Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The natural enemy and target of a clown is the pompous person, the arrogant person, the self-righteous person. The clown uses his own lack of gravitas and seriousness to make the straight man look ridiculous by comparison.

Dalton is the ultimate straight man, and he and his falsely serious rogues gallery are just begging to be mocked. So we make a joke about Charlie Sheen, and Dwight Duncan's jowls start a-wagglin'. Cue the sickening sound of false Liberal outrage. They can't take a joke. Suddenly it's about whether we conservatives care about the mentally ill. And while this farce was going on, the Liberals terminated the employment of mental health workers in London.

We keep throwing the Liberals punchline after punchline, demonstrating that their attempts to fix everybody's lives aren't working. But they never get the joke, do they? Their little worlds would crumble if they ever did.

This tendency of Liberals, and all "progressives"- to assume the confused, muddled, try-to-please-everyone-and-end-up-pleasing-no-one Big Red Circus Tent "plan" that is their party's daily agenda is somehow synonymous with the march of human progress, and that anyone who opposes their agenda is offside not only with aforesaid human progress, but humanity itself- is why people BECOME conservatives in the first place. What a huge joke- what colossal irony- that the Liberals are the creators of their own worst enemies. For what are conservatives but people who got missed by the great Liberal plan to save everyone?

Shame is an appropriate emotion for a Liberal Premier who brushes off the huge mistakes he's made as bumps on the road to a promised better world which he has no intention and no capability of delivering.


  1. Not a fan of Dalton myself; I say let's return to the days when Arthur Meighen and RB Bennett aided and abetted the rise of corporatism in Canada and Europe, let's see if we can get Canada up to speed with America where 400 people own the same amount of wealth as 150 million Americans because that's on the right side of history as far as I'm concerned, let's destroy liberal democracy before it destroys all opportunity for crown chartered corporate privateering. We need more media concentration in the hands of fewer and fewer corporatists, who now own only 80% through three conservative families. We need to crush the other 20% voice of independent liberal socialist media: that would be real progress, real conservatism, Bennett created the CBC to be a voice for corporatism, it needs to be restored to its task of destroying liberal democracy, there is no progess, only the power of dominant predators.

  2. Yeah. And your Liberal Party has done a fantastic job of preventing "corporatism", hasn't it? Is that what you tell yourself?

    You've got plenty of predators skulking around in your own backyard...but so long as the Liberals tell you differently, you'll keep on believing them, won't you? Never, never acknowledge the truth- that's the Liberal way. Keep voting for Dalton so you can justify your own cognitive dissonance.

    The time will come when the scales will fall from your eyes....and then we'll look back on this silly episode and laugh. :)