Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Civilization Is, An Altar Exists

Ha-ha! The federal Liberals got caught making illegal robocalls in Guelph and got fined. After they made such a huge fuss. Total credibility fail. They're never going to recover from this embarassment.


As we all saw, the reaction to the news that the Guelph Liberals got dinged for making robocalls was kind of....muted.

Just like it always is. For them, anyway.

I'm surprised that there are people left in Canada that think things would be any different. If a Liberal screws up, it's not news. We can shout about it until we're blue in the face. We can point it out until our fingers hurt.

It ain't working. And Frank Valeriote, the Liberal MP for Guelph, knows it ain't working. He's mostly satisfied with the work his people did.

And why is he mostly satisfied with the work his people did? Because he knows Canadians believe that the Liberals are the good guys, and we're the bad guys.

Everything flows from that belief.

That belief is not the result of a biased media. The biased media ITSELF is a result of that belief.

If the lie that Stephen Harper wasn't and isn't really Prime Minister (remember, only 40% of people voted for him! The same amount that voted for Liberal PM's too, but oh well!) didn't already fit with what Canadians believed, people would have paid this robocall story about as much attention as they did for the news that the Guelph Liberals misled people.

Think electing Ford will stop the gravy train? Uh-uh. As soon as Ford makes a move to eliminate the gravy, he becomes "just one vote on council." David Miller was also one vote on council, but, well.....

Think getting rid of Hudak will get Ontario back on track again? No way. No matter who we put in charge, they'll find a reason to have a problem with them, and to link them to Harris.

And whoever does succeed in knocking McGuinty off will have the same problem.

They will never accept us. Never. Because we're just not Liberals.

I started this blog because I thought there was a lack of pressure on the McGuinty Liberals. People weren't informed about all the awful stuff they were doing. That's why they kept getting elected. If I exposed the stuff they did, things would change. That's what I thought.

What I've learned is that people are all too familiar with McGuinty's lies and mismanagement. And they don't care. Too many of them think it's better than anything else they're going to get. They are active enablers of McGuinty. They are as guilty as he is. Maybe guiltier. Pointing stuff out to them will get you nowhere. They've got an excuse primed and ready.

And why are they so quick to enable McGuinty? Because McGuinty and his people are stone-cold convinced that whatever they do is right, and whatever anyone else does is wrong. Just like Valeriote. And when McGuinty and his people show that they have no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to win, the voters agree with them.

Those are the real Liberals we hear so much about. That's why they're elected, and people like Turner and Dion and Martin and Ignatieff aren't.

Who else is stone-cold convinced that whatever he does is right? Stephen Harper.

What convinced Harper that whatever he does is right? My guess is: Years of Liberals doing the same thing and getting away with it.

Harper has shown us the way to govern this country, and the people in it. With complete ruthlessness. Sticking To Conservative Principles will not help. Pretending To Be Liberals will not help (if there is a viable Liberal alternative).

Approaching everything we do with the idea that not only are our opponents wrong, but also guilty and deserving of the harshest punishment imaginable, is the only way to rule.

If we're not doing this, then we're not ruling. Ford may be Mayor, but he isn't ruling.

It's been proven time and time again, mostly by Liberals, even though Liberals have a huge problem when we do it. McGuinty can spit in the faces of doctors, but Jason Kenney can't. McGuinty can go after unions, but Lisa Raitt can't. McGuinty can muzzle the media and make decisions arbitrarily, but Stephen Harper can't.

Because Liberals will not acknowledge that it is also bad when Liberals do it, we are completely justified in doing it. If right and wrong, good and bad, depend on whether the person being bad or wrong is a Conservative or not, then those labels do not apply. Rules that only apply to some of the people playing the game are not rules.


We will never have the Canada, and the Ontario, that we want until we, as a movement, decide that we are serious about creating the Canada and Ontario that we want, and until every aspect of our behaviour reflects that orientation. If we're not serious, then we will lose every time.

Eventually, the PC Party of Ontario will get to this point. Maybe they are there now.

On September 6th, we'll find out.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wrong For The Right Reasons

As pointed out by Mark Bonokoski, Dalton McGuinty axed funding for a forensic science unit that helps track pedophiles.

Now, while this is heinous, it wasn't done because they're soft on crime.


They did it because they are hoping ever so hard that we would lose our marbles over it, just like the federal Tories did back in 2004 and accuse McGuinty of being personally soft on pedophiles. Which is happening in the comments section under Bonokoski's piece.

And we would lose votes as a result.

And we would potentially lose the by-elections as a result.

See, because, to them, everything- everything, even this- serves one purpose, and that is to make anyone who isn't them look bad.

Now if you'll all excuse me, I need to hold my head over the toilet bowl for a few minutes until my stomach settles.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top Design

Anybody know who's behind fedupontario.ca? While I don't care for the, ah, colour scheme, the message is definitely something I agree with.

Oh, and this is exactly the sort of talent we're looking for.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What Qud Possibly Go Wrong?

Oh really? And just who is going to make sure that "members" at the Quds Day rally adhere to "values" we collectively respect in this province, tough guy? You? Your boss the Premier who thinks this is just a fantastic little Saturday afternoon gathering?

And just how do you reconcile a group of people getting together to chant "Death To Israel" with "adhering to the values we collectively respect in this province"? Is the belief that Israel shouldn't exist a "value" that "we collectively respect"? Is that what Steven Del Duca thinks?

For the record, and mostly for the derpy Liberals who are going to say, "Oh, so you don't support free speech? Some conservative you are!" - I think the people who will be gathering at QP tomorrow to protest the existence of a country are perfectly entitled to meet in some basement somewhere and spout whatever nonsense they like.

When the Premier of the province says, "Sure, go ahead, use my lawn" to these people, I start to wonder, however. I wonder what message that sends.

Oh, but, you know how it is....when a group of people, such as supporters of Israel, can't be trusted to vote for Dalton, then that group of people shouldn't expect to get what they want from the government, right?

For everyone's reference, the McGuinty Liberals had a big problem with people opposed to gay straight alliances holding a press conference at QP last winter. That, of course, was bigotry. This apparently isn't.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When You're In A Hole, Stop Digging

Here's a video showing what you can expect from us:

And here's a video showing what you can expect from the other guys:

Looking to Twitter today, we can see several examples of how Liberals don't even realize when they're shooting themselves in the foot.

For example, take this confused tweeter, who says she doesn't like the PC Party record on health care and education during the Harris years, but is all too quick to use that same record to justify McGuinty doling out bonuses to everyone with a functioning brainstem who works in the public service.

Or take this goofball who doesn't like Tracey Weiler's position against full-day kindergarten, but somehow missed the press release put out by the Steven Del Duca campaign in Vaughan attacking Tony Genco for personally supporting full-day kindergarten. Your attacks would be a lot more effective if they didn't directly contradict each other, guys! 

What else have we got today? Oh, just a bunch of green power producers who are fed up with Liberal duplicity. No problem, right?

UPDATE: Oh, and, uh, letting this happen in the middle of two byelections is a really bad idea, Liberals. But you could say the same for pretty much anything you've been up to lately.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire -08/16/12)- Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) is profoundly concerned that Queen's Park is helping undermine Canadian values of tolerance and democracy by permitting a hate rally to take place on the grounds of the provincial legislature.

"There is no question that the 2011 Al Quds rally at Queen's Park was a hateful display in which the flag of Hezbollah, an acknowledged terrorist group, was proudly flown," said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC. "The question is whether or not groups supporting terrorism have the right to proudly promote their beliefs on these grounds; we join the majority of Ontarians who believe the right to free speech at Queen's Park does not encompass such hateful and violent propaganda."

I'm curious: What are Steven Del Duca's feelings about this event? Is he for it? Against it?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Barely Managing

Sorry it took me so long to get today's post up, but I have an actual job, in the real world, unlike the public sector leeches who got bonuses this year.

About 98 per cent of eligible managers in the Ontario Public Service received bonuses last year, despite assurances from the cash-strapped government that it's serious about freezing pay in the broader public sector.

Note that only 98% of these managers got bonuses, which, in the minds of the Ontario Liberals, is a signal that 2% didn't and there is still "more to do"!

What if, instead of my money going to these parasites, I want my local highway extended, like the McGuinty government promises to do every few months? Well, according to Liberal candidate Steven Del Duca, "it might be some time before the project gets under way." Smart man, that Del Duca! Knows his priorities. And the other Liberal candidate, Eric Davis, is saying nothing because, well, he's Eric Davis.

How about it, Ontarians? Wanna elect these chumps despite the fact that you have proof that they pay their friends first and you last?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boss Of eHealth Gets Undeserved Wealth

These Liberals not only don't know how to use money properly, they can't even misuse it in an equitable fashion.

The man brought in to lead eHealth Ontario following a scandal that rocked the Liberal government will get a bonus of about 25 per cent on top of his $329,000 salary this year, while staff at the agency have turned to the courts to get back the bonuses they were promised but denied.

EHealth president and CEO Greg Reed will be paid a bonus of $81,250 this year, agency spokesman Robert Mitchell confirmed Sunday.

The government wants all public sector workers, including doctors, nurses and teachers, to take a two-year wage freeze to help eliminate a $15 billion deficit, and told managers and executives at its agencies to lead by example.

The divide between the 1% and the 99% is bad enough; let's not create more of these divisions amongst already overpaid bureaucrats, hmmmm? (Personally, I think they should all be paid nothing, as they've generated nothing of value.)

UPDATE: Wow, the guy actually got shamed into giving up the bonus! For a year, anyway.

Question For Steven Del Duca

Now that you're the candidate, you have to start answering the hard questions.

Like: If Dalton is currently threatening the teachers' unions with legislation, what's going to happen when your Carpenter's Union buddies get out of line?

What to do, what to do?

Friday, August 10, 2012


Look at the big, bad, scary teachers' unions falling like dominoes, tripping over themselves to agree to Dalton's contract terms. Solidarity, huh? There's absolutely nothing solid about these losers.

Scared by the threat of an election. Cowering in terror at the thought of being marginalized by the public for disagreeing with the government. Disgusting. This can't be the will of the union rank and file any more than blowing union dues on supporting the Liberals is. But ultimately, it's understandable. Nobody wants to get into Premier Dad's bad books.

You geniuses who for months talked about how Dalton taking on the unions would lead to his undoing, or to another general election, had it exactly backwards. Dalton doesn't need the unions. They need him. Just like everyone else needs him if they're going to stay relevant.

Oh, but still. Still you cling to the possibility of a general election over this enforced deal Dalton's pushing. Never mind that every single group of people that Dalton's faced since 2011- from the NDP propping up the budget to the Catholic Church caving and mandating GSA's in Catholic schools- has turned tail and ran. You have to imagine the scenario where someone (not you, but someone) stands up to Dalton.

Every week I read about another showdown between Dalton and whoever the hell it is this week, and every week it's the exact same outcome. Dalton wins. And he wins not because he's right, but because the other side loses their nerve. Nobody has the balls to carry out their threats.

Even our friend Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star had to find this out the hard way when he learned after the fact and to his horror that Dalton fudged the numbers on Ontario Place to make the case for closing it so that we could have Vegas North on the waterfront. Maybe he should have thought twice before making Dalton what he is today.

The one exception is the PC Party of Ontario. Who voted against the budget. Who, good heavens, want to allow beer in corner stores despite the violent backlash that will occur because of taking that position. Who call out the unions for not representing the will of their members.

In a province where whatever the government does becomes generally accepted wisdom- where nobody dares to stand up to McGuinty when the chips are down, not even the feared teacher's unions- these people are the only ones who can be counted on to fight back. At all. Chances are they are braver than you.

So once more, with feeling. Vote for the PC Party of Ontario and don't give McGuinty back his majority. Yes, even in Vaughan, because the Liberal candidate in Vaughan is yet another one of these union bosses who knows who his masters are, something which cannot be said about the PC Party candidate.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Generic Eric" Has A Nice Ring To It

So today, the Liberals laughed themselves stupid about Tony Genco becoming the PC Party nominee in Vaughan, because he lost last time, and then, in Kitchener Waterloo, the Liberals nominated Eric Davis.........the guy who lost last time.

It must be nice to be so thoroughly cushioned against reality.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Public Service Announcement

It is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I present the draft constitution of the Ontario PC Student Association (OPCSA). This is a potentially historic moment in Ontario's PC Youth movement.

Yes, after decades of talk, this is finally coming to a vote. The bitter debate and division between the OPCYA and OPCCA have finally been pushed aside, leaving the potential for the two youth wings affiliated with the PC Party of Ontario to become one. The vote will happen in Cambridge on October 12th. You can read the open letter from outgoing OPCYA President Grant Dingwall here.

The youth and campus members of the PC Party of Ontario who support this initiative (and there are many) believe that the party will be better served by a single, strong, streamlined group of youth that fosters the development of youth associations in ridings and campus clubs on campus. We are doing our part to help the PC Party of Ontario by reducing duplication of effort and red-tape associated with youth programming, because it's never too early in life to start doing the conservative thing.

I predict you will find lots of pro-merger youth working on the newly called by-elections, organizing on campuses, or involved in your riding associations. That's because we are committed to victory, both now and in the future. Let the games begin!

Monday, August 6, 2012

They're Not Even *Trying*

Today, I was informed that the Liberals are dropping flyers in Kitchener Waterloo that make the claim that 96% of people in the area have a family doctor. (I've debunked this scam before, by the way.)

The (very ill) voter who received this flier and told me about it didn't seem to agree with that assessment.

I guess he's just part of the unlucky 4%, and that means there's "more to be done," huh Liberals?

You know why they're doing this, right? Because they think they're never going to get called out on it, and if they are, nobody's going to care.

Are they right? I don't know. You tell me.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Soft Bigotry

"It’s not only wrong to waste taxpayers’ money in this way; it’s doubly wrong to waste it so utterly pointlessly, since there’s every reason to believe the Liberals would have won those seats even without the cancellation, had they not panicked." -Martin Regg Cohn

A glimmer of truth from Mr. Regg Cohn amongst his attempts to spread blame for the power plant fiasco around. The Liberals had no need to cancel the power plant, because chances were good they were going to win anyway. It constituted overkill. It leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. A Liberal government should be able to win majorities without doing such disreputable things.

So when an ORNGE chopper pilot is suspended for speaking out, or funding is cut for a provincial agency that deals with improving women's health, you can bet that people like Cohn are going to register mild-to-moderate displeasure and then forget about it in a couple of days. What an annoyance. Now they have to write columns and newspaper articles about Liberals screwing up and doing stuff they wouldn't ever tolerate from Conservative governments. And on a day when Canada won its first gold medal at the Olympics, too! Le sigh.

Why did this chopper pilot have to be grounded? Couldn't we just go the usual Liberal route and compile a list of homophobic things he may or may not have said, and then have Steven Del Duca go nuts about it on Twitter?

Or maybe the Liberals could put that data from Elections Ontario that went missing the other week to good use and make it publicly known that this pilot voted for Mike Harris at some point in the past? That'd kill any credibility he had instantly.

Naaaah. We know the Liberals will do all of the above and more, but the fact is that nobody would report on it. Only for those rare occasions when the press gallery and Ontarians in general sit up and take notice do they go the extra mile. After all, wasn't it Chretien who said, "It's always good to keep expectations low?"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Lasciate Ogni Speranza

A long serving MPP quits, throwing the QP rumour mill into overdrive. What could have caused this departure? Divisions within caucus? Leader's office being too controlling? Trouble on the home front, perhaps?

Well, no such luck when it comes to the Don of Vaughan, Greg Sorbara. Two days after he quit, and nobody- nobody- dares to speculate. When Elizabeth Witmer packs it in, you get an avalanche of tweets saying she did it just to stick a knife in Hudak's back, even though she herself said differently. But Sorbara? Above all suspicion.

Is it even that hard to believe that the combined weight of ORNGE, the looming battle with teachers over negotiating new contracts, the ongoing battle with doctors, the revelation that we're pouring money into underpowered green energy projects that yield nothing, and Sorbara's own leadership ambitions being frustrated by Dalton doing his best Bill Davis impression made him decide to get out of la cucina before things got too hot? Sure, that's not too much of a stretch. But apparently it's too much to handle for the press, or for the Twitterati.

OK, how about something a little easier to digest? How about the fact that the Liberals are behind misleading survey calls in the Waterloo region talking about a fictitious PC Party plan to "lay off thousands of teachers"? Are we going to let this pass unnoticed?

Don't everyone rush forward at once.