Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tread Carefully

So, despite the minor matter of an $18 million whoopsydoodle on the eco-fee, Ontario Budget 2011 has landed and it's unlikely to offend anyone besides us conservatives who are wondering exactly how Dalton's going to pay for his wonderful ideas with no tax increases.

Now of course we all know that Dalton will find another way to tax us if given the opportunity. It's what he does. But let's reflect on another, more positive matter: Dalton could have introduced a bunch of new taxes in this budget, but he preferred to tread carefully. Why? Because he's afraid of us.

Think of how far we've come from the days when the Liberals could ignore our criticisms. In Budget 2008, the Liberals spent more time blasting the federal conservatives than they did the PC Party of Ontario. Now, with their federal cousins facing annihilation, Dwight Duncan barely utters a squeak about Harper's budget and has his sights firmly trained on Hudak. And, if Dwight Duncan wasn't about as threatening as Barney the Dinosaur, I might be worried.

No, it's the Liberals who are walking the straight and narrow now, worrying that they don't upset anyone too important as they tiptoe towards October. How things change.

Not that it matters, though. He can hide behind a bland, big spending budget and a federal election all he wants. Soon it'll be us and him.

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