Friday, March 18, 2011

The Truth About The Truth About Tim

1. Ours is a lot nicer. And we have the stones to put our party`s logo on the site.

Why is it that the Liberals are so afraid to take ownership of attacks on the PC Party?

Could it be because their campaign chair, a guy who goes by the name of Greg Sorbara, told the Toronto Star that "I’m not going to tolerate a campaign that is driven by negative advertising. It will not happen." But it is happening, Mr. Sorbara. It is happening.

2. Seems the guy who made it is also behind Same setup where you click one button to receive different misleading "facts". Checking the domain name will reveal that the two sites are registered to the same web host.

3. See if you can spot the typos in the following sentences that appear on the site:

"Dr. Phil says past behaviour is the best predicator of future behaviour."

"He doesn't think government should be involved in preventing cancer but no one's tougher on dandilions."

"It%s probably just a coincidence"

If you found all three, or even one, congratulations! You're a better proofreader than the guy who made this site. Holy rush job, Batman!

4. They play the faith based schools card. But Dalton's party likes faith based schools too! Really! Just ask his Immigration Minister, who said "[fair funding for faith-based schools] is an issue I want to discuss very seriously going forward" on Page 19 of this.

5. They say Tim voted against the Smoke Free Ontario law, but Dalton's entire party refused to crack down on contraband tobacco. Truth about Dalton: In his Ontario, smoking legally bought cigarettes in cars is illegal, but already illegal cigarettes are A-OK!

6. They say Tim "voted against the greenbelt". This is on a page about how Tim doesn't want to protect "your family's health". But a greenbelt by definition has fewer people living in it. Chances are "your family" doesn't live in the greenbelt, so how does the greenbelt protect the health of "your family"?

7. They say Tim opposed helping Ontarians save on prescription drugs last year. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there will be any savings to pass on. 

8. Oh my. A poll. Those attack ads? Money well spent, Liberals!


  1. That link to the Star's story about the leaked memo is incredible if you think about the latest "Working Families" ads. Do you know if the whole leaked document is available anywhere?

    The Liberals are always denying any link between them and Working Families.

  2. I'm told the party has it locked in the vault. But since, as you say, what we know of the document predicted the content of these ads, I wouldn't be surprised if we see ads bashing Deb Hutton fairly soon.

  3. If Working Families goes after Tim's wife, it will be the last straw.

  4. I do appreciate the mention on BLY. I'll see what I can dig up re: the document. Have you read this?