Sunday, August 21, 2011

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.....

I hope the Working Families Coalition cuts this article out of the Star and frames it:

A more sophisticated strategy is taking shape behind the scenes at Queen’s Park. The commission is the brainchild of Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, who recognizes that a clear roadmap can offer political cover to make unpopular but unavoidable decisions. The final chapter, of course, won’t be written until the ballots are counted on Oct. 6.

The chair of the Commission on Reform of Ontario’s Public Services, Don Drummond, is marching to his own drummer. While Duncan stresses that health and education aren’t on the chopping block, Drummond points out that health takes up nearly half of all program spending in Ontario. He believes up to 25 per cent of it is wasteful, “so obviously that’s the kind of stuff you go after, that would be the least painful stuff.”

Ontarians should be prepared for pain in other areas: “I don’t think there’s any guarantee that there’s never any pain involved in it,” Drummond told me.

Ontario has produced balanced budgets only three times in 30 years. It achieved this by deferring infrastructure investments that can’t be put off forever — a chronological shell game. Past Tory governments have slashed programs across the board, but pent-up demand for services later caused a rebound in spending.

Unbelievable. All this, even as Liberals proudly tweet all the money they've blown at #liberalsbuiltthis.

Is there a bottom? Is there a point where their minds cannot take any more self deception? Is there a limit to credibility that the Liberals have not strained beyond recognition? Are these not the same people who have spent the past year terrifying people about service cuts?


I have a great idea. Instead of trusting Dalton to make cuts, why not go with the party with a proven track record?


  1. there are no cuts. there were no cuts. there will be no cuts. all levels of government have grown every year no matter who is in power. the growth and spending and borrowing will continue until we are 100% broke and are at each others throats for the food we put in our mouths. doom and gloom. you bet.

  2. Mmm-hmm. You know, I'm usually willing to hear out people who say "X is not conservative enough", but the idea that Harris made *no* spending cuts is a bit hard to swallow.

    Right now we have one party who is promising spending cuts, and another that campaigns against spending cuts while secretly planning to make them.