Monday, March 7, 2011

Three-Ring Circus!

A whole gaggle of Liberal goof-ups today! I thought I was supposed to be the clown here, but Dalton's band of bumbling boobs are putting on a veritable clown clinic.

First we've got Dalton's d-bag of an Energy Minister, Brad Duguid, who told Hydro One not to pass $18 million in interest rates onto consumers. Unfortunately the Hydro One zeroes were asleep at the big switch and missed the Minister's call, so taxpayers are getting stuck with the check.  

Not to be outdone by his cabinet colleague, Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray  decided to brand any and all opponents of Dalton's sex ed curriculum for Grade 1 students as "homophobes." He might have been trying to mock Christians (because that's acceptable), but unfortunately the Minister of Research failed to do his research and forgot that Christian and Muslim groups protested the curriculum. Is the Minister really comfortable with calling Muslims homophobic? Is he willing to deal with the consequences of that decision, whatever they may be? ;)

BTW, Glen Murray's Twitter handle is "Glen4TC". TC is Toronto Centre, his riding. If we rework it a bit we get "Glen4CT", with CT for Carbon Tax! Brilliant! Soon I'll have clever nicknames for every one of Dalton's ministers!
Finally we have an eye-roller that encompasses the entire Liberal caucus. The problem is illustrated by enterprising young Liblogger The Liberal Scarf when he compares Conservative and Liberal nomination progress.

That Liberal map has a lot more blank spots, doesn't it? And when you look at the Ontario Liberal "Candidates" page, the number of sitting MPP's and new candidates that have been nominated is pretty sad. Especially since Liberal nomination rules allow for the party to nominate anyone they want in a riding while disqualifying anyone else (which is how the Sarah Thomson situation came about, but that's another story)

So what are we to take away from this? That any MPP not yet renominated is likely to cash out while the getting is good?

That the Liberals are to renominate all their MPP's who don't quit in one fell swoop without talking to grassroots members?

That, on the Liberal priority list, finding Dwight Duncan a good personal trainer apparently ranks above finding candidates for ridings they don't hold? (The Libs have nominated a whopping THREE people for non-Liberal held ridings as of the writing of this blogpost.)

That the Liberals are doing all of the above while acting as if the MacLaren-Sterling nomination challenge is some sort of aberration?

This Liberal Party isn't even worthy of being called a sideshow. It's just a sad show!

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