Monday, March 21, 2011

Remembrance of Scandals Past

Big, big props to Jack and Coke With A Lime for taking the time to enumerate no less than 30 of Dalton's worst scandals in list form.

From first term favourites like the health tax and the slush fund scandal, to more recent screwups like the hydro rebate fraud and delaying the review of the LHINs until after the election, to stuff even I forgot about because trying to track the endless fail parade that is the McGuinty government causes the mind to wander, it's all here. For example, did you remember that Dalton implemented a tire tax after saying he wouldn't? Did you want to remember? Well, it's on the list!

Dr. Phil says that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour, so you  would be quite justified in using this list as a guide to knowing when Dalton is lying his bony butt off.

Let's say Dalton is trying to sweep the Jill Anzarut breast cancer drug mess under the rug by granting new powers to something called Cancer Care Ontario. But a quick check of Jack's list (#6, to be exact) indicates that Cancer Care Ontario doled out contracts eHealth-style. And just like that Cancer Care Ontario is as popular as....well, cancer.

Or how about Dalton's dear pals at the Ontario Power Authority? Seems that well-connected Liberals are making quite the pretty penny while Ontarians are losing lots of pennies on their hydro bills. So when the Liberals start bleating that these overpowered cronies are doing "good work", you can direct them to items #25 and #26 on the list which describe the smart meter scandal and one of many hydro rate hikes, respectively. And you can provide some context for the Liberals appointing their friends to high-rolling do-nothing jobs by scrolling on down to #30, which talks about the massive increase in the number of people on the sunshine list (that would be people in the public sector making $100,000+ a year).

What a fantastic list! I think I'll have a jack and coke with lime myself to celebrate.

P.S. I had a good chuckle when I saw that "journalist" Ben Chin is one of the Liberal goons on the OPA payroll. Here's an ad from 2007 that nobody but me saw where he's standing in a hole  for some reason....and when I saw it, I had proof that Liberals really can't tell their asses from a hole in the ground! :)

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