Friday, March 25, 2011

Look On The Bright Side, Iggy.....

....if I were you, I wouldn't want Dalton to campaign with me.

STRATFORD, ONT.—Ontario’s Liberal premier says he’ll campaign with his MP brother in Ottawa South but not with federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff if there’s a federal election.

“I’m gonna stay focused on my responsibilities,” Premier Dalton McGuinty told reporters Friday after a speech to a Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

“If I do any campaigning it’ll be with my brother,” he added, referring to Ottawa South Liberal MP David McGuinty.

“Undoubtedly he will ask and, undoubtedly, my mother will obligate me to help,” the premier quipped.

It’s odd that with Finance Minister Dwight Duncan offering to campaign with Ignatieff that McGuinty wouldn’t do the same, said Progressive Conservative MPP Sylvia Jones.

“The polls today clearly didn’t bode well for Ignatieff and maybe they’re trying to separate themselves a bit,” said Jones of Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey.


  1. The McTwits two pratts together, both liars.

  2. Actually both campaining together could be fun we might get rid of both of them.

  3. This should provide some interesting coverage in David McGuinty's riding. McGuinty's government has come out in support of the corporate tax cuts and more jail space, while David McGuinty's Liberals are campaigning against them. What a conundrum. LOL

    Louise M.