-day kindergarten, but somehow missed the press release put out by the Steven Del Duca campaign in Vaughan attacking Tony Genco for personally supporting full-day kindergarten. Your attacks would be a lot more effective if they didn't directly contradict each other, guys! 

What else have we got today? Oh, just a bunch of green power producers who are fed up with Liberal duplicity. No problem, right?

UPDATE: Oh, and, uh, letting this happen in the middle of two byelections is a really bad idea, Liberals. But you could say the same for pretty much anything you've been up to lately.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire -08/16/12)- Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) is profoundly concerned that Queen's Park is helping undermine Canadian values of tolerance and democracy by permitting a hate rally to take place on the grounds of the provincial legislature.

"There is no question that the 2011 Al Quds rally at Queen's Park was a hateful display in which the flag of Hezbollah, an acknowledged terrorist group, was proudly flown," said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC. "The question is whether or not groups supporting terrorism have the right to proudly promote their beliefs on these grounds; we join the majority of Ontarians who believe the right to free speech at Queen's Park does not encompass such hateful and violent propaganda."

I'm curious: What are Steven Del Duca's feelings about this event? Is he for it? Against it?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Barely Managing

Sorry it took me so long to get today's post up, but I have an actual job, in the real world, unlike the public sector leeches who got bonuses this year.

About 98 per cent of eligible managers in the Ontario Public Service received bonuses last year, despite assurances from the cash-strapped government that it's serious about freezing pay in the broader public sector.

Note that only 98% of these managers got bonuses, which, in the minds of the Ontario Liberals, is a signal that 2% didn't and there is still "more to do"!

What if, instead of my money going to these parasites, I want my local highway extended, like the McGuinty government promises to do every few months? Well, according to Liberal candidate Steven Del Duca, "it might be some time before the project gets under way." Smart man, that Del Duca! Knows his priorities. And the other Liberal candidate, Eric Davis, is saying nothing because, well, he's Eric Davis.

How about it, Ontarians? Wanna elect these chumps despite the fact that you have proof that they pay their friends first and you last?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boss Of eHealth Gets Undeserved Wealth

These Liberals not only don't know how to use money properly, they can't even misuse it in an equitable fashion.

The man brought in to lead eHealth Ontario following a scandal that rocked the Liberal government will get a bonus of about 25 per cent on top of his $329,000 salary this year, while staff at the agency have turned to the courts to get back the bonuses they were promised but denied.

EHealth president and CEO Greg Reed will be paid a bonus of $81,250 this year, agency spokesman Robert Mitchell confirmed Sunday.

The government wants all public sector workers, including doctors, nurses and teachers, to take a two-year wage freeze to help eliminate a $15 billion deficit, and told managers and executives at its agencies to lead by example.

The divide between the 1% and the 99% is bad enough; let's not create more of these divisions amongst already overpaid bureaucrats, hmmmm? (Personally, I think they should all be paid nothing, as they've generated nothing of value.)

UPDATE: Wow, the guy actually got shamed into giving up the bonus! For a year, anyway.