Thursday, August 18, 2011

Purple Haze

So that was an interesting trick the Liberals tried to pull a couple of days ago, wasn't it? Trying to make people believe we were attacking Bill Davis when he was, according to all credible accounts, happy to have us there and called for a blue wave in Brampton.

Well, as the Liberals found out, tricks are for kids, and you can't kid a kidder like me. And a special thanks to my pal Anosh Jacob (who does exist, by the way!), Sandy at Crux of the Matter, our MPP's, our candidates, and all the others who retweeted the truth about what went on out there.
Now, the Liberals would have been happy to have all of you out there believe that this was an attempt to throw the esteemed Premier Davis under the bus when it most certainly was not. And I reckon they weren't counting on our little counteroffensive, either. Which was hasty and unrehearsed, I'll admit, but necessary. Necessary because these Liberals are deliberately trying to misdirect our message and replace it with their own. All the Liberals got out of this, post-counterattack, was a single mention at the bottom of a business development magazine article. What a buzz kill. What a waste of perfectly good hackery.

But they'll be at it again, and soon, because here's the boss of the Liberal war room talking, during the federal election, about how important it is to try and do whatever is necessary to distract the public. Because that worked so well during the federal election. And since Tim Hudak is not going to break stride to deal with this cheap sideshow, it's up to me- and all the people who got in the Liberals' faces over this Bill Davis swerve attempt- to stomp right back. And if all that emerges is chaos, a haze of shots back and forth- where nobody can tell who is telling the truth- that's just fine with us. That's the thing about chaos- it's fair.

Because here's the deal, Liberal War Room....and listen close, because I know you're hanging on every word.....when you, or your pals at the Working Families Coalition, try little stunts like this, and the truth comes out, and people get angry, then they're going to forget all about how they're supposed to be shocked about whatever we supposedly did. We know you're trying to divide red Tory from blue Tory, so-con from libertarian, but nothing brings us together more so than Liberal lies. So just keep on doing what you're doing.

Today, for example, we decided we'd make the logical step of letting people know if there is or was a grow-op in your neighbourhood. The Working Families Coalition tried to distract with a tweet about how Hudak tried pot in university. Of course Dalton did too, but that doesn't bother the WFC any. Nor should it, because they don't really care about Hudak smoking pot; they're trying to make so-cons stay home in droves. And, in the process, they outed themselves as an organ of the Liberal campaign.

What's that? Oh, didn't you know that back in 2007, the Liberal campaign did the exact same thing to John Tory? And we know this because Mr. Paul McKeever, another newfound friend of the Liberal War Room, told us so in one of his rambling press releases four years ago, and I quote: "When the Liberals exposed his prior writings about his marijuana experiences, Tory played the victim...."

So why is this the WFC's job now? I thought unions were against outsourcing jobs. Hmmm.

See? It's as easy as that. Or I can tweet that Liberals are tough on dogs, but soft on grow-ops. Or, if you've looked at Twitter lately, you can see that the pro-PC forces are shooting back a lot more on this issue than they have been. Coincidence? Maybe not. ;)

The Liberals can talk all they want about how they want to move Ontario forward. We know the truth.

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