Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Debbie Doubletalk's Disgraceful Deposition

So a mother with breast cancer asks Health Minister Deb Matthews (on the day after International Women's Day!) if the government will cover the cost of an expensive cancer drug. Debbie Doubletalk's response? "I am not an expert and I cannot have opinions. I have to rely on the opinions of the experts."

Never mind that the reason why Debbie Doubletalk "can't have opinions" on whether drugs should be covered is because that noble parliamentarian, George Smitherman, fobbed that responsibility off onto a bureaucrat known as the "Executive Officer" back when he was Health Minister.

No, what's amazing here is that Debbie Doubletalk actually said that even though she's the HEALTH MINISTER she can't have "opinions" about health related matters. Or any other matter, for that matter. If she's the Minister of Health and she can't have an opinion until she consults with an "expert", then what hope is there for the rest of us little people?

Is this actually what Liberals believe? That you cannot have an opinion on any subject unless an expert tells you what it should be?

We Conservatives believe what we believe about Liberals because every so often, they let their masks slip and prove our worst fears are true.


  1. What is it about female politicians seeming to be the least compassionate in situations like these?

    Like when Helena Guergis went to Mexico on the dubious Brenda Martin trip and didn't even see her.
    Or when Kim Campbell could have moved on the Milgaard file years before someone else did.

    Just asking.

  2. Fear of offending people, most likely.