Friday, March 4, 2011

Up In Smoke

Much like his party's lead in good ol' Liberal Toronto, Dalton's policy is getting more and more unclear.

Dalton, who tells everyone he is "investing in health" or some similar nonsense, quietly decided he wasn't going to introduce anti-contraband smoking legislation the other day. I realize this isn't an issue that will win or lose an election, but I have to ask what purpose McGuinty thinks he is serving by ruling this out, especially since he's the guy who banned smoking in cars.

Is he trying to be less Premier Daddish? Is this another backtrack? Who knows?

Another health care example: eye exams aren't covered in Ontario but sex change operations are. Should I bother asking why? Is there even a rationale here?

The energy file. One day the government announces a rebate on hydro bills, the next a rate hike. Transport? They say no more sole-sourced contracts, then they hand one out to Metrolinx in Toronto. They announce full day kindergarten while a few years ago they wouldn't intervene to stop school closings. They plan to build highways in the North but don't want to build one a few towns away from Toronto. This is "Moving Forward Together"?  It looks more like "Going Nowhere Fast."

Liberals, I have some free advice for you: The more you surround everything you do with a thick layer of confusing bullsh*t, the better Tim Hudak looks by comparison.   

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