Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Game Of Thrones

Let's stop underestimating Justin Trudeau for a minute and look hard at this so-called phenomenon. Because, as you well know, that's what I do.

There are a sizable number of Liberals and others in this country that believe this man to be the rightful King of Canada, based on his last name, and are currently falling over themselves to come up with reasons why he deserves to be Prime Minister. For them, a leadership race, an election, are merely formalities before we re-institute the Trudeau dynasty. This, as I've said before, is a completely unnecessary exercise on their part.

If they could be honest with themselves for one minute, they would say, "Canada is Justin Trudeau's birthright, as it has always has been. The Harper government is invalid, and all other pretenders are invalid, and all other parties are invalid, and the opinions of all dissenters are invalid, because they are not the rightful heir to Canada."

For these people, democracy is a pageant, something they do to reassure themselves that we are a civilized country, instead of a comfy sinecure for high-born Liberal families. They are peasants, crying out for a lord to rule over them.

When Peter Lougheed died some time ago, there was considerable lamentation about how he and people like Bill Davis represented some bygone era that is sadly lost to us. I was not alive during this time, when Premiers and Prime Ministers were living gods. For me and my generation, there is only darkness ahead.

Only I and a few others can accept that the golden days are over. Harper's Canada is the Canada of the future. But these Liberals, the ones who vote for Dalton, and will vote for Trudeau II- not because he represents the future, but because of his tie to the past-  will not hear of it. For them, happiness is just around the corner. Make Trudeau King and we will be back in Camelot again.

That is the Trudeau phenomenon. Not some sort of flowering amongst the youth. The youth are disposable idealists, trying to salvage something from their ruined lives. Their futures are to be mortgaged so that the Liberal lordly class can continue to live the lifestyles they are accustomed to.

The world is a scary place, and we must retreat back to the familiarity and comfort of the past to shut it out. Trudeau's derpy blue eyes and shiny hair are but a mask for that terrifying reality.

Have your King then, you bastards. Let him collapse under the weight of your hopes. Ignore his failings, as you do for Dalton, while we all suffer.

Can it be called progress, where we move from a supposed democracy to effectively a monarchy?

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