Friday, August 10, 2012


Look at the big, bad, scary teachers' unions falling like dominoes, tripping over themselves to agree to Dalton's contract terms. Solidarity, huh? There's absolutely nothing solid about these losers.

Scared by the threat of an election. Cowering in terror at the thought of being marginalized by the public for disagreeing with the government. Disgusting. This can't be the will of the union rank and file any more than blowing union dues on supporting the Liberals is. But ultimately, it's understandable. Nobody wants to get into Premier Dad's bad books.

You geniuses who for months talked about how Dalton taking on the unions would lead to his undoing, or to another general election, had it exactly backwards. Dalton doesn't need the unions. They need him. Just like everyone else needs him if they're going to stay relevant.

Oh, but still. Still you cling to the possibility of a general election over this enforced deal Dalton's pushing. Never mind that every single group of people that Dalton's faced since 2011- from the NDP propping up the budget to the Catholic Church caving and mandating GSA's in Catholic schools- has turned tail and ran. You have to imagine the scenario where someone (not you, but someone) stands up to Dalton.

Every week I read about another showdown between Dalton and whoever the hell it is this week, and every week it's the exact same outcome. Dalton wins. And he wins not because he's right, but because the other side loses their nerve. Nobody has the balls to carry out their threats.

Even our friend Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star had to find this out the hard way when he learned after the fact and to his horror that Dalton fudged the numbers on Ontario Place to make the case for closing it so that we could have Vegas North on the waterfront. Maybe he should have thought twice before making Dalton what he is today.

The one exception is the PC Party of Ontario. Who voted against the budget. Who, good heavens, want to allow beer in corner stores despite the violent backlash that will occur because of taking that position. Who call out the unions for not representing the will of their members.

In a province where whatever the government does becomes generally accepted wisdom- where nobody dares to stand up to McGuinty when the chips are down, not even the feared teacher's unions- these people are the only ones who can be counted on to fight back. At all. Chances are they are braver than you.

So once more, with feeling. Vote for the PC Party of Ontario and don't give McGuinty back his majority. Yes, even in Vaughan, because the Liberal candidate in Vaughan is yet another one of these union bosses who knows who his masters are, something which cannot be said about the PC Party candidate.

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