Saturday, August 6, 2011

The McGuinty-Rae Plan To Kill Ontario

The Toronto Sun has exposed the brutal hidden agenda of a cabal of Liberal leaders working in concert to make our province unliveable. Cackling evilly as he pulls the wings off butterflies, Bob "Super Elite" Rae manipulates his puppet McGuinty to carry out the sinister Power Corporation master plan, a plan that was no doubt hatched at a barbecue somewhere:

“I’m a very strong supporter of Premier McGuinty. His program on jobs is good, his program in sustainable energy is terrific,” Rae said.

“I make no secret that I’m a strong supporter of and a friend of Dalton McGuinty.”

Of course, the same paper reported that McGuinty's job record is actually kind of crap with 22,000 jobs lost in July. But I guess that's just approaching Bob Rae's record on job creation, so maybe that is kind of good as far as Rae's concerned. But that's OK, because Dalton created 16,000 green jobs! Except no he didn't! Wait, what?

You know what I think? I think Bob Rae may have just lost the Liberals the election. Ontarians don't want to be governed by the same Liberal clan. Polling that may or may not even exist indicates that running alongside the guy who actively destroyed Ontario may be a negative for....hmmm. I was talking about a Liberal leader who destroyed Ontario and suddenly I couldn't tell the difference between Rae and McGuinty. Oh well.

One thing's for sure: We cannot go back to the days of riots, massive deficits, labour unrest, skyrocketing tuition fees, scandal, social policy chaos, and hold on, am I talking about McGuinty's term or Rae's term as Premier again? It's so hard to keep them separate!

Let me try again....OK, let's be clear. If a party leader is seen to be buddies with a mayor, that's terrible. I am, of course, talking about Dalton McGuinty and Jim Watson, mayor of Ottawa and former Liberal MPP. Wait, that's totally different from Harper and Ford at that barbecue, because....ummm....ok, well, it's different from McGuinty helping George Smitherman on his mayoral bid because....uhhhh...ok, well, it's not like Smitherman and Rae shared the same riding of Toronto Centre for a few years and....dammit! With all these Liberals working so closely together it's hard to know where to begin.

All right, all right. At least Dalton can be trusted to stand up to Harper! Wait a second, standing up to Harper is supposed to be Rae's job, isn't it? Uh oh! Maybe I have the whole thing backwards! Maybe McGuinty's pulling the strings and wants Rae's job! Or Rae wants McGuinty's job! No wait, Rae already had McGuinty's job! Rrrrrgh! So confusing!

Point is, we have to move forward together. Let's not go back to the Rae-McGuinty Days.


  1. Ontario will get the government it deserves. That is why I moved out. It is going down hill fast. Toronto is a sewer and the rest of the province is not far behind. There is no rule of law (Caledonia) and justice does not exist. Its toast.

  2. Heh. Wish I could wake up Ontarians. Gonna be a late goodbye.