Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mid-Term Review

If it were me, I would have changed the headline of this article to "Dalton McGuinty pleads with his party not to boot him as leader before his leadership review." It's not as if he's begging in public for the teachers' sakes.

What does "potential successor" Kathleen Wynne have to say about all this? Let's take a look:

“Believe me, there will be internal discussion about that,” Wynne told CBC. “We’ve got to take some lessons.”

“I’m very supportive of Kathleen’s comments,” McGuinty said, referring to Wynne’s decrying of the Liberals’ heavyhanded strategy with the teachers’ unions, which contributed to last Thursday’s by-election loss in Kitchener-Waterloo.

The minister, widely seen as a potential successor to McGuinty, made her statements as Liberals gear up for a leadership review vote in Ottawa on Sept. 29.

“I have no magic number in mind and I’ll leave it up to the good people of my party,” the premier said, joking that support of “50.0001 per cent would be fine with me.”

Yeah, it would be nice if 50% of the good people of Dalton's party even showed up to vote in this review, especially since the OLP exec tried as hard as they could to make sure nobody notices it's happening.

You might notice that McGuinty is asking for a way lower bar than Hudak had back in February. Remember: I said you might notice.   

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