Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh Bummer

Thank God it's over. Thank God that for at least the next few days, I don't have to listen to Canadian politicos derping on about an election taking place in the next country over, as opposed to what's going on up here.

Oh, and, uh, great job, Republicans! You were so, so closeYou really gave it your everythings.

It would be foolish, absolutely stupid, to change anything. When Obama finishes wrecking stuff in 2016, you guys can just coast to victory doing the same old crap. Don't do one single thing differently!


  1. You're kidding right? Social Conservatism will not win the white house.

    Sorry, Harper moderated himself because he knows darn well what would happen if he caves in.

    This coming from a fiscal Conservative.

    1. Oh....I get it. You think that because I said "thank God", I think social conservatism is the way to go.

  2. Well, Clinton said that it's the economy,stupid. Now it seems to be it's Florida, stupid. The Republicans couldn't win without the Hispanic vote and this will only get worse. They should have kept the eye on the ball and chose Rubio as the vice presidential candidate.

    A terrible missed opportunity, like the chance to throw out McGuinty was. When I think the Obama will probably chose four Supreme Court judges during the next four years, the game is over.

  3. Obama may fool his people but other countries are not fooled by his antics.

    When do we expect massive migration from Canada to the arms of OBAMA.
    Besides, the american media will have to continue protecting Obama from the public's outburst that is, if they(public) become aware that they were lied too.

    I wonder if Obama is going to come crawling to do business with the XL PIPELINE or will he treat us the way as he did before. PM Harper is not going to sit around waiting for a socialist make up his mind. And that's what I like about our PM, he gets on the ball while Obama golfs and goes on television to remind the public of how chummy and loveable he is but is a total different person when dealing with the public livelihood which he showed no interest during his four years in Office.

    As polite the PM is he will continue working with Obama but with caution, because you never know what Obama might do like he did before.

    The NDP will acknowledge Obama as their president over the PMOC, and whatever Obama wants done, NDP will want the same done here.