Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yours truly was incognito at a launch last night. I won't tell you which launch it was. That would upset too many people.

Anywhoo, at one point during this launch I found myself face to face with a prominent Liberal cabinet minister!

And this prominent Liberal cabinet minister, when asked how she was finding things at Queen's Park, characterized this week as "unpleasant"!


Unpleasant is when you wake up and you see it is raining hard outside.

Unpleasant is when you are sick with the flu.

Unpleasant is stepping in some dog poop.

Unpleasant isn't when one of your cabinet buddies might very well be found in contempt of the legislature! I'd say that's a bit higher on the oh-noez scale than "unpleasant". Remember, the last time someone got found in contempt of something, we had to have an election!


  1. Secret agent man! Cool. You must be pretty high up there if you have to travel incognito. I can tell by all the comments that this revelation has really shook things up! Well done clown boy.

    1. A good way to tell whether Liberals are annoyed by what you're writing is if they go out of their way to comment and tell you that nobody cares about what you're writing.

      For what it's worth to you, the actual higher ups thought the whole thing was hilarious.