Monday, March 14, 2011


As I've said previously on this blog, there's nothing that any party can do that the Liberals don't think they can do better. In the past few weeks, the Liberal have suggested liberalizing beer laws after mocking the PC Party for considering the same, expanding of a private highway that was one of Mike Harris' signature accomplishments, and making the TTC an essential service in what everyone who is not Dalton's press secretary knows was a declaration of submission before Rob Ford.

Now, doing all of that may have annoyed the left wing of the party somewhat, so Dalton has declared this week to be "I Love Unions" week at the Ontario Liberal Party.  (Get it? I love U....nions? Anyone?)

We've got our good friends the Teachers Federation declaring their support for the "education Premier." You know, the guy who let a bunch of schools close....hmmm. And are Dalton and his band of greasy goons worried about a gang of unions piling onto their campaign? Do they care about what this says about the integrity of the campaign? Hardly. His people are gladly tweeting about it and Minister Leona Dombrowsky says the teachers are "better off with what they've got." Of course Minister Dimbulbsky is making it easier for us to make our case that these people are being paid off by the Liberals, so thanks for that!

Speaking of education (and payoffs too), the perpetual students at the Canadian Federation of Students have been caught red-handed contributing student dollars to the Liberals. Maybe if the CFS had put more money into their lazy campaign at Carleton instead of giving it up to Dalton, they might not have gotten their tushies kicked in the latest round of student council elections.

Lastly it's everyone's favourite, the Working Families Coalition's latest disasterpieces.
Gotta love the one where Mr. Beardo on the left starts yelling "Cutcutcutcutcut!" How I wish the director had said that.

I also noticed how they have "Tim" meeting the Bay Street Buddies in what appears to be a library. Guys: BOARDROOMS! Come on!

And what subpar acting! Well not to worry, after October 6th they'll have lots of unemployed Liberals to cast. Reminds me of a joke: what do you call the unemployment line in Ontario? A picket line! Waw-waw-waw-waaaaaawwwww!

There's one thing these WFC ads got right, and that's that their message is almost identical to that of the Liberals. And when you have the guy running the Liberal campaign featuring these ads on his blog, well, you don't have to be Erin Brockovich to figure out something doesn't add up.

Liberals, please try to understand this: people do not like the idea that their government is being run by unions. You are waving a red flag in front of a bull. By all means, please continue.

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