Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Break Comes Early?

Oh goody gumdrops. A possible teacher's strike on the horizon. Good thing Dalton and his government prorogued the Legislature, though. That won't come back to bite them at all. What's that? Recall the Legislature, you say? But.....Sandra Pupatello said we'd all have to wait for her to win her byelection first. Don't worry, though. I'm sure it'll all work itself out.


  1. You see here’s where you made the mistake: you used the politically incorrect word of “Christmas” and “teachers” in the same sentence. Whenever we have the word “teacher” we should always assume that the teacher is teaching in a public school.

    This being said, the public school is a smorgasbord of different ethnic affiliations and distinct minorities that require sensitive and special treatment in accordance to their Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This sensitive treatment can only be ensures by being politically correct!

    FYI: I believe the politically correct term for "Christmas holidays" is now “winter break” and "Merry Christmas" is replaced with “happy holidays”!

    This way here we can all be rest assured that no one is offended or has hurt feelings and we can now all sit around the liberal trudeau socially engineered campfire and sing kumbaya.

    Nevertheless, the children will be some darned happy to have a longer break eh!! Makes me wish I was young again!

  2. Naaah. Unless the teachers get theirs, their feelings will stay hurt no matter what I say.