Sunday, August 7, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed....

.....lie, lie again. Yes, these Liberals are trying to pull the exact same fake poll stunt they tried last week.

Last week, Liberal campaign director Don Guy promoted a poll showing a 10% lead for the PC Party  as evidence of a major breakthrough for the Liberals, despite the fact that he'd bashed the polling outfit responsible a month ago. Well, this poll was done by a totally new firm, Pollara. Wait a minute....Pollara, Pollara...where have I heard that name before.....


Pollara's President and CEO is Don Guy, former Chief of Staff to Dalton McGuinty. He was the campaign manager in 2003 and again in 2007 for the Ontario Liberal Party.

According to records filed with Elections Ontario by the Ontario Liberal Party, Pollara was paid $16,585.00 in 2003 for pre-writ activities for the Ontario Liberal Party.

In 2007, Pollara is listed on an internal Liberal campaign website as a preferred supplier for the Ontario Liberal Party.

Yep. Now, we could leave it at that, but let's go further. This poll was done in ONE RIDING, Eglinton Lawrence. Robert Benzie, the Toronto Star's own Queen's Park journalist, thought that was kind of weird. Especially since the guy from pegs PC Party candidate Rocco Rossi at 51% to Mike Colle's 31%. Oh wait....Rocco. Yes, I forgot. Jealous and vengeful Liberals. It all makes sense now.

Let's go further. Let's point out the following sentence from the Star article:

While the NDP and Green party have yet to nominate candidates in the Oct. 6 provincial election, the poll included the names of the 2007 standard-bearers, with the NDP’s Karin Wiens garnering 15 per cent support in the poll and the Green party’s Andrew James at 7 per cent.

What the hell? First of all, who does a poll that includes the names of people who aren't running. Second of all, what kind of poll asks people who'd they vote for based on the NAMES OF THE CANDIDATES?

"Hi, I'm Don Guy for Really Biased Liberal Polling Company, and I'd like to ask you if you'd like to vote for a) the guy who's been the MPP for the past 16 years, Mike Colle, b) Rocco Rossi, or c) NDP or Green candidates that in all likelihood won't be running. What's that? You kind of know Mike Colle's name since he's been your MPP since forever, so you'll vote for him? Great!"

How, I ask you, are the Liberals going to top this one? Are they actually going to try this scam again? Probably yes!

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