Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dog-Pile On David McGuinty!!! (And Trudeau!!)

How do we know that Dalton's mumblings from months past about Flaherty sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, insofar as the Finance Minister pointing out that Ontario is a financial basket case, are a load of crap? Well, just ask Dalton's brother David, who just recently told the entire province of Alberta to go crawl back into their holes.

The McGuinty Bros., and their good friend Justin Trudeau, who also thinks we need to redistribute power back East (but, in his case, to Quebec of course) no doubt spend a lot of time in private chuckling about the ignorance of those who aren't privileged enough to be them. That's why nobody buys their phony apologies.

Say it, you bastards. Say it loud and say it often. Don't apologize. Do what the War Room Boss says in his new book (and in his recent talk at U of T, which I'm listening to right now :P) and get back to your values. The chief value among them being the subjugation of all those who disagree with you.

If only we Conservatives could stop being so troubled about what people think, and do what is necessary.   

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