Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toronto-Danforth EDA Presents "2016: Obama's America!"

As always, TCAM is happy to promote your event to our network of hundreds-to-thousands (depending on whether the OLP is feeling particularly interested that day or not in what I have to say).

This time we've got the Toronto-Danforth Federal EDA's EXCLUSIVE screening of "2016- Obama's America"- to be held in the VIP room of Varsity Cinemas, located at 55 Bloor Street West on November the 1st at 6:15 PM. I say EXCLUSIVE in capital letters because this film has not yet been released in Canadian theatres!

Join fellow Tories for cocktails and exchange economic apocalypse scenarios for the low, low price of $100 per ticket!

For necessary (?) Canadian content, you can compare and contrast Obama's America with post-Dalton Ontario. Lots of commonalities there!

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