Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sarah Thomson Chronicles

Storms are brewing in quite a few people's eyes today after it was rumoured Sarah Thomson will seek the Liberal candidacy in the downtown Toronto NDP fortress that is Trinity-Spadina. These are but very strong rumours, but Ms. Thomson has done nothing to refudiate them as of yet. For someone who published the business-friendly Women's Post, and who was supported by many Conservatives in the mayoral race, this is pretty close to a party switch.

Trin-Spa is the kind of place where smart politicians translate their lawn signs into Mandarin, but the Liberals offered her a safe nomination, and Sweet Surrender was all she seemed to have to give. She's definitely not In The Arms Of The Angel though, because you may remember that Ms. Thomson dropped out of the Toronto mayoral race to support that model of Liberal ethics, George Smitherman.

Ms. Thomson was very vocal during her mayoral campaign about the need to have open and forward-looking ideas when it came to transit, such as the creation of a subway bond, whatever that is. Unfortunately Dalton didn't take her advice and handed out a sole-source contract for the Air-Rail link in Toronto. That means there'll be no competition for who gets the contract. It's kind of like Thomson's nomination in that way when you think about it!

You might say that Ms. Thomson (spelled without a "P", as in Venezuela) is unprincipled, but that's the word I'd use to describe Liberals who pooped their pants over Rocco Rossi's switch but act like Sarah Thomson's defection ain't no thing.

In completely unrelated news, Dalton's dog Mikki won't be running as a Liberal candidate anywhere, and doesn't want to be seen with Dalton. Smart dog.

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