Thursday, March 24, 2011

Budget Time!!!

I refer, of course, to the Ontario budget. What, you think anyone really cares about that other budget? Please.

The early reviews aren't good. Tasha Khierridin says the province's fiscal insanity is starting to rival that of Quebec, Martin Regg Cohn says Dalton's own bureaucrats  are beginning to admit Ontario is underwater and sinking fast, and Adam Radwanski isn't convinced that anyone in the McGuinty government has a handle on our province's runaway health costs. That's a thumbs down from the Post, the Globe, and the Star.

Oh, I get it now! I'm supposed to make the deficit get smaller!

Some may speculate that the budget will be called "Turning The Corner", but that clearly doesn't work because downward spirals don't have any corners.

All right, all right. All eyes are on Ottawa. If the Opposition is really dumb enough to let a federal election happen, blogging will be sparse. Unless of course Dwight Duncan eats somebody.

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