Friday, August 3, 2012

Lasciate Ogni Speranza

A long serving MPP quits, throwing the QP rumour mill into overdrive. What could have caused this departure? Divisions within caucus? Leader's office being too controlling? Trouble on the home front, perhaps?

Well, no such luck when it comes to the Don of Vaughan, Greg Sorbara. Two days after he quit, and nobody- nobody- dares to speculate. When Elizabeth Witmer packs it in, you get an avalanche of tweets saying she did it just to stick a knife in Hudak's back, even though she herself said differently. But Sorbara? Above all suspicion.

Is it even that hard to believe that the combined weight of ORNGE, the looming battle with teachers over negotiating new contracts, the ongoing battle with doctors, the revelation that we're pouring money into underpowered green energy projects that yield nothing, and Sorbara's own leadership ambitions being frustrated by Dalton doing his best Bill Davis impression made him decide to get out of la cucina before things got too hot? Sure, that's not too much of a stretch. But apparently it's too much to handle for the press, or for the Twitterati.

OK, how about something a little easier to digest? How about the fact that the Liberals are behind misleading survey calls in the Waterloo region talking about a fictitious PC Party plan to "lay off thousands of teachers"? Are we going to let this pass unnoticed?

Don't everyone rush forward at once.


  1. Got one of these calls in the london area to attend a "focus group".
    Got suspicious when after getting through the qualifying questions, the woman asked which time I would be able to attend, only to be told that that time slot was full so I would not be able to take part.
    Something smelly going on.

  2. Why isn't Hudak pushing this cash grab from the Scumbag Fascist Party?

    Confusion over Ont. licence plate fee hike

  3. The licence plate fee increase is part of the budget, which the PC's voted against. What else should Hudak be doing?

    1. Seems a lot of people did not know about it as we only found out about it last week from the Lowell Green show. So I ask why isn't Hudak pushing this as well as all the other stuff?

    2. Well, that article is from April, and Lowell Green only found out about it last week. Based on that, how many people do you think have been complaining to Hudak about this?

      Also, by "pushing this", do you mean he should be trying to reverse the fee increase or stop the supposed early increase?