Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Now For A Very Special Advertisement

Hey you! Yes you. Do you dislike taxes? Do you think taxes are mean, nasty, bad, and/or awful? Would you like to punch taxes in the face, if they had faces? Well, don't just stand there! Get on over to and enter their "Fill In The Blanks" Contest!

Here's my very good friend Matt McGuire from the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition to tell you more.

Nice tie, Matt!
How does he transport himself from location to location in a blink of an eye like that? It's probably because he believes in the power of lower taxes to make things better for all of us. And you could find yourself transported to lunch with one of Toronto's best known taxfighters if you submit a two minute video or 500 word essay on the subject of why lower taxes are good. It's so simple, the left would never think of it!

Matt has asked me to announce that lunch dates with Michael Coren and Ezra Levant have been added in addition to Doug Ford and Sue-Ann Levy and that more celebrity lunch dates are to be announced next week. Maybe the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition will even figure out a way for the lunch to be HST exempt. Who knows?????

So what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Proceed to immediately and submit your essay before September 10th!

I'd Like To Solve The Puzzle, Pat

Here is a news story about our Wheel of Tax in Kitchener Waterloo.

But wait a second: there wasn't supposed to be any news stories about our Wheel of Tax in Kitchener Waterloo because we supposedly "barred the media" from the event.

I think the Liberals need to buy a vowel.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bum Rush

Sheesh. I'd heard that Liberal staffers were worried about losing their jobs (where else would they go?) but this seems a little beyond the pale, no?

Toronto Tory gets credit for having this out first, natch.

In other news, I hear the Tory War Room had a pretty good day today.

Monday, August 29, 2011


What's that snarling noise coming from over by the Liberal Birther Movement? Why, it's the sound of angry Liberals trying desperately to repress their desire to rip into Deb Hutton, wife of Tim Hudak.

Those students of recent electoral history will recall that the male jocks running the Liberal War Room wanted to devote lots of energy and ad space to attacking a woman who was not running against them. Sanity temporarily prevailed and the Liberals shelved this incredibly stupid plan for a few months until people stopped noticing.

Now that Tim Hudak has unveiled a campaign bus with a picture of his family on it, apparently that makes Deb Hutton part of the campaign, so let's get right down to business bashing Deb Hutton. Um, yeah. Well, considering that they're already running separate campaigns against Harper, Ford, Horwath, Harris, the entire Tea Party, the right-wing media conspiracy, the Koch Brothers, and a whole host of others that share the distinction of not being Tim Hudak, it was only a matter of time before Deb Hutton got her own campaign. When do we get ads attacking Tavish Hudak, Tim's dog? As I type this, are Liberal staffers organizing a presser where Tim Hudak's vet admits that Tavish is part pit bull?

But none of this gets to the real heart of the problem, and that is that Liberals, especially the claw-baring bloggers that the Liberal War Room Boss has hooked up with, don't like the idea of Deb Hutton, Conservative Woman. It just doesn't fit their model of how women should behave. "Ooooh, she was an advisor to Mike Harris! Somehow, that's horrible!" And it's not just Deb Hutton. Think about Lisa Macleod, who is known for being forward. How do Liberals feel about her? Oh yeah.

Christine Elliott gets a lot of disingenuous praise from Liberals for being modest and chaste and demure, but on the rare occasions where she lets the partisan flag fly, the same people are less enamoured of her. Hey, wasn't there also a post attacking Conservative campaign chair Jenni Byrne during the federal election for supposedly being immoderate? That she couldn't hang with the big boys? Yeah, that's the one. Well, she sure proved them wrong. You go girl!

Hmmm. I'm beginning to detect a trend.

I'm no fan of Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, and of course my opinion doesn't count because I'm a man, but the hatred these women engender (pun intended) among women on the left is unmistakable, and so is the reason for the hatred: It is okey dokey for these protectors of women's rights to attack a woman, IF she is a Conservative. 

And in this, we have finally found the perfect countermeasure for TIM HUDAK HATEZ TEH WIMMENZ scaremongering, and that is that the bloggers handpicked by the Liberal War Room to try and make sure that young women don't vote en masse for the Tories like they did in the federal election do not speak for all women. Brilliant. Absolute genius. Whatever other mistakes the PC Party makes between now and Oct. 6th, I'll always give them credit for this.


Yikes! We are officially in campaign mode, a week early. Bet the Liberals weren't expecting that!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worth Fighting For

Recently, deluded Liberal candidate Sarah Thomson decided to use her own newspaper to promote herself. No doubt with the moral support of her extremely wealthy and long-suffering husband Greg, of the famous Thomson Publishing family. (Explains a lot, doesn't it?)

You would have to have a hugely overinflated sense of yourself to devote an issue of your own newspaper to you. But these are the McGuinty Liberals we're talking about here. These are the people who are taking on the barbarian populist hordes at every level of government, defending all that is good and pure in the heartland of our great nation from those skulking, plotting, well-poisoning Hudakites. Those silly Left Coasters may have risen up and dealt a deathblow to the HST yesterday, but here in Ontario, all it takes is one stern wag of Dalton McGuinty's mighty forefinger and the demagogues rush back to their caves, chastened.

You may shudder with disgust at this nauseating fairy tale, but I have no doubt that the most partisan Liberals have some version of the above firing their imaginations. For those Liberals with more independence of thought, there's "Worth Fighting For."

Take it in, everyone.

Yeah. I'm featuring Liberal ads on my blog. I'm just wacky like that. Sit and watch the whole thing and feel the bile rise, and thank me for making your day. :)

If the Conservatives had made an ad like this- with criticisms of the Liberals in white text on black background so you know the Liberals are the bad guys, and so forth- it would be derided as divisive, mean-spirited, cruel. But when the Liberals do it, it's OK. Because they mean well. They don't like having to do things like farm their attack campaigns out to the unions, but it's necessary. It's in the service of progress. And if you're a Liberal who ordinarily wouldn't like this kind of stuff when it comes from someone like Stephen Harper....well, you need to understand that Ontario is worth fighting for.

(How close am I to the original intent, Liberal War Room? Anyone wanna gimme an "amen"?)

Why don't we have the kind of populist uprisings that are common all across the West, the East, and Quebec? Because we have a government unafraid to conflate itself with everything in the world that is right, and to conflate their opponents with everything in the world that is wrong. And when Dalton McGuinty thinks you're wrong, boy are you ever in trouble. He and his people are never going to admit wrong themselves or slow down for anyone. They're moving forward, and you'd better get out of their way.

This ad is entitled "Worth Fighting For." It should be called, "Suppress Dissent."

Now I'm not in any position to really criticize, because I'm the guy who said just this week that when it comes to the PC Party campaign, the end justifies the means, 10 times out of 10. And some people said to me, "Mr. J., that was a little over the top." I agree. But I stand by what I wrote. Because these Liberals are over the top, every day, all day. They're making a last stand. You can't make an effective last stand unless you are over the top. And when the writ drops, these Liberals are going to be in full-on soldiers-with-guns-in-our-streets mode.

Do we remember how we beat soldiers-with-guns-in-our-streets, everyone? We beat it by pointing our fingers and laughing at how silly it all was- just like we do at Sarah and her vanity press newspaper- and then we kicked the Liberals right out of office. But they still hung on for 5 more years, and it was only after the federal Tories decided that winning was more important than any principles- after the Coalition Crisis trial by fire- did they crush the Liberals underneath their heels. Only after Harper repudiated the principled conservatives did he really win. I do not believe the two events are unrelated.

Oh, and did you notice that Harper won his majority- after repudiating the principled conservatives- with a whole lot of Ontario seats that he didn't have before? I sure did. ;)

I know what I'm fighting for. To win. How about you?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


You've probably never heard of rostering, but it's just another way that we can be sure that every single thing the Dalton McGuinty government does is a colossal fraud. Literally every single thing.

Have you ever noticed that Dalton and his band of meddling miscreants like to talk about how everyone now has "access to a family doctor"? Did you ever wonder how they got that accomplished?
Rostering involves taking a bunch of patients and saying to them, "Hey, here's a doctor." Then they pay doctors to say to these patients, "You're my patient now." Voila! The patient now has "access to a doctor". And if the government jams patients into these rosters and sets "roster targets", then they can say that lots of people have access to family doctors! Yay!

But is it easier for people to see their doctor?

Well.....that's not the same thing, is it? ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because He Can

Every time Dalton or some Liberal says something insane, so incredibly stupid and desperate to convince people to vote for them, I think to myself, "That's it. There's no way they can top that." And then they go right ahead and top it.

On August 24, 2011, Dalton McGuinty said on CFRB 1010 that he would not raise taxes if re-elected. Just so you're aware, he made that promise twice before. He broke that promise twice before. But, he still made it again today. As long as Dalton has been Premier, we've made his life difficult over this broken promise, more so than any other. I have no doubt that there are Liberals who would rather stick their heads in the oven than hear one more time about Dalton's broken promise not to raise taxes. But, he did so again.  

Why? Because he thinks you, the Principled Conservative who has decided that Tim Hudak is just another John Tory, are going to stay home and allow a third Liberal government, and a third Liberal post-election tax increase, to come about. 

Now, if you are someone who thinks that we have to wait until we have a leader and platform that meets your Principled Conservative standards before you drop everything and devote all your energies to getting rid of Dalton McGuinty, then Dalton McGuinty will go right ahead and promise an infinite number of times that there will be no tax increase, and then break that promise an infinite number of times. 

It's becoming very clear that the Liberals think they can follow a sequence of rituals and keep being re-elected forever. Unopened highway or hospital causing problems? Just call a press release and reannounce the funding. eHealth performing massively below expectations? No worries, we're really going to get it right this time. Green energy sector making power producers want to pack up and move away? Don't worry, here comes a vague promise to fix the sector. 

And I cannot blame them for thinking they can just keep on doing what they're doing IF WE KEEP GIVING THEM A REASON TO THINK THAT. We have to show them that they are wrong. And the only way to show them that they are wrong is for every single person to work 25 hours a day to defeat this government. This objective supersedes all others. The end justifies the means, 10 times out of 10, so that we will not be stuck in a Groundhog Day-esque loop that spans the ages of man. It is actually, precisely, emphatically that simple. It is NEVER going to stop unless we stop it. 

Enough is enough. Get off the bench and get to work. And if you are already working, work harder. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.....

I hope the Working Families Coalition cuts this article out of the Star and frames it:

A more sophisticated strategy is taking shape behind the scenes at Queen’s Park. The commission is the brainchild of Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, who recognizes that a clear roadmap can offer political cover to make unpopular but unavoidable decisions. The final chapter, of course, won’t be written until the ballots are counted on Oct. 6.

The chair of the Commission on Reform of Ontario’s Public Services, Don Drummond, is marching to his own drummer. While Duncan stresses that health and education aren’t on the chopping block, Drummond points out that health takes up nearly half of all program spending in Ontario. He believes up to 25 per cent of it is wasteful, “so obviously that’s the kind of stuff you go after, that would be the least painful stuff.”

Ontarians should be prepared for pain in other areas: “I don’t think there’s any guarantee that there’s never any pain involved in it,” Drummond told me.

Ontario has produced balanced budgets only three times in 30 years. It achieved this by deferring infrastructure investments that can’t be put off forever — a chronological shell game. Past Tory governments have slashed programs across the board, but pent-up demand for services later caused a rebound in spending.

Unbelievable. All this, even as Liberals proudly tweet all the money they've blown at #liberalsbuiltthis.

Is there a bottom? Is there a point where their minds cannot take any more self deception? Is there a limit to credibility that the Liberals have not strained beyond recognition? Are these not the same people who have spent the past year terrifying people about service cuts?


I have a great idea. Instead of trusting Dalton to make cuts, why not go with the party with a proven track record?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Purple Haze

So that was an interesting trick the Liberals tried to pull a couple of days ago, wasn't it? Trying to make people believe we were attacking Bill Davis when he was, according to all credible accounts, happy to have us there and called for a blue wave in Brampton.

Well, as the Liberals found out, tricks are for kids, and you can't kid a kidder like me. And a special thanks to my pal Anosh Jacob (who does exist, by the way!), Sandy at Crux of the Matter, our MPP's, our candidates, and all the others who retweeted the truth about what went on out there.
Now, the Liberals would have been happy to have all of you out there believe that this was an attempt to throw the esteemed Premier Davis under the bus when it most certainly was not. And I reckon they weren't counting on our little counteroffensive, either. Which was hasty and unrehearsed, I'll admit, but necessary. Necessary because these Liberals are deliberately trying to misdirect our message and replace it with their own. All the Liberals got out of this, post-counterattack, was a single mention at the bottom of a business development magazine article. What a buzz kill. What a waste of perfectly good hackery.

But they'll be at it again, and soon, because here's the boss of the Liberal war room talking, during the federal election, about how important it is to try and do whatever is necessary to distract the public. Because that worked so well during the federal election. And since Tim Hudak is not going to break stride to deal with this cheap sideshow, it's up to me- and all the people who got in the Liberals' faces over this Bill Davis swerve attempt- to stomp right back. And if all that emerges is chaos, a haze of shots back and forth- where nobody can tell who is telling the truth- that's just fine with us. That's the thing about chaos- it's fair.

Because here's the deal, Liberal War Room....and listen close, because I know you're hanging on every word.....when you, or your pals at the Working Families Coalition, try little stunts like this, and the truth comes out, and people get angry, then they're going to forget all about how they're supposed to be shocked about whatever we supposedly did. We know you're trying to divide red Tory from blue Tory, so-con from libertarian, but nothing brings us together more so than Liberal lies. So just keep on doing what you're doing.

Today, for example, we decided we'd make the logical step of letting people know if there is or was a grow-op in your neighbourhood. The Working Families Coalition tried to distract with a tweet about how Hudak tried pot in university. Of course Dalton did too, but that doesn't bother the WFC any. Nor should it, because they don't really care about Hudak smoking pot; they're trying to make so-cons stay home in droves. And, in the process, they outed themselves as an organ of the Liberal campaign.

What's that? Oh, didn't you know that back in 2007, the Liberal campaign did the exact same thing to John Tory? And we know this because Mr. Paul McKeever, another newfound friend of the Liberal War Room, told us so in one of his rambling press releases four years ago, and I quote: "When the Liberals exposed his prior writings about his marijuana experiences, Tory played the victim...."

So why is this the WFC's job now? I thought unions were against outsourcing jobs. Hmmm.

See? It's as easy as that. Or I can tweet that Liberals are tough on dogs, but soft on grow-ops. Or, if you've looked at Twitter lately, you can see that the pro-PC forces are shooting back a lot more on this issue than they have been. Coincidence? Maybe not. ;)

The Liberals can talk all they want about how they want to move Ontario forward. We know the truth.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exhibit A

Now here is a clear example of how the Liberals are willing to cross various lines.

There was a press conference today in Peel.

Bill Davis was at this press conference, and he thanked the PC Candidates for being there.

Our presence at this conference was meant to highlight the constant promising and repromising by the Liberals to open the Peel hospital.

The Liberal war room decided to say that we were protesting Davis' speech.

So I let my friend on the Pam Hundal campaign know about this, and here's what he said:

"In the following link to his blog, [INSERT LIBERAL WAR ROOM CHIEF'S NAME HERE] is spewing lies about an event I witnessed. He is constantly deleting my comments exposing his lies. Join me in flooding his blog with the following comment "Bill Davis complimented Pam Hundal for being at the press conference and called for a blue wave in Brampton.""

UPDATE: Here's a pic for those who need additional convincing. Click for larger version.

Imagine that. I point out some manipulation on the Liberal side, we fight back, and suddenly they're the ones on the defensive. Imagine that.

So, PC's who read this blog: Are we willing to do the same? Or are we going to let them fling dishonesty every which way?

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Game Is Afoot

OK then. We have a poll trend on our hands.


The Liberals, after months and months of pathetically half hearted attacks, decided to bring out the big guns. And I couldn't be happier. I want the Liberals to throw everything they have at us just to have it fail. Just like before.

And what does this prove? It proves that the Liberals have to rely on brutal negative advertising to get anywhere in the polls. They can't rely on their record. They can't rely on the "positive things they've done for Ontarians" to get whatever momentum they may have. All they can do- all they know how to do- is poke the voters with sharp sticks. They are not the party of big ideas or forward thinking. They are the party of "vote for us or else." 

Of course people aren't going to look past the fact that McGuinty makes them sick, so it only goes so far. We're still in majority territory. Our share of the vote has not dropped. We are stable. Ditching McGuinty might help the Liberals more than any ad, but, well....they're not going to listen to me. Or their rank-and-file.

What people may not know, particularly Conservatives who read this blog, is that however devoted the Liberals may be to doing what's supposedly right for Ontarians in public, in private they conform to the most comical stereotypes of how we think Liberals act. The Toronto mayoral election, and the time I spent during that election forcing myself to be non-partisan, opened my eyes to this fact. I can't count the number of times I heard Liberals scheme about how they were going to totally trap one of Ford's people and expose the racism/sexism/homophobia. It was all they talked about. So far removed from the lofty goals of the Liberal Party, the Party of All Canadians. Sigh.

I knock this guy a lot, but I respect him for having the guts to dispense with the charade from time to time. He thinks we are a lower class of humanity and he's not afraid to say so. So: We must be willing to cross any and every line that exists, and a few that don't exist yet, if we want to win, because the Liberals are going to do an awful lot of line-crossing. This is not the John Tory era, people. We will- or at least we had better- get down and dirty with these Liberals, and take their lunch money. Playtime is over.

And as this election gets messier and messier, I want all the policy wonks, all the idealists, all the people who want to get back to ideas and evidence make politics about people, to watch closely and to bind upon their souls the knowledge that it's not about any of those things at all. Instead it's all about who kicks who in the nuts harder.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dalton Raises The Debt Ceiling

Today Dalton promised to give the next generation of young Liberals a lesson in ignoring their responsibilities by promising to give students who participate in non-profits a year-long grace period on repaying their student loans. The Star article suggests this might have something to do with the fact that Dalton's daughter is involved in a non-profit, and could delay paying back her own loans for a year. So, what kind of example is Premier Dad setting for his own kid, never mind the rest of the province?

Just imagine what would happen if kids left university thinking they could just delay paying off their debts for a year. We'd have a generation who won't know how to pay their bills on time, and one of them could end up being Premier! Why, we'd have a Premier of Ontario who would get the province mired in huge amounts of debt and wouldn't have a clue how to fix it! Wouldn't that be terrible? Boy, I hope we never get ourselves into that situation.  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Does This Sound Familiar?

Nobody, not even Liberals with their fraudulent polls, is predicting a Liberal majority in October. But even if you believe the fraudulent polls, that means we could have a minority parliament in October! And you know what that means....

Yep. Just when you thought it was finally all over, the Risky Coalition shows its ugly face again. What evil are tax-hikers Dalton McGuinty and Andrea Horwath brewing in their downtown Toronto headquarters as they plot to subvert the democratic will of Ontarians through a horrific power-sharing agreement that will put our financial recovery at risk? Muhahahahaha!

Seriously you want more anti-coalition ads during the hockey game? Well, do ya?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rob Ford, Mayor of Ontario

So as I alluded to yesterday, the Liberals have pulled an amazing sleight of hand whereby they have made every mayor in Ontario disappear except for Rob Ford. I mean, if Liberal strategists are telling journalists that people are scared about a Harper-Hudak-Ford trifecta, then that must mean that Rob Ford is the only mayor in all of Ontario.

Except that doesn't really work, because Oakville Mayor Rob Burton is described in this article as a bigtime Liberal supporter. There's also a Liberal MPP in Oakville. If we elect Conservative candidate Larry Scott (an excellent idea!), Oakville voters will have two Conservatives and one measly Liberal representing them.

Ditto for Vaughan, where ex-Liberal MP Maurizio Bevilacqua is mayor. Then there's London, where ex Liberal MP Joe Fontana is mayor. Then there's Ottawa, where first Bob Chiarelli was a Liberal mayor and then he became a Liberal MPP, and then Jim Watson was a Liberal MPP and then he became the Liberal Mayor. The Mayor of Kingston is Mark Gerretsen, and if that name sounds familiar, it's because his dad, John, is the Liberal MPP for Kingston and the Islands. Kingston's MP is Liberal Ted Hsu, which means that Liberals represent all three levels of government in Kingston, two from the same family. Beware the Hsu-Gerretsen-Gerretsen Triple Threat?

Out in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, the Liberals just nominated the Mayor of North Glengarry as their candidate. The former mayor of West Lincoln is running as the Liberal candidate against Tim Hudak in Niagara West Glanbrook. West Grey Mayor Kevin Eccles is the Liberal candidate for Bruce Grey Owen Sound. In the likely event that all three of these people lose, they'll likely still be mayors. So apparently it's OK for Liberals to move from branch to branch of government without anyone raising the alarm over the same group of people running everything.

Hazel McCallion in Mississauga is a famous mayor with some Conservative leanings. But she has a long history of fighting with Harper and she didn't get along too well with Harris either. Are the Liberals really going to suggest that Hazel is, or will be, a puppet of a Tim Hudak government, or any government? Do they really want to go down that road?

So, in lots of places where Rob Ford is not Mayor, locals have nothing to fear from a cabal of conservatives taking over everything. That doesn't mean that we won't stomp the Liberals in the 416 too, of course, but it might show that the Liberals have given up hope everywhere outside the 416.

(P.S. I know I'm forgetting lots of places where Liberals rule the roost in our grand province. Sound off in the comments and expose these Liberal cabals!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Circuit

Uh oh. Just when things were looking up for the Liberals, along comes the Globe and Mail to pull the plug:

Plans to hire more people and expand production are on hold as demand for solar parts wavers and stock sits unsold. Several companies who install solar panels have been unable to pay for their orders because they’re waiting for assurances the power projects will be connected to Ontario’s electricity grid. A backup in the approvals process has brought the fledgling industry almost to a standstill.

The province’s green-energy economy should be roaring, but it’s not. Thousands of jobs and $20-billion worth of investment commitments from around the globe are at stake.

“The possibility of expanding in 2011 would require a miracle, and I don’t expect it to happen,” said Paolo Maccario, Silfab’s chief operating officer.

Some companies are already regretting making the move into Ontario.

“If I had thought that the utilities would simply not obey the rules and the government would do nothing about it, I would have never started here,” said Michael Carten, chief executive of Calgary-based Sustainable Energy Technologies, which makes solar inverters.

Who could have predicted that, like everything else Dalton McGuinty has tried, the "green energy" market would have turned into a colossal waste of time, money, and productivity? It's gotten so bad that our international reputation is at stake:

The European Union has joined Japan in complaining to the World Trade Organization about Ontario’s subsidies for green energy projects in the province.

The EU’s concerns are very similar to those expressed in Japan’s WTO complaint filed last September: that the provisions in Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which pay high prices for renewable power generated with equipment built in the province, provide unfair subsidies to local suppliers.

I guess making the EU and Japan angry with us is all part of Dalton McGuinty's strategy to "stand up for Ontario." I mean, you don't see Harper going around picking pointless price wars with other countries, so I guess Dalton has decided to do a complete 180 from all that. We don't want the same cabal of not-pissing-off-other-countries-over-nothing kind of people running the country, city, and province!

(By the way, has anyone noticed how, for the Liberals, Ford has somehow become the only mayor worth talking about in the province? More on this later.)

And why are green power producers so mad? Because of job-killing red tape and slow moving bureaucracy, two things that a Tim Hudak government will exterminate. They might even vote for us in October!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why So Serious?

Good Lord, am I ever tired of being right. Yet ANOTHER poll has popped up.

It's a poll of 400 people, spread out across the whole province, done over a weekend. So, we know 144 Ontarians are voting for McGuinty. Half of Ontarians say they want change, and 2/3 say they want someone else other than Dalton as Premier. Great Success, Liberal War Room!

Now that's the end of the happy part of my post. Here's where things get real.

If we want to win this thing, then we as a party have to purge all doubt from our minds that we are going to form the next government. We need to be absolutely, furiously, bloody-mindedly serious about victory. Crap polls like this are designed for one reason and one reason only, and that is to make us worried that we're going to lose the election.

Because right now the only thing between us and a PC government is the all-too-common belief that we can't win.

This election is most certainly not "Hudak's to lose." It rests with each and every PC member. If you don't believe with 100% certainty that Dalton is dead, he will rise from the grave. Oh yeah. I went there.

You know why Harper and Ford won their respective elections? Because they made it absolutely clear to each and every one of their supporters that failure was not an option. And you know why Ignatieff and Smitherman lost? Because their own people had reservations about them. Justified reservations, but reservations nonetheless. The strength of anyone's conservative convictions has nothing to do with it because for every 1 person who says Harper and Ford won because they "stuck to conservative principles", I'll find you 5 who say they did anything but. We don't need to play the same mind games with ourselves that the Liberals do.

It's as simple as this. If McGuinty's hordes dash themselves against a rock, they and the Liberals will be broken forever. The Liberals have made it plain that they're not just fighting the PC Party of Ontario, but every municipal conservative and the CPC as well with this election. This is their last stand. We have a chance to drive the final nail into this coffin. And yet, there are still people who want to walk away because they don't like this or that policy, or this or that candidate, or some other reason.

Guess what. There is no reason that justifies walking away here. Not when we have what we always wanted- the death of the Liberal Party- within our grasp. We will never get another chance to do this. If we fail, McGuinty waltzes away, Chretien-like, from all that he's done. And we'll have nobody to blame but ourselves as we go through another four years of bloodletting.

So let's look on the happy side. Let's not go down that road. Let's win this thing.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed....

.....lie, lie again. Yes, these Liberals are trying to pull the exact same fake poll stunt they tried last week.

Last week, Liberal campaign director Don Guy promoted a poll showing a 10% lead for the PC Party  as evidence of a major breakthrough for the Liberals, despite the fact that he'd bashed the polling outfit responsible a month ago. Well, this poll was done by a totally new firm, Pollara. Wait a minute....Pollara, Pollara...where have I heard that name before.....


Pollara's President and CEO is Don Guy, former Chief of Staff to Dalton McGuinty. He was the campaign manager in 2003 and again in 2007 for the Ontario Liberal Party.

According to records filed with Elections Ontario by the Ontario Liberal Party, Pollara was paid $16,585.00 in 2003 for pre-writ activities for the Ontario Liberal Party.

In 2007, Pollara is listed on an internal Liberal campaign website as a preferred supplier for the Ontario Liberal Party.

Yep. Now, we could leave it at that, but let's go further. This poll was done in ONE RIDING, Eglinton Lawrence. Robert Benzie, the Toronto Star's own Queen's Park journalist, thought that was kind of weird. Especially since the guy from pegs PC Party candidate Rocco Rossi at 51% to Mike Colle's 31%. Oh wait....Rocco. Yes, I forgot. Jealous and vengeful Liberals. It all makes sense now.

Let's go further. Let's point out the following sentence from the Star article:

While the NDP and Green party have yet to nominate candidates in the Oct. 6 provincial election, the poll included the names of the 2007 standard-bearers, with the NDP’s Karin Wiens garnering 15 per cent support in the poll and the Green party’s Andrew James at 7 per cent.

What the hell? First of all, who does a poll that includes the names of people who aren't running. Second of all, what kind of poll asks people who'd they vote for based on the NAMES OF THE CANDIDATES?

"Hi, I'm Don Guy for Really Biased Liberal Polling Company, and I'd like to ask you if you'd like to vote for a) the guy who's been the MPP for the past 16 years, Mike Colle, b) Rocco Rossi, or c) NDP or Green candidates that in all likelihood won't be running. What's that? You kind of know Mike Colle's name since he's been your MPP since forever, so you'll vote for him? Great!"

How, I ask you, are the Liberals going to top this one? Are they actually going to try this scam again? Probably yes!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The McGuinty-Rae Plan To Kill Ontario

The Toronto Sun has exposed the brutal hidden agenda of a cabal of Liberal leaders working in concert to make our province unliveable. Cackling evilly as he pulls the wings off butterflies, Bob "Super Elite" Rae manipulates his puppet McGuinty to carry out the sinister Power Corporation master plan, a plan that was no doubt hatched at a barbecue somewhere:

“I’m a very strong supporter of Premier McGuinty. His program on jobs is good, his program in sustainable energy is terrific,” Rae said.

“I make no secret that I’m a strong supporter of and a friend of Dalton McGuinty.”

Of course, the same paper reported that McGuinty's job record is actually kind of crap with 22,000 jobs lost in July. But I guess that's just approaching Bob Rae's record on job creation, so maybe that is kind of good as far as Rae's concerned. But that's OK, because Dalton created 16,000 green jobs! Except no he didn't! Wait, what?

You know what I think? I think Bob Rae may have just lost the Liberals the election. Ontarians don't want to be governed by the same Liberal clan. Polling that may or may not even exist indicates that running alongside the guy who actively destroyed Ontario may be a negative for....hmmm. I was talking about a Liberal leader who destroyed Ontario and suddenly I couldn't tell the difference between Rae and McGuinty. Oh well.

One thing's for sure: We cannot go back to the days of riots, massive deficits, labour unrest, skyrocketing tuition fees, scandal, social policy chaos, and hold on, am I talking about McGuinty's term or Rae's term as Premier again? It's so hard to keep them separate!

Let me try again....OK, let's be clear. If a party leader is seen to be buddies with a mayor, that's terrible. I am, of course, talking about Dalton McGuinty and Jim Watson, mayor of Ottawa and former Liberal MPP. Wait, that's totally different from Harper and Ford at that barbecue, because....ummm....ok, well, it's different from McGuinty helping George Smitherman on his mayoral bid because....uhhhh...ok, well, it's not like Smitherman and Rae shared the same riding of Toronto Centre for a few years and....dammit! With all these Liberals working so closely together it's hard to know where to begin.

All right, all right. At least Dalton can be trusted to stand up to Harper! Wait a second, standing up to Harper is supposed to be Rae's job, isn't it? Uh oh! Maybe I have the whole thing backwards! Maybe McGuinty's pulling the strings and wants Rae's job! Or Rae wants McGuinty's job! No wait, Rae already had McGuinty's job! Rrrrrgh! So confusing!

Point is, we have to move forward together. Let's not go back to the Rae-McGuinty Days.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Question for Readers

Was anyone out there politically involved at Carleton University during the 1980's? I want to explore a rumour that, if true, would prove very inconvenient to the Liberal Birthers and very convenient for us.

If so, sound off in the comments about how I can contact you.

Just In Case....

64 days to the election and the Liberal government is making sure that, just in case they get their butts kicked, that a bunch of their wasteful energy contracts are protected. The Liberals presumably want to win the election, but you know, things being the way they are, that might not happen.

From The Star:

Ontario’s Liberal government has entrenched the legal rights of 1,800 proposed renewable energy contracts – making it impossible for a new government to cancel them.

The Liberals have changed the terms for approving contracts under its feed-in tariff program or FIT.

Under the old system, the Ontario Power Authority, which signs the contracts with power developers, could unilaterally terminate proposed agreements at a relatively late stage of the approval process.

But a new directive from energy minister Brad Duguid will entrench the contracts at a much earlier stage in the process.

That will protect 1,800 contracts now in the pipeline from cancellation.

"I BID YOU STAND, MEN OF THE WEST!....but seriously guys, just in case we lose....."

Isn't it nice to know that the McGuinty government is actively preparing for defeat? They think of everything.