Saturday, August 13, 2011

Does This Sound Familiar?

Nobody, not even Liberals with their fraudulent polls, is predicting a Liberal majority in October. But even if you believe the fraudulent polls, that means we could have a minority parliament in October! And you know what that means....

Yep. Just when you thought it was finally all over, the Risky Coalition shows its ugly face again. What evil are tax-hikers Dalton McGuinty and Andrea Horwath brewing in their downtown Toronto headquarters as they plot to subvert the democratic will of Ontarians through a horrific power-sharing agreement that will put our financial recovery at risk? Muhahahahaha!

Seriously you want more anti-coalition ads during the hockey game? Well, do ya?


  1. I'm not sure if the NDP is willing to go into harness with the Liberals given the historic results of the Federal election. Maybe they now feel confident to knock off enough Liberal seats on their own and translate Ontario to a two party system.....

  2. Why hasn't anyone mentioned this in the media before now? Is this a spoof?

  3. The Liberal-NDP coalition happened before in Ontario.

    I hope I'm wrong in suggesting it will happen again. But, this is McGuinty after all.