Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boss Of eHealth Gets Undeserved Wealth

These Liberals not only don't know how to use money properly, they can't even misuse it in an equitable fashion.

The man brought in to lead eHealth Ontario following a scandal that rocked the Liberal government will get a bonus of about 25 per cent on top of his $329,000 salary this year, while staff at the agency have turned to the courts to get back the bonuses they were promised but denied.

EHealth president and CEO Greg Reed will be paid a bonus of $81,250 this year, agency spokesman Robert Mitchell confirmed Sunday.

The government wants all public sector workers, including doctors, nurses and teachers, to take a two-year wage freeze to help eliminate a $15 billion deficit, and told managers and executives at its agencies to lead by example.

The divide between the 1% and the 99% is bad enough; let's not create more of these divisions amongst already overpaid bureaucrats, hmmmm? (Personally, I think they should all be paid nothing, as they've generated nothing of value.)

UPDATE: Wow, the guy actually got shamed into giving up the bonus! For a year, anyway.

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