Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Barely Managing

Sorry it took me so long to get today's post up, but I have an actual job, in the real world, unlike the public sector leeches who got bonuses this year.

About 98 per cent of eligible managers in the Ontario Public Service received bonuses last year, despite assurances from the cash-strapped government that it's serious about freezing pay in the broader public sector.

Note that only 98% of these managers got bonuses, which, in the minds of the Ontario Liberals, is a signal that 2% didn't and there is still "more to do"!

What if, instead of my money going to these parasites, I want my local highway extended, like the McGuinty government promises to do every few months? Well, according to Liberal candidate Steven Del Duca, "it might be some time before the project gets under way." Smart man, that Del Duca! Knows his priorities. And the other Liberal candidate, Eric Davis, is saying nothing because, well, he's Eric Davis.

How about it, Ontarians? Wanna elect these chumps despite the fact that you have proof that they pay their friends first and you last?

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