Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because He Can

Every time Dalton or some Liberal says something insane, so incredibly stupid and desperate to convince people to vote for them, I think to myself, "That's it. There's no way they can top that." And then they go right ahead and top it.

On August 24, 2011, Dalton McGuinty said on CFRB 1010 that he would not raise taxes if re-elected. Just so you're aware, he made that promise twice before. He broke that promise twice before. But, he still made it again today. As long as Dalton has been Premier, we've made his life difficult over this broken promise, more so than any other. I have no doubt that there are Liberals who would rather stick their heads in the oven than hear one more time about Dalton's broken promise not to raise taxes. But, he did so again.  

Why? Because he thinks you, the Principled Conservative who has decided that Tim Hudak is just another John Tory, are going to stay home and allow a third Liberal government, and a third Liberal post-election tax increase, to come about. 

Now, if you are someone who thinks that we have to wait until we have a leader and platform that meets your Principled Conservative standards before you drop everything and devote all your energies to getting rid of Dalton McGuinty, then Dalton McGuinty will go right ahead and promise an infinite number of times that there will be no tax increase, and then break that promise an infinite number of times. 

It's becoming very clear that the Liberals think they can follow a sequence of rituals and keep being re-elected forever. Unopened highway or hospital causing problems? Just call a press release and reannounce the funding. eHealth performing massively below expectations? No worries, we're really going to get it right this time. Green energy sector making power producers want to pack up and move away? Don't worry, here comes a vague promise to fix the sector. 

And I cannot blame them for thinking they can just keep on doing what they're doing IF WE KEEP GIVING THEM A REASON TO THINK THAT. We have to show them that they are wrong. And the only way to show them that they are wrong is for every single person to work 25 hours a day to defeat this government. This objective supersedes all others. The end justifies the means, 10 times out of 10, so that we will not be stuck in a Groundhog Day-esque loop that spans the ages of man. It is actually, precisely, emphatically that simple. It is NEVER going to stop unless we stop it. 

Enough is enough. Get off the bench and get to work. And if you are already working, work harder. 

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