Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get The Drift, Dalton?

A provincial party leader who wants to liberalize alcohol laws, who advocates the cutting of public sector jobs, wants make the TTC an essential service, and who doesn't want to call an inquiry into the G20. That leader is.....Dalton McGuinty. Yep. Seriously.

Boy that Dalton sure is clever, ain't he? He's beating the Conservatives at their own game. Anything they can do, he can do better.

Except....have you ever noticed that when Liberals move right, it doesn't really help them? It's kind of like what happens when Conservatives move left. Liberals aren't really that different from you or me: if they think that their leader's taking the party in the wrong direction, they won't go out to vote.

And why is Dalton moving all over the place, anyway? One day it's a pledge to wear pink to speak out against bullying in schools, the next it's "no" to an inquiry into the G20. Unfocused much?

It isn't *just* about "having a plan." it's about having a plan that makes sense.

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