Thursday, August 16, 2012

When You're In A Hole, Stop Digging

Here's a video showing what you can expect from us:

And here's a video showing what you can expect from the other guys:

Looking to Twitter today, we can see several examples of how Liberals don't even realize when they're shooting themselves in the foot.

For example, take this confused tweeter, who says she doesn't like the PC Party record on health care and education during the Harris years, but is all too quick to use that same record to justify McGuinty doling out bonuses to everyone with a functioning brainstem who works in the public service.

Or take this goofball who doesn't like Tracey Weiler's position against full-day kindergarten, but somehow missed the press release put out by the Steven Del Duca campaign in Vaughan attacking Tony Genco for personally supporting full-day kindergarten. Your attacks would be a lot more effective if they didn't directly contradict each other, guys! 

What else have we got today? Oh, just a bunch of green power producers who are fed up with Liberal duplicity. No problem, right?

UPDATE: Oh, and, uh, letting this happen in the middle of two byelections is a really bad idea, Liberals. But you could say the same for pretty much anything you've been up to lately.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire -08/16/12)- Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) is profoundly concerned that Queen's Park is helping undermine Canadian values of tolerance and democracy by permitting a hate rally to take place on the grounds of the provincial legislature.

"There is no question that the 2011 Al Quds rally at Queen's Park was a hateful display in which the flag of Hezbollah, an acknowledged terrorist group, was proudly flown," said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC. "The question is whether or not groups supporting terrorism have the right to proudly promote their beliefs on these grounds; we join the majority of Ontarians who believe the right to free speech at Queen's Park does not encompass such hateful and violent propaganda."

I'm curious: What are Steven Del Duca's feelings about this event? Is he for it? Against it?


  1. God Who gave the name ISRAEL to Jacob is the One to fear the most.
    All sorts of riots and hateful signs towards Israel is looked down very closely by God Himself.

    Israel is a small strip of land that can be overtaken by its surrounding neighbours but will they do it-not likely, not unless God allows it to happen.


    1. Well, I hope Steven Del Duca has made his peace with the Lord before the backlash hits.