Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Civilization Is, An Altar Exists

Ha-ha! The federal Liberals got caught making illegal robocalls in Guelph and got fined. After they made such a huge fuss. Total credibility fail. They're never going to recover from this embarassment.


As we all saw, the reaction to the news that the Guelph Liberals got dinged for making robocalls was kind of....muted.

Just like it always is. For them, anyway.

I'm surprised that there are people left in Canada that think things would be any different. If a Liberal screws up, it's not news. We can shout about it until we're blue in the face. We can point it out until our fingers hurt.

It ain't working. And Frank Valeriote, the Liberal MP for Guelph, knows it ain't working. He's mostly satisfied with the work his people did.

And why is he mostly satisfied with the work his people did? Because he knows Canadians believe that the Liberals are the good guys, and we're the bad guys.

Everything flows from that belief.

That belief is not the result of a biased media. The biased media ITSELF is a result of that belief.

If the lie that Stephen Harper wasn't and isn't really Prime Minister (remember, only 40% of people voted for him! The same amount that voted for Liberal PM's too, but oh well!) didn't already fit with what Canadians believed, people would have paid this robocall story about as much attention as they did for the news that the Guelph Liberals misled people.

Think electing Ford will stop the gravy train? Uh-uh. As soon as Ford makes a move to eliminate the gravy, he becomes "just one vote on council." David Miller was also one vote on council, but, well.....

Think getting rid of Hudak will get Ontario back on track again? No way. No matter who we put in charge, they'll find a reason to have a problem with them, and to link them to Harris.

And whoever does succeed in knocking McGuinty off will have the same problem.

They will never accept us. Never. Because we're just not Liberals.

I started this blog because I thought there was a lack of pressure on the McGuinty Liberals. People weren't informed about all the awful stuff they were doing. That's why they kept getting elected. If I exposed the stuff they did, things would change. That's what I thought.

What I've learned is that people are all too familiar with McGuinty's lies and mismanagement. And they don't care. Too many of them think it's better than anything else they're going to get. They are active enablers of McGuinty. They are as guilty as he is. Maybe guiltier. Pointing stuff out to them will get you nowhere. They've got an excuse primed and ready.

And why are they so quick to enable McGuinty? Because McGuinty and his people are stone-cold convinced that whatever they do is right, and whatever anyone else does is wrong. Just like Valeriote. And when McGuinty and his people show that they have no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to win, the voters agree with them.

Those are the real Liberals we hear so much about. That's why they're elected, and people like Turner and Dion and Martin and Ignatieff aren't.

Who else is stone-cold convinced that whatever he does is right? Stephen Harper.

What convinced Harper that whatever he does is right? My guess is: Years of Liberals doing the same thing and getting away with it.

Harper has shown us the way to govern this country, and the people in it. With complete ruthlessness. Sticking To Conservative Principles will not help. Pretending To Be Liberals will not help (if there is a viable Liberal alternative).

Approaching everything we do with the idea that not only are our opponents wrong, but also guilty and deserving of the harshest punishment imaginable, is the only way to rule.

If we're not doing this, then we're not ruling. Ford may be Mayor, but he isn't ruling.

It's been proven time and time again, mostly by Liberals, even though Liberals have a huge problem when we do it. McGuinty can spit in the faces of doctors, but Jason Kenney can't. McGuinty can go after unions, but Lisa Raitt can't. McGuinty can muzzle the media and make decisions arbitrarily, but Stephen Harper can't.

Because Liberals will not acknowledge that it is also bad when Liberals do it, we are completely justified in doing it. If right and wrong, good and bad, depend on whether the person being bad or wrong is a Conservative or not, then those labels do not apply. Rules that only apply to some of the people playing the game are not rules.


We will never have the Canada, and the Ontario, that we want until we, as a movement, decide that we are serious about creating the Canada and Ontario that we want, and until every aspect of our behaviour reflects that orientation. If we're not serious, then we will lose every time.

Eventually, the PC Party of Ontario will get to this point. Maybe they are there now.

On September 6th, we'll find out.


  1. You're a tedious little boy, aren't you?

  2. Yeah, I guess I am right with such regularity that it might bore some people. Getting a rise out of you is tremendously entertaining for me, though.