Sunday, March 13, 2011

Debbie Doubletalk and the Delinquent Developer

Remember Dalton's plan to "build more hospitals"? Well, obviously someone forgot to tell the people of Windsor about Dalton's plan, because they want a new hospital site but nobody's building it. 

According to Dalton, Windsor Grace Hospital site developer Lou Vozza is a stand up guy. There's just one tiny problem: People who've worked with Vozza have gone so far as to tell the CBC "that they think Vozza will have a hard time finding contractors to work with on Grace Village, because they fear they won't be paid." Yet Dalton still chose to go ahead with him to build the hospital. Ladies and gentlemen, we might have finally found the one person in the province who is capable of taking Dalton's money and giving him nothing to show for it. (but then again it wasn't really Dalton's money in the first place.....)

Health Minister Debbie Doubletalk would like to assure everyone that "the plans have been submitted" and that there's no cause for concern, and that the hospital will be built when they bloody well feel like it. How did we get into this mess in the first place? Oh right, I forgot, the old hospital has been crumbling away for years after it closed due to Dalton's bungling.

It seems that trade union members refuse to work with Vozza despite Dalton's orders. Don't expect Dalton to do them any favours though- it's not like they're the teacher's union or anything.


  1. A huge partisan Liberal loyal receives provincial funding for a project not done, one must think that some shenanigans are amiss with the money.
    Well there are ! I know people who were involved in securing the funds and they are not pleased.

  2. Details, please! Don't leave us hanging.