Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Closed-Door Campaigning

When Daddy Dalton's away, the kids will play, it would seem:

As Premier Dalton McGuinty was in Oakville on Tuesday apologizing for “clearly not getting it right,” members of his Liberal caucus were in an impassioned argument over the handling of the political crisis.

Senior ministers used terms like “shameful” to describe a debacle that has derailed all legislative business, including a planned wage freeze for tens of thousands of public servants that Finance Minister Dwight Duncan will discuss Wednesday in a bid to change the channel.

Some MPPs insisted they would have been just as candid if McGuinty had been in the room while others said his absence made it easier to rage against decisions made by the premier and his senior advisers.

Pffft. Suuuuure you would have. What a bunch of losers. Good thing it wasn't a day when the topic of conversation is how CPC MP's are afraid to speak out against Harper, right? Oh.....

Anyway, what happens when the Tories try to speak to this issue in QP?

Government house leader John Milloy insisted all documents requested had been released and accused the opposition parties of turning the legislature into a “kangaroo court.”

Milloy said work in the house would be sidetracked for weeks or even months due to the contempt debate.

Quite right, John. Only Liberals are allowed to beat up on the leader.

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