Monday, October 15, 2012

Apres Dalton, Le Deluge

Unfortunately, this is as close to a confession of guilt as we're going to get.

I can't wait for the demolition derby that's going to be the leadership race against the backdrop of the power plant mess playing itself out. Grab your hazmat suits, because this is going to get U-G-L-Y.


  1. What I am afraid of is that the next person to take the helm will be blamed for Dalton's mess while Dalton recovers.

    I hope that the NDP takes the helm rather than Hudak for the sole purpose that the conservatives have been constantly accused for the liberals own mess. Let the NDP take the heat for a change and as well all know, the ndp are in favour of very green energy.

    And BTW, the Dalton prorogues wow if this was a conservative all hell will break loose.

  2. Remember, it's opposition games that is derailing the agenda at QP, not the government proroguing everything!