Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worth Fighting For

Recently, deluded Liberal candidate Sarah Thomson decided to use her own newspaper to promote herself. No doubt with the moral support of her extremely wealthy and long-suffering husband Greg, of the famous Thomson Publishing family. (Explains a lot, doesn't it?)

You would have to have a hugely overinflated sense of yourself to devote an issue of your own newspaper to you. But these are the McGuinty Liberals we're talking about here. These are the people who are taking on the barbarian populist hordes at every level of government, defending all that is good and pure in the heartland of our great nation from those skulking, plotting, well-poisoning Hudakites. Those silly Left Coasters may have risen up and dealt a deathblow to the HST yesterday, but here in Ontario, all it takes is one stern wag of Dalton McGuinty's mighty forefinger and the demagogues rush back to their caves, chastened.

You may shudder with disgust at this nauseating fairy tale, but I have no doubt that the most partisan Liberals have some version of the above firing their imaginations. For those Liberals with more independence of thought, there's "Worth Fighting For."

Take it in, everyone.

Yeah. I'm featuring Liberal ads on my blog. I'm just wacky like that. Sit and watch the whole thing and feel the bile rise, and thank me for making your day. :)

If the Conservatives had made an ad like this- with criticisms of the Liberals in white text on black background so you know the Liberals are the bad guys, and so forth- it would be derided as divisive, mean-spirited, cruel. But when the Liberals do it, it's OK. Because they mean well. They don't like having to do things like farm their attack campaigns out to the unions, but it's necessary. It's in the service of progress. And if you're a Liberal who ordinarily wouldn't like this kind of stuff when it comes from someone like Stephen Harper....well, you need to understand that Ontario is worth fighting for.

(How close am I to the original intent, Liberal War Room? Anyone wanna gimme an "amen"?)

Why don't we have the kind of populist uprisings that are common all across the West, the East, and Quebec? Because we have a government unafraid to conflate itself with everything in the world that is right, and to conflate their opponents with everything in the world that is wrong. And when Dalton McGuinty thinks you're wrong, boy are you ever in trouble. He and his people are never going to admit wrong themselves or slow down for anyone. They're moving forward, and you'd better get out of their way.

This ad is entitled "Worth Fighting For." It should be called, "Suppress Dissent."

Now I'm not in any position to really criticize, because I'm the guy who said just this week that when it comes to the PC Party campaign, the end justifies the means, 10 times out of 10. And some people said to me, "Mr. J., that was a little over the top." I agree. But I stand by what I wrote. Because these Liberals are over the top, every day, all day. They're making a last stand. You can't make an effective last stand unless you are over the top. And when the writ drops, these Liberals are going to be in full-on soldiers-with-guns-in-our-streets mode.

Do we remember how we beat soldiers-with-guns-in-our-streets, everyone? We beat it by pointing our fingers and laughing at how silly it all was- just like we do at Sarah and her vanity press newspaper- and then we kicked the Liberals right out of office. But they still hung on for 5 more years, and it was only after the federal Tories decided that winning was more important than any principles- after the Coalition Crisis trial by fire- did they crush the Liberals underneath their heels. Only after Harper repudiated the principled conservatives did he really win. I do not believe the two events are unrelated.

Oh, and did you notice that Harper won his majority- after repudiating the principled conservatives- with a whole lot of Ontario seats that he didn't have before? I sure did. ;)

I know what I'm fighting for. To win. How about you?

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  1. Well the Dolt has had two terms when can we expect all those jobs and nurses? And of course affordable services.