Friday, August 17, 2012

What Qud Possibly Go Wrong?

Oh really? And just who is going to make sure that "members" at the Quds Day rally adhere to "values" we collectively respect in this province, tough guy? You? Your boss the Premier who thinks this is just a fantastic little Saturday afternoon gathering?

And just how do you reconcile a group of people getting together to chant "Death To Israel" with "adhering to the values we collectively respect in this province"? Is the belief that Israel shouldn't exist a "value" that "we collectively respect"? Is that what Steven Del Duca thinks?

For the record, and mostly for the derpy Liberals who are going to say, "Oh, so you don't support free speech? Some conservative you are!" - I think the people who will be gathering at QP tomorrow to protest the existence of a country are perfectly entitled to meet in some basement somewhere and spout whatever nonsense they like.

When the Premier of the province says, "Sure, go ahead, use my lawn" to these people, I start to wonder, however. I wonder what message that sends.

Oh, but, you know how it is....when a group of people, such as supporters of Israel, can't be trusted to vote for Dalton, then that group of people shouldn't expect to get what they want from the government, right?

For everyone's reference, the McGuinty Liberals had a big problem with people opposed to gay straight alliances holding a press conference at QP last winter. That, of course, was bigotry. This apparently isn't.

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