Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, the results are in. And....I'm not worried. :)

What you hear from the Liberal cheering section on Twitter, underneath all the false concern and outrage, is a massive sigh of relief. They think this will make their job easier. Easier to direct the people's attention away from their miserable record.

You can't blame them. Up until recently, all the Liberals had to do was find a bunch of scary quotes to demonize their opponents and coast to a majority. Never mind how effective or professional the Liberals actually were. Never mind if they actually delivered on their promises of a better world for everyone. No sir. What mattered was that a Conservative said something controversial, and that just wouldn't do.

But then something funny happened: A guy named Stephen Harper won the federal election. All the Liberals screamed about how right wing he was. The trouble was didn't work. That didn't mean the Liberals changed their strategy, though. They kept right on trying to scare people into voting Liberal before those people stopped to think whether the Liberals were actually interested in protecting anyone.

They still have occasional success. But it's getting less and less effective. Not because people don't recoil in horror at scary quotes, but because people are starting to realize that the Liberals are not as progressive as they say they are. Pointing to the Jack MacLarens and Mike Harrises of this world has become a means to an end. It has become an easy way for Liberals to win government without doing what they say they will do.  

What happened in Carleton-Mississippi Mills was simple: People (so it seems to me) got tired of someone who they thought wasn't representing them effectively and voted him out. In October, the same thing could happen. Only if it does happen, I doubt the Liberals will be so happy.

Oh, and in case people think I'm going easy on MacLaren? The onus is on him to prove he can stand up to the Liberal fear tsunami that is about to wash over this province. Because if he doesn't, it'll matter a lot less who is and who isn't a "real conservative."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tread Carefully

So, despite the minor matter of an $18 million whoopsydoodle on the eco-fee, Ontario Budget 2011 has landed and it's unlikely to offend anyone besides us conservatives who are wondering exactly how Dalton's going to pay for his wonderful ideas with no tax increases.

Now of course we all know that Dalton will find another way to tax us if given the opportunity. It's what he does. But let's reflect on another, more positive matter: Dalton could have introduced a bunch of new taxes in this budget, but he preferred to tread carefully. Why? Because he's afraid of us.

Think of how far we've come from the days when the Liberals could ignore our criticisms. In Budget 2008, the Liberals spent more time blasting the federal conservatives than they did the PC Party of Ontario. Now, with their federal cousins facing annihilation, Dwight Duncan barely utters a squeak about Harper's budget and has his sights firmly trained on Hudak. And, if Dwight Duncan wasn't about as threatening as Barney the Dinosaur, I might be worried.

No, it's the Liberals who are walking the straight and narrow now, worrying that they don't upset anyone too important as they tiptoe towards October. How things change.

Not that it matters, though. He can hide behind a bland, big spending budget and a federal election all he wants. Soon it'll be us and him.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Look On The Bright Side, Iggy.....

....if I were you, I wouldn't want Dalton to campaign with me.

STRATFORD, ONT.—Ontario’s Liberal premier says he’ll campaign with his MP brother in Ottawa South but not with federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff if there’s a federal election.

“I’m gonna stay focused on my responsibilities,” Premier Dalton McGuinty told reporters Friday after a speech to a Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

“If I do any campaigning it’ll be with my brother,” he added, referring to Ottawa South Liberal MP David McGuinty.

“Undoubtedly he will ask and, undoubtedly, my mother will obligate me to help,” the premier quipped.

It’s odd that with Finance Minister Dwight Duncan offering to campaign with Ignatieff that McGuinty wouldn’t do the same, said Progressive Conservative MPP Sylvia Jones.

“The polls today clearly didn’t bode well for Ignatieff and maybe they’re trying to separate themselves a bit,” said Jones of Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Budget Time!!!

I refer, of course, to the Ontario budget. What, you think anyone really cares about that other budget? Please.

The early reviews aren't good. Tasha Khierridin says the province's fiscal insanity is starting to rival that of Quebec, Martin Regg Cohn says Dalton's own bureaucrats  are beginning to admit Ontario is underwater and sinking fast, and Adam Radwanski isn't convinced that anyone in the McGuinty government has a handle on our province's runaway health costs. That's a thumbs down from the Post, the Globe, and the Star.

Oh, I get it now! I'm supposed to make the deficit get smaller!

Some may speculate that the budget will be called "Turning The Corner", but that clearly doesn't work because downward spirals don't have any corners.

All right, all right. All eyes are on Ottawa. If the Opposition is really dumb enough to let a federal election happen, blogging will be sparse. Unless of course Dwight Duncan eats somebody.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Remembrance of Scandals Past

Big, big props to Jack and Coke With A Lime for taking the time to enumerate no less than 30 of Dalton's worst scandals in list form.

From first term favourites like the health tax and the slush fund scandal, to more recent screwups like the hydro rebate fraud and delaying the review of the LHINs until after the election, to stuff even I forgot about because trying to track the endless fail parade that is the McGuinty government causes the mind to wander, it's all here. For example, did you remember that Dalton implemented a tire tax after saying he wouldn't? Did you want to remember? Well, it's on the list!

Dr. Phil says that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour, so you  would be quite justified in using this list as a guide to knowing when Dalton is lying his bony butt off.

Let's say Dalton is trying to sweep the Jill Anzarut breast cancer drug mess under the rug by granting new powers to something called Cancer Care Ontario. But a quick check of Jack's list (#6, to be exact) indicates that Cancer Care Ontario doled out contracts eHealth-style. And just like that Cancer Care Ontario is as popular as....well, cancer.

Or how about Dalton's dear pals at the Ontario Power Authority? Seems that well-connected Liberals are making quite the pretty penny while Ontarians are losing lots of pennies on their hydro bills. So when the Liberals start bleating that these overpowered cronies are doing "good work", you can direct them to items #25 and #26 on the list which describe the smart meter scandal and one of many hydro rate hikes, respectively. And you can provide some context for the Liberals appointing their friends to high-rolling do-nothing jobs by scrolling on down to #30, which talks about the massive increase in the number of people on the sunshine list (that would be people in the public sector making $100,000+ a year).

What a fantastic list! I think I'll have a jack and coke with lime myself to celebrate.

P.S. I had a good chuckle when I saw that "journalist" Ben Chin is one of the Liberal goons on the OPA payroll. Here's an ad from 2007 that nobody but me saw where he's standing in a hole  for some reason....and when I saw it, I had proof that Liberals really can't tell their asses from a hole in the ground! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Debbie Doubletalk's Dismal Developments

Life sure is tough when you're Dalton McGuinty's Health Minister. At first you think, "Oh wow, I'm helping sick people get well and they'll all love me for it!" but nobody ever tells you that sick people are always wanting things. Always complaining about "wait times" this and "ER lineups" that.

The nerve of these ingrates! You're spending all kinds of money that you don't have trying to keep the system from collapsing entirely and they're not happy. Sure, you try and distract them by talking about how it's all Mike Harris' fault and how we don't want "U.S. style healthcare" here, but that doesn't always work, and when you complain to your boss, he's all like, "There's definitely more to be done!"

So all you can do is put on a happy face and bravely soldier on, ignoring the abyss before you. Debbie Doubletalk is a whiz at this, but deluding yourself only gets you so far. This week, we had:

-The ongoing saga of Jill Anzarut, the mom who can't get a breast cancer drug because her tumour is too small. Ombudsman Andre Marin is investigating, which is always bad news for the government. For her part, Debbie Doubletalk said she wouldn't help Anzarut get the drug, then she said she would. I guess health policy can be determined by what shows up on the front page.

-There was some unpleasantness are the Ontario College of Denturists this week- it appears that "improper comments were made by the regulatory board regarding race, religion and sex."

-There was also some unpleasantness with the Niagara Health Service interfering with local hospitals and closing maternity wards. A whole bunch of local mayors, city councillors, and Liberal MPP Kim Craitor (!!!!!) complained to the government.

Debbie Doubletalk ordered an investigation into the College of Denturists, but not into the NHS, suggesting that so long as your local healthcare bureaucrats aren't making overtly racist comments, things are generally OK.

-Meanwhile, just down the 401, enough Winsdorians have gotten mad at Dalton and his collaboration with paid-up Liberal donor/"developer" Lou Vozza that Deb Matthews axed.....someone who isn't Vozza. "No reason was given" for the dismissal, so I guess you can make your own up. Mine would be that someone didn't pay their protection fees this month.

If Deb Matthews doesn't stop this bleeding soon, Dalton will have to give her the boot just like he did with Smitherman and David Caplan, and then we'll have an epidemic of failed Liberal health ministers in Ontario.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Truth About The Truth About Tim

1. Ours is a lot nicer. And we have the stones to put our party`s logo on the site.

Why is it that the Liberals are so afraid to take ownership of attacks on the PC Party?

Could it be because their campaign chair, a guy who goes by the name of Greg Sorbara, told the Toronto Star that "I’m not going to tolerate a campaign that is driven by negative advertising. It will not happen." But it is happening, Mr. Sorbara. It is happening.

2. Seems the guy who made it is also behind Same setup where you click one button to receive different misleading "facts". Checking the domain name will reveal that the two sites are registered to the same web host.

3. See if you can spot the typos in the following sentences that appear on the site:

"Dr. Phil says past behaviour is the best predicator of future behaviour."

"He doesn't think government should be involved in preventing cancer but no one's tougher on dandilions."

"It%s probably just a coincidence"

If you found all three, or even one, congratulations! You're a better proofreader than the guy who made this site. Holy rush job, Batman!

4. They play the faith based schools card. But Dalton's party likes faith based schools too! Really! Just ask his Immigration Minister, who said "[fair funding for faith-based schools] is an issue I want to discuss very seriously going forward" on Page 19 of this.

5. They say Tim voted against the Smoke Free Ontario law, but Dalton's entire party refused to crack down on contraband tobacco. Truth about Dalton: In his Ontario, smoking legally bought cigarettes in cars is illegal, but already illegal cigarettes are A-OK!

6. They say Tim "voted against the greenbelt". This is on a page about how Tim doesn't want to protect "your family's health". But a greenbelt by definition has fewer people living in it. Chances are "your family" doesn't live in the greenbelt, so how does the greenbelt protect the health of "your family"?

7. They say Tim opposed helping Ontarians save on prescription drugs last year. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there will be any savings to pass on. 

8. Oh my. A poll. Those attack ads? Money well spent, Liberals!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Will Not Adjust

Hey! I just found a bunch of ads the Working Families Coalition put out.

Oh wait Sorry. Those Working Families Coalition ads are from 2007. You know, four years ago.

In four years, we've revitalized our party and implemented lots of positive changes. The Working Families Coalition has changed....basically nothing. They've even got the same "reverse our progress" line in the new ads.

So let's get this straight: These working-class heroes spent $10 million to do what amounts to a retread of four-year-old attack ads. I'm sorry....who did you say was taking us back to the past?

Monday, March 14, 2011


As I've said previously on this blog, there's nothing that any party can do that the Liberals don't think they can do better. In the past few weeks, the Liberal have suggested liberalizing beer laws after mocking the PC Party for considering the same, expanding of a private highway that was one of Mike Harris' signature accomplishments, and making the TTC an essential service in what everyone who is not Dalton's press secretary knows was a declaration of submission before Rob Ford.

Now, doing all of that may have annoyed the left wing of the party somewhat, so Dalton has declared this week to be "I Love Unions" week at the Ontario Liberal Party.  (Get it? I love U....nions? Anyone?)

We've got our good friends the Teachers Federation declaring their support for the "education Premier." You know, the guy who let a bunch of schools close....hmmm. And are Dalton and his band of greasy goons worried about a gang of unions piling onto their campaign? Do they care about what this says about the integrity of the campaign? Hardly. His people are gladly tweeting about it and Minister Leona Dombrowsky says the teachers are "better off with what they've got." Of course Minister Dimbulbsky is making it easier for us to make our case that these people are being paid off by the Liberals, so thanks for that!

Speaking of education (and payoffs too), the perpetual students at the Canadian Federation of Students have been caught red-handed contributing student dollars to the Liberals. Maybe if the CFS had put more money into their lazy campaign at Carleton instead of giving it up to Dalton, they might not have gotten their tushies kicked in the latest round of student council elections.

Lastly it's everyone's favourite, the Working Families Coalition's latest disasterpieces.
Gotta love the one where Mr. Beardo on the left starts yelling "Cutcutcutcutcut!" How I wish the director had said that.

I also noticed how they have "Tim" meeting the Bay Street Buddies in what appears to be a library. Guys: BOARDROOMS! Come on!

And what subpar acting! Well not to worry, after October 6th they'll have lots of unemployed Liberals to cast. Reminds me of a joke: what do you call the unemployment line in Ontario? A picket line! Waw-waw-waw-waaaaaawwwww!

There's one thing these WFC ads got right, and that's that their message is almost identical to that of the Liberals. And when you have the guy running the Liberal campaign featuring these ads on his blog, well, you don't have to be Erin Brockovich to figure out something doesn't add up.

Liberals, please try to understand this: people do not like the idea that their government is being run by unions. You are waving a red flag in front of a bull. By all means, please continue.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Debbie Doubletalk and the Delinquent Developer

Remember Dalton's plan to "build more hospitals"? Well, obviously someone forgot to tell the people of Windsor about Dalton's plan, because they want a new hospital site but nobody's building it. 

According to Dalton, Windsor Grace Hospital site developer Lou Vozza is a stand up guy. There's just one tiny problem: People who've worked with Vozza have gone so far as to tell the CBC "that they think Vozza will have a hard time finding contractors to work with on Grace Village, because they fear they won't be paid." Yet Dalton still chose to go ahead with him to build the hospital. Ladies and gentlemen, we might have finally found the one person in the province who is capable of taking Dalton's money and giving him nothing to show for it. (but then again it wasn't really Dalton's money in the first place.....)

Health Minister Debbie Doubletalk would like to assure everyone that "the plans have been submitted" and that there's no cause for concern, and that the hospital will be built when they bloody well feel like it. How did we get into this mess in the first place? Oh right, I forgot, the old hospital has been crumbling away for years after it closed due to Dalton's bungling.

It seems that trade union members refuse to work with Vozza despite Dalton's orders. Don't expect Dalton to do them any favours though- it's not like they're the teacher's union or anything.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Dalton Two-Step

February 8th, 2011: Buck a beer is a horrible idea! The Conservatives have no plan! Wargle blargle outrage!

February 23rd, 2011: On second thought, let's liberalize those alcohol laws a little bit. We need to lighten up and give people a chance to have fun!

February 2nd, 2011: Rocco Rossi joined the PC Party of Ontario after we left him standing during his mayoral bid! Traitor! He's a witch! Burn him!

March 9th, 2011: Sarah Thomson has joined the party of progress and happy thoughts! She's a great fit for the very winnable (*snort*) riding of Trinity Spadina!

March 1st, 2011: Build a 407 extension? NOOOOOO!!! We need to protect the greenbelt! Mike Harris privatized highway = bad!

March 10th, 2011: Yeah, a 407 Highway extension is a great idea. It's a doable plan! Even though it apparently wasn't a week ago!

February 7th, 2011: We're not going to cut frontline healthcare!

March 9th, 2011: We're going to cut frontline healthcare because we're #winning and we have #tigerblood!

What's next? Dalton announces Omar Khadr as the Liberal candidate in Toronto Danforth?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The natural enemy and target of a clown is the pompous person, the arrogant person, the self-righteous person. The clown uses his own lack of gravitas and seriousness to make the straight man look ridiculous by comparison.

Dalton is the ultimate straight man, and he and his falsely serious rogues gallery are just begging to be mocked. So we make a joke about Charlie Sheen, and Dwight Duncan's jowls start a-wagglin'. Cue the sickening sound of false Liberal outrage. They can't take a joke. Suddenly it's about whether we conservatives care about the mentally ill. And while this farce was going on, the Liberals terminated the employment of mental health workers in London.

We keep throwing the Liberals punchline after punchline, demonstrating that their attempts to fix everybody's lives aren't working. But they never get the joke, do they? Their little worlds would crumble if they ever did.

This tendency of Liberals, and all "progressives"- to assume the confused, muddled, try-to-please-everyone-and-end-up-pleasing-no-one Big Red Circus Tent "plan" that is their party's daily agenda is somehow synonymous with the march of human progress, and that anyone who opposes their agenda is offside not only with aforesaid human progress, but humanity itself- is why people BECOME conservatives in the first place. What a huge joke- what colossal irony- that the Liberals are the creators of their own worst enemies. For what are conservatives but people who got missed by the great Liberal plan to save everyone?

Shame is an appropriate emotion for a Liberal Premier who brushes off the huge mistakes he's made as bumps on the road to a promised better world which he has no intention and no capability of delivering.

Debbie Doubletalk's Disgraceful Deposition

So a mother with breast cancer asks Health Minister Deb Matthews (on the day after International Women's Day!) if the government will cover the cost of an expensive cancer drug. Debbie Doubletalk's response? "I am not an expert and I cannot have opinions. I have to rely on the opinions of the experts."

Never mind that the reason why Debbie Doubletalk "can't have opinions" on whether drugs should be covered is because that noble parliamentarian, George Smitherman, fobbed that responsibility off onto a bureaucrat known as the "Executive Officer" back when he was Health Minister.

No, what's amazing here is that Debbie Doubletalk actually said that even though she's the HEALTH MINISTER she can't have "opinions" about health related matters. Or any other matter, for that matter. If she's the Minister of Health and she can't have an opinion until she consults with an "expert", then what hope is there for the rest of us little people?

Is this actually what Liberals believe? That you cannot have an opinion on any subject unless an expert tells you what it should be?

We Conservatives believe what we believe about Liberals because every so often, they let their masks slip and prove our worst fears are true.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"The McGuinty Government"

Oh noez! Dalton has been referring to his government as the "McGuinty Government" in different types of correspondence for at least a year and possibly more, but I just noticed it now! If you go to the Government of Ontario website and search "McGuinty Government" you will find no less than 26278 instances of this damnable phrase!

This is unprecedented and part of Dalton's nefarious plan to rebrand Ontario in his image!  Does Mr. McGuinty not know that the government belongs to ALL Ontarians??? If this keeps up we'll all be shipped off to the salt mines to build massive statues of Dalton to be erected everywhere!

We need to move swiftly to capitalize on public outrage over the McGuinty government's dastardly exercise in hyperpartisanship! Something must be done immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph Harrumph!

Quickly! Somebody register! Get out there and start purchasing decals for the campaign plane! Invoke George Orwell! Raaaaaar! Loud noises!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Three-Ring Circus!

A whole gaggle of Liberal goof-ups today! I thought I was supposed to be the clown here, but Dalton's band of bumbling boobs are putting on a veritable clown clinic.

First we've got Dalton's d-bag of an Energy Minister, Brad Duguid, who told Hydro One not to pass $18 million in interest rates onto consumers. Unfortunately the Hydro One zeroes were asleep at the big switch and missed the Minister's call, so taxpayers are getting stuck with the check.  

Not to be outdone by his cabinet colleague, Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray  decided to brand any and all opponents of Dalton's sex ed curriculum for Grade 1 students as "homophobes." He might have been trying to mock Christians (because that's acceptable), but unfortunately the Minister of Research failed to do his research and forgot that Christian and Muslim groups protested the curriculum. Is the Minister really comfortable with calling Muslims homophobic? Is he willing to deal with the consequences of that decision, whatever they may be? ;)

BTW, Glen Murray's Twitter handle is "Glen4TC". TC is Toronto Centre, his riding. If we rework it a bit we get "Glen4CT", with CT for Carbon Tax! Brilliant! Soon I'll have clever nicknames for every one of Dalton's ministers!
Finally we have an eye-roller that encompasses the entire Liberal caucus. The problem is illustrated by enterprising young Liblogger The Liberal Scarf when he compares Conservative and Liberal nomination progress.

That Liberal map has a lot more blank spots, doesn't it? And when you look at the Ontario Liberal "Candidates" page, the number of sitting MPP's and new candidates that have been nominated is pretty sad. Especially since Liberal nomination rules allow for the party to nominate anyone they want in a riding while disqualifying anyone else (which is how the Sarah Thomson situation came about, but that's another story)

So what are we to take away from this? That any MPP not yet renominated is likely to cash out while the getting is good?

That the Liberals are to renominate all their MPP's who don't quit in one fell swoop without talking to grassroots members?

That, on the Liberal priority list, finding Dwight Duncan a good personal trainer apparently ranks above finding candidates for ridings they don't hold? (The Libs have nominated a whopping THREE people for non-Liberal held ridings as of the writing of this blogpost.)

That the Liberals are doing all of the above while acting as if the MacLaren-Sterling nomination challenge is some sort of aberration?

This Liberal Party isn't even worthy of being called a sideshow. It's just a sad show!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Manley to Duncan: Where's Your Plan?

Relations between the federal and provincial Liberals hit a new low yesterday when former Liberal Finance Minister John Manley lectured  Dwight Duncan on how to get the province's financial house in order in the pages of the Ottawa Citizen. Addressing Duncan, Manley says that the province's debt problem is "(mostly) not your fault." Meee-ow!

This picture depicts either John Manley and Dwight Duncan at each other's throats, or Dalton McGuinty's lunch. Take your pick.  

Now that Manley, who's a "close friend" to Dalton, has stuck his nose into Chunky Monkey Duncan's business and made the Liberals look like goofs, that means I get to say all sorts of transparently false things about what a great guy Manley is.

*ahem* I have my biases, but I think John Manley would have made an excellent federal Liberal leader going into...well, pretty much every election after 2000. Why, John Manley is a veritable Liberal giant.

I praise John Manley's courage in calling Dwight Duncan out over his ridiculous financial mismanagement, even though it proves that Liberals are most definitely not united behind Dalton McGuinty. It's a bad week for Dalton McGuinty when John Manley makes his Finance Minister look bad! Maybe two bad weeks! Three or four, maybe!

John Manley had a plan for the economy when he was Finance Minster, so why don't the Liberals have a plan for the future? Can we call him John PLAN-ley? Sounds a lot better than Dalton McPLANty or Dwight Dun-PLAN because not only do their names not rhyme with "plan", they also don't have plans for the economy while John Manley did.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Up In Smoke

Much like his party's lead in good ol' Liberal Toronto, Dalton's policy is getting more and more unclear.

Dalton, who tells everyone he is "investing in health" or some similar nonsense, quietly decided he wasn't going to introduce anti-contraband smoking legislation the other day. I realize this isn't an issue that will win or lose an election, but I have to ask what purpose McGuinty thinks he is serving by ruling this out, especially since he's the guy who banned smoking in cars.

Is he trying to be less Premier Daddish? Is this another backtrack? Who knows?

Another health care example: eye exams aren't covered in Ontario but sex change operations are. Should I bother asking why? Is there even a rationale here?

The energy file. One day the government announces a rebate on hydro bills, the next a rate hike. Transport? They say no more sole-sourced contracts, then they hand one out to Metrolinx in Toronto. They announce full day kindergarten while a few years ago they wouldn't intervene to stop school closings. They plan to build highways in the North but don't want to build one a few towns away from Toronto. This is "Moving Forward Together"?  It looks more like "Going Nowhere Fast."

Liberals, I have some free advice for you: The more you surround everything you do with a thick layer of confusing bullsh*t, the better Tim Hudak looks by comparison.   

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sarah Thomson Chronicles

Storms are brewing in quite a few people's eyes today after it was rumoured Sarah Thomson will seek the Liberal candidacy in the downtown Toronto NDP fortress that is Trinity-Spadina. These are but very strong rumours, but Ms. Thomson has done nothing to refudiate them as of yet. For someone who published the business-friendly Women's Post, and who was supported by many Conservatives in the mayoral race, this is pretty close to a party switch.

Trin-Spa is the kind of place where smart politicians translate their lawn signs into Mandarin, but the Liberals offered her a safe nomination, and Sweet Surrender was all she seemed to have to give. She's definitely not In The Arms Of The Angel though, because you may remember that Ms. Thomson dropped out of the Toronto mayoral race to support that model of Liberal ethics, George Smitherman.

Ms. Thomson was very vocal during her mayoral campaign about the need to have open and forward-looking ideas when it came to transit, such as the creation of a subway bond, whatever that is. Unfortunately Dalton didn't take her advice and handed out a sole-source contract for the Air-Rail link in Toronto. That means there'll be no competition for who gets the contract. It's kind of like Thomson's nomination in that way when you think about it!

You might say that Ms. Thomson (spelled without a "P", as in Venezuela) is unprincipled, but that's the word I'd use to describe Liberals who pooped their pants over Rocco Rossi's switch but act like Sarah Thomson's defection ain't no thing.

In completely unrelated news, Dalton's dog Mikki won't be running as a Liberal candidate anywhere, and doesn't want to be seen with Dalton. Smart dog.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get The Drift, Dalton?

A provincial party leader who wants to liberalize alcohol laws, who advocates the cutting of public sector jobs, wants make the TTC an essential service, and who doesn't want to call an inquiry into the G20. That leader is.....Dalton McGuinty. Yep. Seriously.

Boy that Dalton sure is clever, ain't he? He's beating the Conservatives at their own game. Anything they can do, he can do better.

Except....have you ever noticed that when Liberals move right, it doesn't really help them? It's kind of like what happens when Conservatives move left. Liberals aren't really that different from you or me: if they think that their leader's taking the party in the wrong direction, they won't go out to vote.

And why is Dalton moving all over the place, anyway? One day it's a pledge to wear pink to speak out against bullying in schools, the next it's "no" to an inquiry into the G20. Unfocused much?

It isn't *just* about "having a plan." it's about having a plan that makes sense.