Monday, August 15, 2011

The Game Is Afoot

OK then. We have a poll trend on our hands.


The Liberals, after months and months of pathetically half hearted attacks, decided to bring out the big guns. And I couldn't be happier. I want the Liberals to throw everything they have at us just to have it fail. Just like before.

And what does this prove? It proves that the Liberals have to rely on brutal negative advertising to get anywhere in the polls. They can't rely on their record. They can't rely on the "positive things they've done for Ontarians" to get whatever momentum they may have. All they can do- all they know how to do- is poke the voters with sharp sticks. They are not the party of big ideas or forward thinking. They are the party of "vote for us or else." 

Of course people aren't going to look past the fact that McGuinty makes them sick, so it only goes so far. We're still in majority territory. Our share of the vote has not dropped. We are stable. Ditching McGuinty might help the Liberals more than any ad, but, well....they're not going to listen to me. Or their rank-and-file.

What people may not know, particularly Conservatives who read this blog, is that however devoted the Liberals may be to doing what's supposedly right for Ontarians in public, in private they conform to the most comical stereotypes of how we think Liberals act. The Toronto mayoral election, and the time I spent during that election forcing myself to be non-partisan, opened my eyes to this fact. I can't count the number of times I heard Liberals scheme about how they were going to totally trap one of Ford's people and expose the racism/sexism/homophobia. It was all they talked about. So far removed from the lofty goals of the Liberal Party, the Party of All Canadians. Sigh.

I knock this guy a lot, but I respect him for having the guts to dispense with the charade from time to time. He thinks we are a lower class of humanity and he's not afraid to say so. So: We must be willing to cross any and every line that exists, and a few that don't exist yet, if we want to win, because the Liberals are going to do an awful lot of line-crossing. This is not the John Tory era, people. We will- or at least we had better- get down and dirty with these Liberals, and take their lunch money. Playtime is over.

And as this election gets messier and messier, I want all the policy wonks, all the idealists, all the people who want to get back to ideas and evidence make politics about people, to watch closely and to bind upon their souls the knowledge that it's not about any of those things at all. Instead it's all about who kicks who in the nuts harder.


  1. Attack ads only work on weak leaders, its that simple. Im starting to wonder about Hudak, I hear very little from him and when he does speak its jargon filled and fake. Ontario cannot afford more of McGuinty, does Hudak know that??
    Sure doesnt seem like it.

  2. Does McGuinty fit your definition of a "strong leader"?

    Hudak's job is to stick to the script. The Liberal ads don't feature McGuinty, and McGuinty himself has been very quiet on Hudak. It is incumbent upon our attack ad people, though, to start putting together some tough attacks of our own.

  3. 2 Majoritys...either he's a strong leader or the Ontario PC's are mailing it decide. Ontario will have a 16 billion dollar deficit this year and Hudak and McGuinty are basically tied right now....McGuinty is an easy target yet he's still in the race....quit underestimating Dalton McGuinty and get Hudak to stop sounding like a pre-taped sound bite...honestly, he's hard to listen to.

  4. Yeah, I agree it helps McGuinty to have PC leaders who don't respond to attacks from the other side. Which is how McGuinty won his two majorities. The point of this post, which I hope you got, is that we have to do things differently. And yeah, the Premier of the province is in the race. No shock there.

    BTW, I've never heard anyone from the PC side complaining that Hudak's staying on message is hard to listen to. You are a PC supporter, I hope? :)