Sunday, March 6, 2011

Manley to Duncan: Where's Your Plan?

Relations between the federal and provincial Liberals hit a new low yesterday when former Liberal Finance Minister John Manley lectured  Dwight Duncan on how to get the province's financial house in order in the pages of the Ottawa Citizen. Addressing Duncan, Manley says that the province's debt problem is "(mostly) not your fault." Meee-ow!

This picture depicts either John Manley and Dwight Duncan at each other's throats, or Dalton McGuinty's lunch. Take your pick.  

Now that Manley, who's a "close friend" to Dalton, has stuck his nose into Chunky Monkey Duncan's business and made the Liberals look like goofs, that means I get to say all sorts of transparently false things about what a great guy Manley is.

*ahem* I have my biases, but I think John Manley would have made an excellent federal Liberal leader going into...well, pretty much every election after 2000. Why, John Manley is a veritable Liberal giant.

I praise John Manley's courage in calling Dwight Duncan out over his ridiculous financial mismanagement, even though it proves that Liberals are most definitely not united behind Dalton McGuinty. It's a bad week for Dalton McGuinty when John Manley makes his Finance Minister look bad! Maybe two bad weeks! Three or four, maybe!

John Manley had a plan for the economy when he was Finance Minster, so why don't the Liberals have a plan for the future? Can we call him John PLAN-ley? Sounds a lot better than Dalton McPLANty or Dwight Dun-PLAN because not only do their names not rhyme with "plan", they also don't have plans for the economy while John Manley did.

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