Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exhibit A

Now here is a clear example of how the Liberals are willing to cross various lines.

There was a press conference today in Peel.

Bill Davis was at this press conference, and he thanked the PC Candidates for being there.

Our presence at this conference was meant to highlight the constant promising and repromising by the Liberals to open the Peel hospital.

The Liberal war room decided to say that we were protesting Davis' speech.

So I let my friend on the Pam Hundal campaign know about this, and here's what he said:

"In the following link to his blog, [INSERT LIBERAL WAR ROOM CHIEF'S NAME HERE] is spewing lies about an event I witnessed. He is constantly deleting my comments exposing his lies. Join me in flooding his blog with the following comment "Bill Davis complimented Pam Hundal for being at the press conference and called for a blue wave in Brampton.""

UPDATE: Here's a pic for those who need additional convincing. Click for larger version.

Imagine that. I point out some manipulation on the Liberal side, we fight back, and suddenly they're the ones on the defensive. Imagine that.

So, PC's who read this blog: Are we willing to do the same? Or are we going to let them fling dishonesty every which way?


  1. Be more convincing if your link to the guy's facebook site actually worked.

  2. Link works fine for me, but a picture's worth a thousand words, friend. See update above.

  3. Still don't work for me. And why I am to assume that Anosh is Pam Hundal.


  4. Why you am to assume that Anosh is Pam Hundal?
    You want proof that I or Pam Hundal didn't just make the guy up?

    How about you compose a coherent question and try again.

  5. http://dcnonl.com/article/id46268
    Looks like WK was right. Stay classy, people.

  6. Great googly moogly, you Liberals are dumb. There's nothing in that article that suggests that Davis didn't want us there. Of course Matthews didn't want us crashing her regifting party for a hospital that should have been reopened four years ago.

    You got caught. Move on.